Flemish top model became bald after a visit to the hairdresser: “And then all the inflammations and hospitalizations still had to come” (Bilzen)

© Harry Heuts She worked as a top model until a hairdressing treatment turned her world upside down. After 23 years, Isabella Broekhuizen (55) gave up the fight against the producer of the anti-frizz agent. “I have now accepted myself, mutilated as I am, but also so beautiful”, she says in her new book ‘Who … Read more

Flemish church will bless gay couples: ‘A true bomb blast’

AFP NOS News•Tuesday, 17:17 The Roman Catholic Cardinal Jozef de Kesel and the bishops of Flanders have established a ‘Homosexuality & Faith’ contact point and have published an example liturgy for the ecclesiastical blessing of gay couples. With this they go directly against the Vatican, which forbids the blessing of homosexual relations. The Flemish bishops … Read more

“West Flemish people love it”: the legendary ‘Julientje’ is no longer an exclusive Ghent fried snack (De Haan)

Didier van den Abeele (60) and Veronique Bruggeman (59) with a Julientje (left) and a Rombautje (right) — © Simon Mouton De Haan/Ghent – The ‘Julientje’ has long ceased to be an exclusive Ghent fried snack. The tasty memory of the legendary Julien Taghon of the Gouden Saté is now even for sale in De … Read more

Dolly Dots say goodbye to Flemish fans in Antwerp: “In our van it is increasingly about the transition” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

MUSICAntwerp becomes the swan song of the legendary Dolly Dots. Their very last show in Flanders will take place on 8 October in the Stadsschouwburg. With stories about rock ‘n roll behind the disco, but also a tribute to the sixth sister who died in 2009. “Sometimes I have goosebumps up to my buttocks,” Angela … Read more

Reform of school timetables: Flemish teachers flee Walloon schools

The first day of school will therefore be brought forward to the end of August, from this start of the 2022 school year. For the first time, students will return to school benches not in September, but a week earlier. ; in any case, in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. But this reform of school timetables has … Read more

“Unintelligible” West Flemings, fleeing candidates and yet a huge success: the story of the very first talent show on Flemish TV

When we got one more post Candidates who fled into the Antwerp Zoo in panic. The presenter who had an accident on the premiere evening and had to be replaced quickly. And unintelligible West Flemings. No, the very first talent show on Flemish TV did not have a smooth start. And yet ‘Discover the star’ … Read more

This is how much it costs to spend the night with Flemish people in France, known from dating program ‘B&B seeks love’

Castle of Gipieres, Montbrun-les-Bains Isabel Van Ootegem © Chateau Gipieres On this gigantic castle domain you have a magnificent view of the iconic Mont-Ventoux mountain: ideal if you are sporty types and want to put a climb on your holiday schedule. Afterwards you can take a refreshing dip in the spacious swimming pool. You can … Read more

After a fuss about partner violence: Lil Kleine will soon be performing in our country again thanks to his Flemish best friend

“Trying to keep up with all show requests”, Van Trier writes on Instagram, with a photo with Jorik Scholten, as Lil Kleine is really called. If you surf to the site of the Carré, you will indeed see Scholten scheduled there for a performance on September 2nd. On September 9, he is scheduled to play … Read more

“I’m Flemish and I’m not proud of it”: a journalist victim of intimidation at home after writing an editorial

In his paper, reports RTBF, the journalist writes in particular that he is “happy that July 11 (Flemish Community holiday) is over”, that he is not proud to be Flemish, “any more than to be Belgian or Kortrijk. I don’t care: a person has to be born somewhere. Let’s say that I am lucky to … Read more

Flemish model Marisa Papen shows her genitals on the cover of Playboy, and she actually wanted to go even further

Marissa Papen with the cover. — © Rochelle Brodin – Stringer A close-up of the female genitalia, decorated with over 30,000 flowers at different stages of their bloom. That’s the Playboy-cover that the Flemish Marisa Papen co-designed and for which she stood as a model, to celebrate the anniversary of the German edition. And say … Read more