‘Radio Star’ Gabi “MAMA relationship, exchanging phone numbers with Hyori Lee”…”It feels like they are looking at me”

[스포츠서울 | 남서영기자]Gabi, who appeared in ‘Street Woman Fighter’, revealed her relationship with Hyori Lee. In the MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 19th, actors Jung Young-joo, Lee Jung-hyun, Jonathan, and Gabi appeared. On this day, Gabi remembered the ‘2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ where she stood with Hyori Lee at the end of last … Read more

[SC이슈]’Residence in Jeju after divorce’ actress Kim Hye-ri, sudden ‘declaration of diving’. ‘It feels like something is creaking’ Why?

What’s going on? Actress Kim Hye-ri made a ‘diving declaration’. Hyeri Kim recently posted on her Instagram, a picture that looked like it was taken in an airplane, and said, ‘I’ve been thinking a lot these days.. I wonder if I’m doing well… Something creaking… Diving for a while…’. In the photo, Hyeri Kim looks … Read more

Xavi feels betrayed .. Dembele’s behavior displeases Barcelona coach!

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez is very disappointed with French winger Ousmane Dembele, after he was the player’s strongest defender since his arrival at Barcelona training. Xavi considered that Dembele “may be the best in the world in his position”, during his presentation as a new coach for the Catalan club. Over the past two months, … Read more

On fire! “It feels totally different” and “I fell” to the “screenplay modification” exposure of “Aibo” –Maijitsu

Takashi Sorimachi Yutaka Mizutani Painting / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu The New Year’s Day special “Two People” of the national drama “Aibo season20” (TV Asahi) was broadcast on January 1st. The scriptwriter revealed that there was a change in a certain scene in the work, and it is burning on the net. The special on … Read more

Fooled by the charm of the YZR-M1 motorbike, Maverick Vinales feels sorry he has ever joined Yamaha : Okezone Sports

ANDORRA – Unexpectedly the Aprilia Team racer, Maverick Vinales it turned out that he felt very sorry that he had joined Yamaha. According to Vinales, he used to be mesmerized by his charm and strength Yamaha in 2017 ago. Prior to Yamaha, Vinales himself was in the Suzuki team. Now the racer nicknamed Top Gun … Read more

Just found out the fact, it turns out that this is the reason toothache feels so painful, did you know?

stockking/freepik Toothache feels so painful, why? Bobo.id – Friends, have you ever felt toothache? It’s painful and difficult, isn’t it? Toothache is a condition that causes us to feel aches and pains so intense that we are unable to speak or even chew. Often toothache is a symptom of disease of the teeth or gums. … Read more

Cough and chest pain that feels like a knife in the back may indicate serious lung disease

What is pleurisy, which can manifest itself with a sharp chest pain when you take a deep breath? What do you need to know about its symptoms and treatment? Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Fidan Yildiz told me. What is pleurisy? Plörezi, fluid buildup in the pleura means. A healthy individual has 2 different membrane layers, … Read more

Maja Hyży revealed how she feels pregnant. What month is it?

New Year’s Eve 2021. Maja Hyży in an interview with the reporter Jastrząb Post revealed how she feels pregnant and which month it is already. Boy or girl? Maja Hyży she was one of the stars during New Years Eve Dreams with Dwojkawhich took place in Zakopane. At the concert, she presented herself in beautiful … Read more

Celine Dion vulnerable in Las Vegas, she feels very badly the estrangement of Pepe Munoz

Vulnerable because of the recurring spasms that haunt her daily life and complicate her movements, Celine Dion would have been abandoned by Pepe Munoz at the worst possible time. She would need him, however. Last year, the Quebec star had very badly lived the mistrust of his entourage vis-à-vis the Spanish dancer, Celine Dion would … Read more

TimTheTatman criticizes new map in CoD Warzone, feels dead

TimTheTatman (31) has been since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone one of the really big streamers with many thousands of followers to the Battle Royale, first on Twitch, now on YouTube. Tim always strives to be in a good mood and a homely atmosphere, but he has problems with the new version of … Read more