Entrustment with parts of rifles that went from the RM to Temuco allows the seizure of a large number of weapons | National

A man was in preventive detention, charged with the crime of International Arms Trafficking after the PDI intercepted a parcel in Santiago with parts of rifles, which triggered the seizure of a large quantity of arms and ammunition. A man was arrested in Temuco accused by the International Arms Traffic, after a parcel in his … Read more

Panic breaks out at busy US airport after firearm goes off: ‘It happened by accident’ | Abroad

A Hartsfield-Jackson Airport spokesman told CNN that the incident came after it was determined that a weapon was found in a bag at one of the checkpoints. “When the officer or passenger picked up the weapon, it accidentally went off. The man who had brought the object with him then ran off,” said the spokesman. … Read more

David Halls, who gave the lethal weapon to Alec Baldwin, breaks his silence

The day before the shooting, a member of the team had resigned According to the first statements of the police officers, the assistant director told them that he “should have checked” that all the cartridges in the revolver used by Alec Baldwin to repeat a scene were fictitious but that he “did not have it. … Read more

United States: Toddler (2) finds firearm and shoots himself in the head / News

A two-year-old boy has died in the US state of Texas after shooting himself in the head with a found firearm. The boy found the weapon in the backpack of his uncle (21), who initially ran away after the incident and took the weapon with him. The man later returned and has been arrested on … Read more

They intimidate a 73-year-old woman with a firearm

Moments of terror lived a 73-year-old woman in the commune of Vitacura, when last night a group of strangers tried to steal her vehicle, threatening her with firearms while the machine was stopped. The frustrated door slam took place around 10:00 p.m. in the Joaquín Cerda street sector, where the victim came to a home … Read more