With Enzo Fernandez, Chelsea makes a final madness in a transfer window to more than 300 million

With more than 300 million euros committed in one month, Chelsea has evolved into a financial dimension apart on the football planet. In “subtilizing“Ukrainian Mykhailo Mudryk (Shakhtar Donetsk) under the nose and beard of Arsenal against 100 million euros, the Blues had already surprised by their ability to line up without complaining about very high … Read more

Arianna Fernández, actress of Maricucha 2: “I am proud to say that I am the daughter of Juan Carlos Fernández” | show business | IMP | SHOWS

The actress Arianna Fernandezwho plays Juliet in ‘Maricucha 2′, affirmed that he identifies with his character in that he does not like injustices. She has come to television and theater for her own merits and not for being the daughter of music producer Juan Carlos Fernández. She is currently studying musical theater. MIRA: Ximena Díaz … Read more

The unusual whore of Alberto Fernández when referring to Maduro

Alberto Fernandez Chavez Despite the President’s mistake, hours later it was confirmed that finally Nicolás Maduro would not travel to Argentina yto which complaint a “plan drawn up within the neo-fascist right” and from a government communiqué they pointed out that their purposes were to “disturb the positive effects of such important regional event, and … Read more

Pampita and Laurita Fernández choose red microbikinis for their high summer looks

The rojo in fashion it is an all-time classic that is reversed each season. This summer, the color of passion is on microbikinis, in different styles and formats, either patterned or plain. Argentine fashionistas echo this phenomenon and print their stamp on it. The latest to join the trend? pampita y Laurita Fernandez. Also read: … Read more

THE BALL – Missed Enzo Fernández, ‘blues’ have new target in sight (Chelsea)

Negotiations with Benfica for the signing of midfielder Enzo Fernández having failed, Chelsea turn their attention to another target, with the aim of reinforcing the intermediate sector. According to the British newspaper The Guardianthe new focus of attention of blues he is now the Ecuadorian international midfielder Moisés Caicedo, 21, who plays for Brighton, former … Read more

YouTube: Rafael Fernandez surpasses Karla Tarazona and confirms relationship with young flight attendant: “He is a super person” [VIDEO] | Karla Tarazona | Raphael Fernandez | ex-husband | divorce | loving relationship | | SHOWS

He left the past behind. Businessman Rafael Fernandezex-husband of the presenter Karla Tarazonaconfirmed having started a relationship with the flight attendant with whom he has been “protected” at the airport. The ‘King of the eggs’ was approached by the ‘Love and Fire’ cameras to be consulted on various topics, including his current love situation. The … Read more

Karla Tarazona: nana maricarmen responds to Rafael Fernández and reveals that the TV host suffered a lot PHOTO entertainment | SHOWS

THE NANA APPEARED! Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez They announced their separation in August 2022, at that time the businessman revealed that Maricarmen, a person who cares for the driver’s children, did not “respect her privacy” as a couple. After a few months, the nana finally broke her silence. READ ALSO: Ricardo Rondón appears as … Read more

The awkward moment of Alberto Fernández in Miramar: insults and shouting – News

President Alberto Fernandez He lived an uncomfortable moment this Monday during his passage through the town of Miramarwhere a group of neighbors yelled “thief” in the framework of an official act. The national president, who spent the weekend at the Chapadmalal residence, was in Miramar in the morning to announce the construction of a synthetic … Read more

Cinthia Fernández acknowledged that Martín Baclini is still present in her life

Cinthia Fernández had an important relationship with Martín Baclini and it was his last great love. Despite the approaches they had after their separation, they never got back together. In the midst of a series of inquiries from his followers, The panelist referred to her ex-partner, revealed that he is still present in her life, … Read more

Rafael Fernández sent a notarized letter to Karla Tarazona for affirming that she did not pay for the divorce and asks her to correct herself | D’morning | Pan American TV | Videos | show business

Rafael Fernandez denied to Karla Tarazona. The businessman wants the TV host to rectify that she had not paid the 1,400 soles that corresponded to her to divorce her. The one known as the ‘King of the eggs’ had to go through legal channels and told The Republic that he sent a notarized letter to … Read more