Surya Darmadi has been hunted by the KPK since 2019, finally surrendered to the AGO

Jakarta – The suspect in the alleged corruption case of PT Duta Palma, Surya Darmadinow held by Attorney General’s Office (AGO)) to take responsibility for their actions. Surya Darmadi also has traces of being hunted KPK since 2019. Based on records detik.comTuesday (16/8/2022), Surya Darmadi has been ensnared as a suspect since 2019 through the … Read more

Eric accuses the town of leaving the Ransart cemetery abandoned because “no one cared about it anymore”: it has finally been cleaned

“We will soon have to provide a brushcutter when we go there!”. It is with these words that Éric, a resident of the town of Ransart, contacted us via the orange Alert us button. This 62-year-old man wanted to point out the lack of maintenance of the Ransart-Centre cemetery. According to him, it looked more … Read more

Manchester United news: Manchester United finally decides the fate of Cristiano Ronaldo with the team

Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United – Premier League Sport 360 – site mentionsjoulesIn its global version, citing media reports that the Department of Manchester United The fate of the Portuguese has finally been decided Cristiano Ronaldo with the team. The name Cristiano Ronaldo, 38, was linked to leaving Manchester United during the summer transfer market. … Read more

‘Finally proof of the theft of Tutankhamun’s treasures’ | Abroad

Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 and has since been suspected by the Egyptians of stealing parts of the pharaoh’s treasure before the tomb was officially opened. However, the evidence for those allegations was not forthcoming. A previously unpublished letter is now changing that. The letter was written in 1934 by Alan Gardiner, a philologist … Read more

Finally, a theme lights up the electoral campaign: everyone throws themselves into the Dazn case

Seen the precarious impact in the public opinion of the various themes proposed day after day by political forces, it did not seem true to the various leaders and candidates that they could finally leverage a case of sure hold on millions of Italians. If you are passionate about football, or follow social trends, you … Read more

Dolshing Jeon Da-bin finally exploded in anger… Hate commenters public sniper TEN

Jeon Da-bin, a cast member of ‘Dol Singles’, shot a malicious commenter. Recently, Dabin Jeon posted on her Instagram, “To me, who was impatient and impatient in everything.He posted a picture with the caption, “The item that helped me a lot + a mental overcoming item robbed of malicious comments ✨ (Those who write malicious … Read more

Netizens urged Putri Candrawati’s makeup, finally the original character of Ferdy Sambo’s wife was exposed

Jakarta – Recently made up Putri Candrawati, Ferdy Sambo’s wife urged by netizens, finally uncovering the original nature that he knows. The appearance of Ferdy Sambo’s wife, Putri Candrawati in public, is still a question some time ago, is it true that the woman wearing the mask is Putri Candrawati or someone else? The appearance … Read more

Infinite Summer, what if this heat never ends? The truth finally »

Weather: Infinite Summer, what if this heat never ends? The truth finally Estate boom According to the latest estimates, as many as 28 million Italians, never so many, have left or trampled to leave for holidays, even for just a few days or for longer periods, at the sea, in the mountains and abroad: many … Read more

“I finally find you”: Jenifer reveals her musical comeback and adopts a new look for the occasion (video)

Friday August 19, Jenifer will unveil her brand new single entitled “Sauve qui aime”. For the occasion, she unveiled the first extracts of the song on her social networks. “Driiiiiing driiiiiing. The holidays are ending soon but… for the better because I’m finally seeing you.” In the short passage of her clip that she reveals, … Read more

George RR Martin finally reveals why the end of the series is so disappointing

As the new House of Dragons series prepares to take us back to Westeros, we’re finally starting to understand what went wrong in the final seasons of Game of Thrones. Opinions of the last seasons of Game of Thrones are almost unanimous, the series has clearly lost its consistency over time, and the eighth and … Read more