SEP replaces free textbooks damaged by floods in Tabasco

The SEP recalled that the Free Textbooks are the basis of the Learn at Home III program and a fundamental part of equity in education. Photo: Conaliteg MEXICO CITY 306 thousand 555 books damaged or lost by the floods that affected the state of Tabasco were replaced. Thus, 26,115 students from primary school, 15,000 from … Read more

Art and Haiku at Yoko Ono

Multifaceted. Yoko Ono (Tokyo, 1933) began her artistic practice in Japan in the early 1950s. His first approach to art was linked to the Gutai group, particularly in performance, happening and installation / Photo: Courtesy Editorial Alias ​​/ Art: Jesús Sánchez MEXICO CITY. More than 200 exercises of artistic and poetic action by the visual … Read more

Trump to deliver speech Wednesday in Washington DC

Trump to deliver speech Wednesday in Washington DC MEXICO CITY The American President, Donald Trump, He confirmed that he will speak at a rally in Washington on Wednesday called by his supporters to protest against the certification in Congress of the results of the 2020 presidential elections. Trump supporters gather ahead of Biden’s win certification … Read more

New Years, celebrate with music

Photos: AFP, Twitter. Fotoarte: Abraham Cruz MEXICO CITY. Without the great mass celebrations, nor with the large gatherings in which hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the arrival of a new year, the beginning of 2021 was full of music. One of the best known events around the world when it comes to celebrating the … Read more

Undefeated ends; Celtics outperform Pacers

MEXICO CITY. Jayson Tatum had 27 points and 11 rebounds for the Celtics to beat the Pacers 116-111, who left undefeated last night. The victory puts the Celtics 2-2 in these first games of the season. The Pacers now go 3-1 after falling in their arena. In the third period they came back from a … Read more

More than 400 shelters activate due to winter storm in Chihuahua

State and municipal authorities are in coordination to attend to the contingencies that arise during the winter storm. Photo: Carlos Coria CHIHUAHUA The government of Chihuahua opened 409 temporary shelters for those who need to pass the winter storm, by announcing strong winds, low temperatures and snowfall in several areas. It may interest you: Alert … Read more

Pandemic shuts down electronic music festival in Tulum

The company decided to postpone until April the event that it had scheduled to close 2020 and open 2021. Photo: TULUM, Quintana Roo Criticism on social networks took effect after constant massive electronic music events held in Tulum were reported despite restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic. It may interest you: In Tulum music festivals … Read more

Famous people who died in 2020 and not because of covid

MEXICO CITY. During this year, many celebrities, from actors to athletes, lost their lives and not precisely because of covid-19. Whether it was due to age, a terminal illness, depression or an accident, several celebrities left during this year, leaving great sadness among their loyal followers. Therefore in this PHOTO GALLERY we remember those ffamous … Read more

Pay your credit card through the Citibanamex Móvil ® App

MEXICO CITY. By making use of your bank’s application, you will not only be saving time, you can also obtain more benefits that you have not even imagined. And the best thing is that it is easier than you imagine, in fact, if you are reading this from a mobile device, we can assure you … Read more

El Salvador, a safe third country

Asylum seekers can wait for a response in another country. Photo: AP WASHINGTON. As of now, El Salvador operates as a safe third country for the United States. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of the American Union announced that the Central American country began to apply an immigration agreement signed in 2019 that allows … Read more