The start of the World Cup journey | fields

The World Cup journey starts from Qatar, where the cup will visit 54 countries, including the 32 participating countries in the tournament, which begins next November. Cafu, former Brazil player with the World Cup The World Cup journey began around the world, as the transfer of the cup began from Qatar, the host of the … Read more

Sardinia, millions of grasshoppers on the island: “Situation out of control. They hit the fields and leave the desert behind them”

In central Sardinia there is an iinvasion from grasshoppers: swarms of millions of locusts are devouring the collected of the countryside of the province of Nuoro: from Noragugume to Bolotana, Illorai, Olzai, Teti, Sarule, Sedilo, Barbagia di Nuoro, to Ottana, a plain where the epicenter of the invasion is located. “A situation at this point … Read more

“Player and man of valor, he can go on all fields with his head held high”

This is one of the questions Luciano Spalletti answered to Dazn’s microphones at the end of the Turin-Naples match © photo at How is Insigne living his last weeks at Napoli? This is one of the questions he answered Luciano Spalletti to the microphones from Dazn at the end of Turin-Naples: “He has … Read more

This is how Real Madrid won | fields

This is what Carlo Ancelotti did before the match against Manchester City, and he had an important role in Real Madrid’s victory and qualification for the Champions League final, according to what the Italian said. Carlo Ancelotti Italian Carlo Ancelotti had an important role in Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory over Manchester City in the Champions … Read more

Caporalato in the fields, investigation in Tuscany. “Laborers exploited at € 2.50 per hour”

Livorno, May 4, 2022 – Three farms of the Coast of the Etruscansin Maremma, between Livorno and Grosseto they would have employed hundreds of workers, Italian and foreignin ‘black, for an average of 15/16 hours a day for a wage 2.5 euros per hourwith holidays hardly granted and unpaid, and with threats of dismissal and … Read more

The final between Barcelona and Lyon | fields

Barcelona, ​​Spain, and Lyon, France, in the Women’s Champions League final in football. UEFA Women’s Champions League Final between Barcelona and Lyon The Barcelona women’s team qualified for the final match of the UEFA Women’s Champions League in football. Barcelona managed to qualify, despite losing 0-2 to its German host Wolfsburg in the semi-final second … Read more

These 4 Animals Use Magnetic Fields, Number 3 is Unexpected

JAKARTA – You must have heard that birds use magnetic field earth to aid navigation. Well, it turns out that there are a number of animal which uses a magnetic field as a guide in the activity. Quoted from the scienceabc page, Monday (2/5/2022), here are 4 animals that use magnetic fields as navigation or … Read more

The Hot Mud Burst at Mandailing Natal Hasn’t Stopped, Entering the Rice Fields and Flowing into the Yard River all

CHRISTMAS The hot mudflow that came out of one of the PT SMGP (Sorik Merapi Geothermal Power) Geothermal Project wells did not stop until Sunday (4/24/2022) afternoon. As a result, the mud continues to flow and has entered the residents’ rice fields and surrounding rivers. “Until this afternoon, the mudflow has not stopped. And … Read more

“Everything is ready between the fields and the gym. Renewal? We always talk about three years …”

Luciano Rizzi, president of the tourism promotion company, spoke on Radio Marte during the program “Marte Sport Live” He spoke on Radio Marte during the broadcast “Marte Sport Live” Luciano Rizzipresident of the tourism promotion company in Val di Sole, in Trentino: “We are also working hard on Covid regulations, to give our guests a … Read more