Šiauliai has learned the FIBA ​​verdict – it will play in the Champions League selection

Šiauliai residents who reached the semifinals both in the LKL Championship and in the King Mindaugas Cup were invited to the FIBA ​​Champions League selection. Here, they will compete with 23 more teams (distributed by a spell on July 7), including Kyjiv’s Budivelnyk team, for four free tickets to the main group stage. 2⃣4⃣ teams … Read more

FIBA Secretary General: on M. Grigonis’ situation, the future of the Russians in basketball and the transfer of the European Championship to Lithuania

A meeting of the FIBA ​​European Continent Board was held in Vilnius, followed by the Secretary General Andreas Zagklis shared thoughts on the work of recent days. “We had good discussions for two days and made important decisions. These included decisions affecting Russian and Belarusian teams and national teams. It has affected many tournaments, as … Read more

FIBA has decided that the representatives of Russia and Belarus will not play in European basketball next season

The FIBA ​​European Regional Board met in Vilnius to discuss the most pressing issues. Among them was undoubtedly the fate of Russian and Belarusian basketball. The countries waging war in Ukraine have been punished – next season there will be no national teams or clubs on the European basketball map. It is also added that … Read more

Kirilenka denies FIBA ​​sanctions against Russia: “We will not participate”

After a firm decision by FIBA ​​to remove all Russian and Belarusian national teams from all basketball championships and tournaments, legendary Russian basketball player Andrei Kirillenko, who now heads the country’s basketball federation, said it was the opposite – that Russia had eliminated itself. “I am in constant contact with FIBA,” he told Russia’s news … Read more

R. Giedraitis raged against the winners of the FIBA ​​Champions League

The victory in the Spanish championship was won by the team of Vitorija Baskonia (20/13), which has two Lithuanians in its ranks. Basque club on the go 91:78 (28:13, 23:20, 15:21, 25:19) defeated the Lenovo basketball players of Tenerife (20/13). The Tenerife team won the FIBA ​​Champions League title just 3 days ago and defeated … Read more

Šakiai Gulbelė starts March in FIBA ​​trio tournament in Japan / News

Šakiai “Gulbelė”, the flagship of Lithuanian 3×3 basketball, has left for Japan, where he will start the fight in the prestigious FIBA ​​trio tournament in Ucunomija on Saturday. The Lithuanian team with the sixth ranking in the world was invited to the opening tournament of the FIBA ​​World Tour season, the prize fund of which … Read more

The FIBA ​​Champions League final was marked by a veteran show

The team that will raise trophies has been revealed in the final of the FIBA ​​Champions League in Spain. Lenovo in a critical match in Tenerife, Bilbao 98:87 (27:25, 22:25, 33:17, 16:20) broke Manresa’s BAXI club. The third quarter was won by the new champions, who won 33:17 (82:67) and kept the distance to the … Read more

I.Buva – in the second five of the FIBA ​​Champions League

In the FIBA ​​Champions League, the final four takes place, during which the winners of individual awards are announced. A representative of Vilnius Rytas was in the second five Ivan Wasnext to him – Marcelinho Huertas (Lenovo of Tenerife), Elijah Stewartas (Cluj Napokos “U-Banca Transilvania”), Joe Thomassonas (Manresos BAXI) ir DeVaughnas Akoonas-Purcellas (Istanbul Galatasaray). Rytas … Read more

O.Olisevičius was left without a title: the FIBA ​​European Cup was won by the Turkish club

The FIBA ​​European Cup has reached the finish line. Istanbul’s Bahcheshehir team, who played at the Ulker Sports arena, won the second final in the final 90:74 (30:16, 13:21, 21:19, 26:18) defeated Emilia Reggio Unahotels. The final was played in two matches. The first team of Turkey won 72:69, and in the second they left … Read more

World basketball qualifiers: Italy refuses to play with Russia

This was announced by the president of Coni, he should have played in July in Pesaro. Unlike football, Fiba has not yet made a decision regarding the ouster of the Russians. Petrucci, n ° 1 Fip: “One cannot think that everything that has happened will vanish like this. Sure, the war will end, but deaths … Read more