Jeff Hardy broke WWE script and left the arena in the middle of the fight

Editorial Mediotiempo USA / 06.12.2021 11:51:06 Something didn’t go according to plan and in WWE there is mystery and confusion regarding the future of Jeff Hardy, one of the company’s most charismatic superstars, who over the weekend starred in a rare incident in full swing when leaving the arena among the fans while their teammates … Read more

Unveiling the Muay Thai dress “Nang Khat”, the national costume of Thailand that Anchili will wear to fight the Miss Universe 2021 stage.

Office of Contemporary Art and Culture Ministry of Culture Leading organization in driving cultural capital To add sustainable economic and social value As a sponsor of the creation of Thai national costumes for the Miss Universe Thailand 2021 pageant, unveiling the real dress “Mrs. Khat” (Woman of steel) ready for Anchili Scott Kemis to shine … Read more

Top doctor about the fight against corona, which also int…

Filiep Bataillie. — © Joren De Weerdt Herentals, I am – Orthopedic surgeon Filiep Bataillie is not only chief physician at AZ Herentals, as a passionate theater man he has performed his self-written monologue in recent months. Adam. In it he talks about his fight with the corona virus. Not only in his clinic, but … Read more

Breakthrough in the fight against covid: Vaccine injection can be replaced by a patch

In Australia, they are investigating a groundbreaking method of vaccination against covid. The vaccine in the patch offers more protection and easier application than conventional needle vaccination. In addition, it is more resistant to temperatures and also cheaper. The patch is only an inch wide and contains 5,000 plastic tips that are half a millimeter … Read more

Disputes in Cluj? They are not fine, says Uhrin before the match with Jablonec. And he remembers a rough fight

Is it possible to say that Jablonec will come across Cluj from the Czech point of view at the ideal moment? Definitely yes. Cluj is not a bad team, he is not in the optimal mood right now. A week ago, the striker Alibec even had a conflict with coach Petresc, and I don’t think … Read more

Covid-19 hinders the fight but stimulates the search for a vaccine

To analyse. Wednesday October 6, the world health organization (WHO) announced a “Historic moment” in the fight against malaria. For the first time in war of attrition committed against this scourge, which killed 627,000 people in 2020 – including 80% of children under 5 – the UN organization recommended the large-scale deployment of a vaccine … Read more

“Colors of Happiness”: Tragedy in Sicily. Kasia will fight for her life

Right after arriving in Sicily, Kasia (Katarzyna Glinka) will go for a walk and call her husband (Michał Rolnicki) right away – happy and carefree again … However, the Sadowskis’ conversation will be short-lived. And a few hours later … the world will hear an earthquake on the island! “Colors of happiness”, sections 2526-2529, issue … Read more

Everything is different! Tyson Fury’s brother will not fight a controversial celebrity

Many were looking forward to the duel between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. At first there was speculation as to why the former resigned from the match, then Fury himself explained the whole situation. “Believe me, I’m absolutely overwhelmed that I can’t go into this battle. I broke my rib in preparation and then caught … Read more

this was the fight between Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff

As for the guests, Andy, in a “meeting point” that points to spontaneous confessions, had in his cycle the couple of actors Fabián Vena and Paula Morales: the actress Viviana Saccone, the singer Rodrigo Tapari: and the actress and participant of MasterChef Celebrity , Luisa Albinoni. Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter, who starts the program half an … Read more

Finishwoman Charvatova did not manage the fight for sixth place. The relay was dominated by the French

The seventh place in the finish brought the Czech Republic a solid portion of points in the evaluation of the Nations Cup, which is decisive for the number of qualified competitors at the Beijing Olympics and it seems that the national team could actually go there at five. Jessica Jislová, who started the relay, blasted … Read more