Russia Trials AstraZeneca and Sputnik V Vaccine Mix

MOSCOW. The russian authorities health approved test a combination from vaccine AstraZeneca with the Sputnik V in his fight against coronavirus, according to the national registry of approved clinical trials. The small study, which started on July 26 and it will end up March next year, it will cover 150 volunteers and will review the … Read more

SinoVac vaccine would need booster doses; antibodies drop in 6 months

BEIJING. The antibodies generated by vaccine of SinoVac Biotech against him covid-19 fall below a key threshold about six months later from second dose in most cases, although a reinforcement could have a repairing effect, according to a study from laboratory. Chinese researchers reported in their conclusions of the study of blood samples from healthy … Read more

They stop the application of a third dose of the covid vaccine to cancer patients

JERUSALEM. Israel retired this Sunday to the patients with Cancer from priority list for one third dose of the covid vaccines, giving reverse with a decision that he had applied a week ago. Last Monday Israel had started to administer a third injection of Pfizer to patients with compromised immune systemsincluding people who have undergone … Read more

PAN, a few hundredths away from losing record; it only has 270 thousand members

MEXICO CITY. Despite being the second national party with the highest number of votes on June 6, the National Action Party (PAN) is at risk of losing its registration, since its number of militants is negligible, since there are 270 thousand 799, that represent 0.28% of the Federal Electoral Register and the General Law of … Read more

Is Lambda Variant as transmissible as Delta? What are the symptoms?

MEXICO CITY It is not only the Delta variant the one that is putting in check several countries around the world, now it is also the Lambda. This variant of the coronavirus was identified for the first time in Peru and currently represents 97% of active cases, only below Mexico, Brazil and the United States. … Read more

Vaccination leader Israel sees ‘signs’ Delta variant may resist vaccines

JERUSALEM. The increase from cases from coronavirus on Israel, where the most from population received the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, is a preliminary signal“that this immunizer may be less effective in order to to prevent the slight forms of covid-19 caused by Delta variantan expert said Monday. However, Ran Balicer, president of the national panel … Read more

Third wave beats young people without access to health; infections increased 55% in 10 days

MEXICO CITY. The third wave of covid-19, recognized by the Health authorities, has had a greater impact on people between 18 and 39 years of age. This population group not only faces a greater number of infections today, but, in many cases, has to do so with limited resources, due to the lack of income … Read more

17 members of two criminal groups with operation in Iztapalapa fall

MEXICO CITY In the Iztapalapa mayor’s office 17 people were arrested, including two women, members of two criminal groups dedicated to drug sales, assault on passersby and extortion. It may interest you: 12 fall due to operations in Iztapalapa; three are arrested in flagrante delicto The apprehension of these subjects was carried out in two … Read more

Ainara does not seek financial agreement with YosStop

MEXICO CITY. After YosStop, accused of possession of child pornography, was linked to the process, Ainara Suárez stressed that she is not looking for money, but justice. I am happy that justice is starting to be done, it has been my goal from the beginning, it is the first step, we have a long way … Read more

The meaning of the dress that Kim Kardashian wore in the Vatican

MEXICO CITY. The model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian caused controversy over a dress she wore during her visit to the Vatican, as it was considered “inappropriate” by several people. However, the dress that the socialite used, and that broke the dress code of the Holy See, have a very deep meaning that many are unaware … Read more