The least reliable car ever is Italian: the analysis that infuriates Fiat | You may have it in the garage

One of the things you mainly look at in a car is certainly reliability. Well, this one in particular has been criticized. Motor racing, a sector born in 1900 and still very active today. World wars, post-war recovery, digitization and who knows how many other events will happen in the course of human history. The … Read more

Project Kahn Fiat 500e: E-dwarf with a sporty look

The British tuner missed the electric dwarf Fiat 500e a sharp look. One that many would have wished for in the Abarth 500e. The Fiat 500e is undoubtedly one of the absolute bestsellers in the small electric car segment. The successful retro design meets a wide range of tastes, but leaves friends of a sporty … Read more

Fiat has big plans. Multipla and six hundred are to return – Magazín – Auto

Information about a large “purge” of Fiat models was leaked to the public. The new will disappear and the old will return. Among them, the successor of the “ugliest” car on the planet. Photo: Fiat Fiat Multipla – 2002 Multipla earned a lot of ridicule, but it was literally brilliant. With a length of less … Read more

The name of the controversial Fiat is back. The Multipla will turn into an SUV, the Seicento will also return

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Multipla was among the most controversial in terms of design, but also the most practical large-space cars on the market. However, due to low sales, the name was retired twelve years ago. However, according to Fiat’s new plan, the Multipla should return to the offer within a … Read more

“From 2023 one new Fiat a year”

THE NEW FIAT WITH FRANÇOIS REGISTERED – “Accessible in times of crisis. Simple in a difficult phase. Carefree in a moment of depression”. You are a Fiat with a new awareness of its central role within the Stellantis galaxy, the one described by Olivier Francois (photo above) in the round table where yesterday, after the … Read more

The new Fiat 500e has muscles and more power

An evil look and significantly more power: Abarth has beefed up the 500e. Fiat published24. November 2022, 04:16 Abarth 500e: The Electro-Cinquecento comes across as pretty nasty The Fiat 500e gets good grades everywhere – now the model student also gets muscles and a dirty look. Roaring engines, squeaking tires, high pulse: Abarth stands for … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – The Abarth 500e is presented – fully electric!

We had to wait a long time for the first electric Abarth model, but it finally arrived: of course, based on the foundations of a 500 Fiat. It is obviously more powerful than the plain Fiat 500e, its 154 horsepower and 234 Nm of torque, which is instantly awakened, takes it from 0 to 100 … Read more

Fiat price changes in November 2022

Affordable has become more affordable One of the main advantages of Breath Type is its low purchase price. And it is now a few thousand crowns lower. IN ranking of the cheapest hatchbacks it is in the top five in its class and the same applies to the body version Combias you can see for … Read more