Inflatable flamingo no longer in the waste bin, but in a special container

ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 09:31•Amended Wednesday, 10:33 Air mattresses, beach balls and inflatable flamingos: all attributes that are used during the hot summer days on beaches, in swimming pools or in the garden. After some time they often end up in the waste container, which is a shame, according to waste collector Rova. The company has … Read more

You can live with old age. The first ride with a flamingo and a new Mercedes T passenger van

The Citan van has a new, nicer sibling. Because of Mercedes, they reached into the alphabet for a new letter, yet it is an unusually conservative car for today. We tested the diesel and petrol versions of the T-Class with a price of 640,695 crowns on the roads and motorways around Munich. “So what do … Read more

a journalist from L’Equipe creates controversy by appearing live with a flamingo flag (photo)

Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2022 at 3:58 p.m. By Writing The scene quickly made several Belgian internet users react. This Sunday March 27, Ghent-Wevelgem celebrates its 84th edition. While Wout Van Aert is the favourite, the L’Equipe channel caused a sensation this Sunday afternoon. A journalist from the French channel, indeed, showed up with … Read more

The reason for the delay in completing the transfer of Michel to Al Hilal club

date of publication: Jan 24 2022 13:36 GMT Update date: Jan 24 2022 15:10 GMT Brazilian media revealed the reason for the delay in completing the transfer of Brazilian player Michel to the Saudi club Al Hilal. According to the “diariodofla” website, the reason lies in a dispute between the clubs for which Michel played … Read more

Al Hilal Saudi Club submits an offer to sign Flamengo player Michel

date of publication: January 14 2022 8:30 GMT Update date: January 14 2022 11:40 GMT Brazilian media said that the management of the Brazilian club Flamengo had received an offer, today, Friday, from the management of the Saudi club Al Hilal in order to include the winger Michel, and the vice president met with the … Read more

Nobody wants Coutinho .. Even the Brazilian clubs reject the Barcelona player!

Brazilian Felipe Coutinho is currently the highest paid Barcelona club, and with not entering into the team’s future plans, his departure is one of the most urgent matters for the Blaugrana management. Coutinho’s exit is pivotal to allow Ferran Torres, the latest deal Barcelona struck in the winter transfer window, to sign. With Premier League … Read more

Deverson, the hero of the “downward series” – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Ali Maali (Dubai) The final match of the Copa Libertadores between Palmeiras and Flamengo, at the legendary Centenario stadium in Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital, witnessed a series that made football fans around the world laugh, starring Deverson and Argentine referee Nestor Pitana. Brazilian Deverson Silva Acosta, 30, sat on the “bench” of Palmeiras until the … Read more

Climate emergency, Lake Tuz is disappearing: it is the second largest in Turkey. The photographer: “Thousands of flamingo carcasses”

Thousand of carcasses of flamingos with their young and a backdrop inaridito, full of cracks. There Drought and years of harmful agricultural policies have depleted the underground water reserves of Lake Tuz in Turkey. Extending for 1,165 square kilometers, the hypersaline basin – the second largest in the country – has become one of the … Read more