‘Enefit Green’ to start generating electricity at wind farm in northern Finland in autumn 2023

Tuesday, June 28, laid the cornerstone of a renewable energy companyEnefit Green ‘Tolpanvaara wind farm Finland in the north. It is planned that the park equipped with 13 wind turbines will start producing green energy at the end of next year, the company’s representatives inform. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Enefit Green currently … Read more

NATO asks Erdogan to allow Sweden-Finland to join

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will ask Turki to revoke the veto and allow Sweden as well as Finland join the alliance. The pressure seems to be made by NATO to Turkey when the summit (summit) takes place in Spain June 28-30. However, Turkish officials involved in talks … Read more

Our Military Is Designed for War

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Finland declared ready to fight against Russia if attacked at any time. Finland claims their military is designed to fight large-scale wars. The head of the Finnish Armed Forces, Timo Kivinen, said that his country continued to maintain high military readiness after World War II. “We have systematically developed our military … Read more

“Putin has already lost the war of the European seas. His threats have pushed Sweden and Finland to renounce historical neutrality”

Increasingly, the Kremlin dreads NATO’s “deceitful” enlargement to the East as one threat against Russia: indeed, we can say that the “Atlantic fear” is at the center of Russian propaganda as a justification for every action. However, it was right Vladimir Putinwith years of not too veiled threats to neighbors and now with the war … Read more

Putin looks at the Aland Islands. This is a hotspot in the Baltic Sea

– Finland assures that their demilitarized status will not change, but the Russians present it in a different way, spreading anxiety. The Kremlin is trying in various ways to hinder and counteract NATO’s enlargement to include the Scandinavian countries. The change to militarized status means that Russia will certainly protest. If Putin wanted to try … Read more

Kymi Grand Prix, Saturday in Kouvola (R-7), Finland. Corridor 3 for CE BELLO ROMAN, 1 for EARL SIMON

There are many French trotters to have registered their name on the list of winners of the Kymi Grand Prix (Gr.I). Of Woodland Dryad, in 1998 and Aunou’s Challenge, in 1999, at Aubrion-du-Gersin 2018, via Torch of the Pines (2003), Map of Baudrairie (2004), I’m the Bellouet (2006), Admiral Mauzun (2008), Rapide Lebel (2011) et … Read more

Biathlon talent after a serious accident: He lost his teeth and lost consciousness

The 21-year-old lost two teeth in the accident, had heavy bleeding and lost consciousness for about a minute. “But I managed to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital,” he said of his recent carom for the biathlonworld server. “I was especially happy to be alive and to be able to stand on … Read more

Finland, Sweden | Finds about Erdogan’s NATO blockade: – He’s like Putin

HELSINKI, FINLAND (Nettavisen): – I have always wanted it, as long as I can remember, says Tuula Koski about Finland’s NATO application. She and her sister Anne Koski run a flower shop in a market in the Merihaka neighborhood of central Helsinki. As 76 percent of Finland’s population, they also support Finnish NATO membership. Sweden … Read more

Finland Wouldn’t Join NATO Without Sweden

loading… Leaders of NATO countries view a digital installation in Brussels, Belgium, June 14, 2021. Photo/REUTERS HELSINKI – Finland will not join the NATO bloc without Sweden if Sweden is deadlocked on its membership path. The statement was made by Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. He made the remarks during a joint press conference with NATO … Read more