Bans have not stopped the spread of Russian disinformation, they are finding new ways

Existing pages and accounts were renamed by Russia to disguise them. It shifted part of the propaganda duties to diplomats. However, it simply copied most of the content to new websites that did not yet have obvious ties to Russia, the AP agency wrote. NewsGuard, a New York-based firm that researches and monitors online disinformation, … Read more

Criminologist Says about Finding Wounds from Gunshots from the Back of the Head Through the Nose at Brigadier J

JAKARTA, – A team of forensic doctors representing the family of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J found a suspected gunshot wound from the back of the head to the nose. Aiman ​​also questioned the new findings. Because, when the police deliver the results autopsy the first time, it was not stated that … Read more

Mystery surrounding finding tridymite on Mars clarified

The discovery of tridymite in the crater Gale is one of Curiosity’s most surprising discoveries during its decade-long exploration of Mars. Kirsten Siebach, who is a researcher with NASA’s Mars team, tells this in a new rapport in Earth and Planerary Science Letters. After the discovery in 2016, Siebach and her colleagues examined all the … Read more

Having the face of a small child, this 27-year-old man has difficulty finding work

DONGGUAN, – 27 year old man from Dongguan, Chinareportedly had difficulty finding work because he looked more like a child than a man in his late 20s. The man’s name is Mao Sheng. He claims to be 27, but people agree he doesn’t look like a man over 10. Also read: Having a salary … Read more

Millionaire tax finding in FNA for fraud in portfolio sale

The W knew for the first time that the Comptroller General determined a tax finding for 38,849 million pesos in the National Savings Fund (FNA). That figure was the one that the State stopped receiving due to an irregular sale of a portfolio to the Disprojects company in November 2017. This economic disaster of the … Read more

Do-yeon, the leader of the bullying… Finding the perpetrator who has become difficult even for Mija TEN People

Comedian Mi-ja’s confession of being bullied has become an issue for the fourth day. The instigators that he directly revealed are some of the comedians. Mi-ja’s sad confession that she suffered from severe depression enough to make extreme choices due to workplace bullying. It came to the end of overcoming difficult times and finding happiness, … Read more

PBSI Has Difficulty Finding New Partners Pramudya Kusumawardana: Everyone Already Has The Best Partner

The pair of Pramudya/Yeremia after equalizing the score against Thailand in the semifinals of the 2021 SEA Games badminton. INDOSPORT.COM – PBSI opens its voice regarding fate Pramudya Kusumawardanawhen his partner, Jeremiah EYY Rambitan suffered an injury and was absent for six months. Jeremiah Rambitan suffered an ACL injury while competing at the 2022 Indonesia … Read more

5 Facts of Finding 1 Weapon Container in Long Harbor

Jakarta – A container containing weapon Customs found it at Panjang Harbor, Lampung. Apparently, the weapon will be used for training with Garuda Shield at the Combat Training Center (Puslatpur)., Monday (25/7/2022), summarizes a number of facts that are so far known about the discovery of the container containing the weapon. Here are the … Read more