Laurita Fernández came out at the intersection of Jorge Rial’s chicane: “I would choose another type of work if that affected me so much”

On Tuesday afternoon, with five minutes to go until the completion of The Divorced Club, Jorge Rial launched a sharp tweet that on the social network the vast majority interpreted as Chicana Laurita Fernandez. “Went back Lía Salgado? ”. The implicit reference was that the host is in charge of a talk show and compared … Read more

An alleged comment by Cinthia Fernández about Luciana Salazar’s daughter generated repudiation in the networks

Follow the media confrontation between Luciana Salazar Y Cinthia Fernandez after the blonde warned, a little over a week ago, that she would initiate legal action against the dancer for her comments against her and her daughter Matilda. However, apparently the possibility of Cinthia being brought to trial did not move her a hair. It … Read more

Singing 2020: the disconsolate cry of Laurita Fernández live

The emotion of Laurita Fernández that upset Ángel de Brito. The studio’s giant screen reproduced images of the pandemic. Chinstraps, doctors, anonymous people, pain, smiles and applause. And meanwhile, Jey Mammón and his partner Carla del Huerto they suggested “punching this life ties a bouquet of dreams”, according to the mandate of the theme “Avanti … Read more

Luis Majul: “Cristina Kirchner’s plan in case Alberto Fernández does badly: a tragedy in three acts and with an open ending”

Source: Archive Cristina Kirchner’s plan in case Alberto Fernández does badly it is clear as water. It could end in a real disaster for this Government and, of course, for all of us who live in this beloved and battered country. Cristina’s plan in case the President goes wrong it is a tragedy with three … Read more

Alberto Fernández announced a mega-road project that Mauricio Macri had left underway

Fernández announced yesterday for Mendoza a mega-road project that has already been underway since 2018. It is the Palmira Variation, which will allow a faster and more direct exit to the Pacific. MENDOZA.- In the midst of questions, bidding and political cracks, there are infrastructure mega-jobs that seem to advance in the country. Thus, the … Read more

The discovery of Fernando Iglesias: when Alberto Fernández participated in a march similar to that of 17A

In a video from 2013, Alberto Fernández tells that he participated in a march similar to 17A against the government of Cristina Kirchner Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fabián Marelli After massive demonstrations that took place in the country on August 17 last In claiming the extension of the quarantine and the judicial reform project, … Read more

Fernández designs an ambitious act to close the crisis and show the future

The Casa Rosada refines the details of the launch of the Government’s economic agenda, which Alberto Fernandez it intends to do with great fanfare, in an institutional act that shows the overwhelming support of the 24 provinces, once the exchange with the private bondholders has finally been closed, on August 28. Although it still has … Read more

Alberto Fernández: “There is an intense minority that is …

President Alberto Fernández highlighted today that during the months that he has been socially isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic “the greatest effort was to help those most in need” and, in that sense, he remarked that “there was not a single looting, a single social reaction.” “Today food reaches everyone. About 9 million people … Read more

Alberto Fernández admitted that he analyzes further restricting the purchase of “savings dollar”

The president said that the sale of the “dollar-savings” is a “problem” and complained about the reserves left to him by the government of Macri TELAM President Alberto Fernández admitted today that the government is studying the possibility of limiting or closing the “dollar-savings” window, the monthly quota of USD 200 that savers can buy … Read more

New extension of the quarantine: what are the concerns of Alberto Fernández, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Axel Kicillof for the next two weeks

Alberto Fernández, Axel Kicillof and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta starred in a new announcement of the extension of the quarantine (Presidency)They are decisive moments for the president Alberto Fernandez, the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof. During the announcement of the extension of social, preventive and … Read more