Rub lemon under your feet before going to sleep! It turned out to be such a benefit: Turns out it was the cure for that problem!

Lemon is a juicy fruit from the citrus family. The bark is greenish yellow and thin. Its interior usually consists of 8-10 compartments and is consumed by squeezing the water inside the sections. Lemon has a sharp, sour taste. Lemon is very rich in vitamin C and also contains important nutrients such as folate, potassium … Read more

Long-term numbness in hands and feet, beware of neuropathy – Sky Post – Health – Cranial Nerves and Mental Health

{{hket:youtube id=”mrfwY_j33Y4″}}{{/hket:youtube}} The nervous system is like the information network in the body. Once a lesion occurs, the transmission of information will be blocked, causing numbness or even a tingling sensation of electric shock in the hands and feet. Dr. Li Zhinan, a specialist in neurology, pointed out that there are many causes of neuropathy, … Read more

Watch the video and the sound. She opened her feet and appeared as her mother gave birth to her. What appeared between Sama Al-Masry surprised everyone with what she did, and a follower: I defeated Rahaf Al-Qunun and Shams Al-Kuwaiti.. I watched

The dancer, Sama Al-Masry, was subjected to harsh criticism from her fans because of the size of the flabs she suffers from. Although her statements on a TV program topped Google’s trend However, her appearance took the largest part of the trend, as Sama Al-Masry appeared to talk about her husband and her separation from … Read more

Egyptians Asked to Eat Chicken Feet Due to Economic Crisis

GIZA, – Egypt is facing a deep economic crisis, and the City Government of Giza advises its citizens to eat chicken feet. In Egypt, the protein-rich part of the chicken is usually reserved for the dogs and cats. Inevitably, the suggestion immediately sparked intense anger and criticism of the government. Also read: The Mystery … Read more

“They were crawling under the tables, I will never set foot there again” (photo)

Nico and his friends had been to Leuven for a night out this weekend and passed the KFC. “When we passed the KFC between the Oude and the Grote Markt just after one o’clock in the morning, we saw how a few mice were walking around undisturbed in the closed restaurant”, he explains to our … Read more

Opschoondag brings tens of thousands of volunteers on their feet

ANPNational Cleaning Day in The Hague’s Statenkwartier NOS News•Saturday, 9:02 PM According to organizer Nederland Schoon, about 50,000 volunteers took part in the National Cleanup Day today. They went out with pick-up sticks and garbage bags to remove litter, such as plastic bags and beer and soft drink cans. “We estimate that each volunteer collects … Read more

a handful of volunteers, supervised by regulars, grabbed their secateurs to tackle the 2,000 feet of the “Coteaux de la Légia”

In Ans, a handful of volunteers, supervised by regulars, grabbed their secateurs to tackle the 2,000 feet of “Coteaux de la Légia”, a small vineyard which produces red, white and recently Crémant de Wallonie. These are noble grape varieties. Most are novices: “We are really primary in this, I discover. We meet other people and … Read more

[사이언스 인 미디어]The effect of walking exercise is from ‘ticketing with both feet’

How many steps do you need to walk on average per day to be healthy? ‘Walking 10,000 steps’, which is often said to make you healthy by walking 10,000 steps a day, has become popular worldwide. As such, public interest in walking exercise is hot. Walking is an easy and simple exercise that many people … Read more