New Fiat 500X will be electric with Stellantis platform, but goodbye to Italian production

The entrance of FCA, and consequently of Fiat, in the universe of brands managed by Stellantis, has created a certain confusion in the future plans of the Turin-based company. It had been clear for a long time that the fate of Fiat was linked to that of brand 500, with a full range of cars … Read more

The chip crisis also hit the world giant! When we say Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, Volkswagen, Tesla also stops production! – Gallery

THE MOST AFFECTED SECTOR WAS THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRYLast year, there was a chip crisis in many industries as the pandemic increased the demand for electronics and caused problems in the supply chain. The crisis, which affected production in the automotive sector, caused a great loss of income in the sector on a global scale. .

Fiat 500 electric test drive, from Bologna to Milan – Prove

There are models that know how to carve out a special place in the hearts of motorists, becoming true icons on wheels. Among the most striking examples there is undoubtedly the little one Fiat 500, protagonist of our test drive today, emblem of Made in Italy in the world and of the democratization of mobility. … Read more

Deloitte: Cryptocurrencies can replace fiat currencies within ten years, or at least compete with them

Survey 2021 Global Blockchain Survey, created as a questionnaire survey of 1,280 financial industry leaders, government officials and other experts across the globe, examines the role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the future of the world economy. In practice, it functions as a kind of “collective wisdom.” Will this year’s prophecy, which predicts the great upheaval … Read more

Fiat Ritmo Abarth 105TC, one like this has never been seen in Italy

The Fiat Ritmo was produced in numerous versions and trim levels but this, in all probability, you have never seen before. A Fiat Ritmo as you have never seen the one offered for sale by an independent dealership through the E-Bay site which it often contains attractive offers concerning rare automobiles. We all know the … Read more

Stellantis will present up to 21 electrified models within two years

Some brands have been given time to prove their worth. AMSTERDAM. Stellantis officially presented part of his strategy. The new car giant was formed in January this year by merging the PSA Peugeot Citroen and FCA Fiat Chrysler groups. Plans for the next two years include the introduction of 10 electric cars and 9 plug-in … Read more

What will be the rivals of the new Fiat Punto? Stellantis puts it on sale at the end of 2023 – News

The new Alphas and Lancias will certainly be there, from Stellantis, but above all electric ones with advanced DNA and therefore without strong technical notes of the tricolor glory under the hoods. First, it will continue the penalty of impoverished price lists for ex-FCA models? The highlight, for volumes, must be the Fiat new B-SUV … Read more

Fiat’s new city SUV was named Pulse and finally showed the interior

The novelty intended for the South American markets was first shown in May, but only now has the carmaker revealed its name and interior. Although Fiat introduced its new city SUV for the South American markets as early as the beginning of May, at that time the novelty was known only as Project 363 and … Read more

The electric Fiat 500 Spiaggina by Lapo Elkann for hire for the summer –

of Luca Zanini Five pastel colors for five examples of the 500 electrified convertible, without roof and without doors: Hertz chose them for its fleet Off with the roof and doors. Braided rope seats. Stylized bumpers in a lightweight structure that also runs along the sides. And in the old control panel in the style … Read more

Fiat is promoting a model in the USA that it no longer produces. But the store is rolling

Carmakers usually do not pay much attention to models that are only sold out. But in the USA, one such bestseller is the brand. Fiat 124 Spider, the sibling of the fourth generation Mazda MX-5, began to disappear from the European market at the end of 2019, when there were also rumors of the end … Read more