Cevichería Fishing Terminal: How did you manage to have 5 stores and 2 franchises in a few years? Local success story prices | ENTREPRENEUR-TROME

Diego Vergara and Alejandro Figueroa met when they were studying at the USIL university. They both worked on different projects and one day they met to create a project where they can summarize their passion for ceviche. ‘Fishing Terminal’ is a concept that grew very quickly in the market. They have five stores and two … Read more

The fishing boat “Klævtind” sank off Andøy – NRK Nordland

– It was horrible to see the boat go down. But at the same time, we are terribly grateful that everyone was relatively safe. It could have gone much worse. Glenn-Thomas Madsen has returned home after a dramatic morning outside Bleik in Andøy. He is skipper on board “Klævtind”. Together with the five others on … Read more

Ghana’s fishing industry: Abuse, corruption and deaths on board Chinese distant-water fishing vessel – BBC News 中文

January 6, 2023 image source,Bright Tsai Kweku image captiontext, Brett Tsai Kuiku took this photo after three days without sleep. The Atlantic waters of West Africa has always been one of the most fish-rich waters in the world, but industrial trawler fishing boats have thoroughly excavated the seabed, which is causing the rapid depletion of … Read more

Index – Inland – A nearly two and a half meter catfish got caught on the hook, I was very scared

It started to work, and the year ended with a huge catch for Zoltán Szarvas, who caught the biggest Hungarian catfish of his life, a 240-centimeter specimen, on his fourth cast, reported the Pecaverse. As the man revealed, at first it was not about fishing, but an instrumental survey at the DCM Fishing Lake in … Read more

Researchers want to scare whales away from fishing boats so they don’t end up in nets – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Several thousand whales lose their lives in Norwegian fishing every year. It is usually porpoises that get stuck in the nets. These are relatively small, at 1.5 metres. But in recent years, an increasing number of fishermen have also had much larger species unsolicited in their nets and other fishing gear. – It has become … Read more

Fishing boat sank, 3 killed, survivor reveals he floated for more than 30 hours, tied his friend’s body to himself

Navy Region 2 brought a boat to help fishermen who were “wrecked in the middle of the sea” landing at the pier at Songkhla Naval Base, Naval Area 2 with 1 crew surviving, 3 dead and 1 missing. survived to the hospital due to exhaustion because he had to float at sea for more than … Read more

Fishing Addiction, This Man Divorced His Wife

Jakarta – Divorce can happen for many reasons. Including the wife in China who sued her husband for divorce because fishing addiction. A woman surnamed Zhang is known to have registered the divorce with the People’s Court of Juye County in Shandong Province. Reported from Oddity CentralMonday (12/19/2022), Zhang wants to divorce her husband, who … Read more

Almost 100 carp rescued from ditch that were not getting oxygen

Animal Ambulance De Ronde Venen In collaboration with NH News NOS News•Sunday, 13:38•Amended Sunday, 3:09 PM Emergency services and volunteers rescued almost a hundred carp from a ditch in Uithoorn last night. The fish were deprived of oxygen due to the cold water and ice formation. There were probably too many carp in too small … Read more

Fishermen furious over reporting for fishing vessels – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Early in the morning, shark fisherman Joachim Nygård Foss (32) goes out to sea outside Smøla on Nordmøre. He is completely alone in the boat and calls himself fisherman, skipper, mate, machinist and cook. Soon he will have another task. He must report to the Directorate of Fisheries three times a day. – I have … Read more

Crocodile swallows a 1-year-old boy alive in front of his father when they were fishing in a river | First Impact Shows

according to the newspaper Maysia Mail“the two victims were attacked by the crocodile when the man was walking along the shore to disembark his boat (…) The victim, identified as Moherat, 45, was rescued by members of the public, but suffered serious injuries to the head and body, and is now being treated at Lahad … Read more