Manado Floods, Statement of the Governor of North Sulawesi Saying the Mayor Can Sleep Well Viral on Social Media

Regarding the viral news link of Olly’s statement, the Head of the Sulawesi River Basin Office (BWS) 1 I Komang Sudana explained, in Manado City there are 8 watersheds (DAS), with 5 of them being large rivers, including DAS Kima, DAS Bailang, DAS Maasing, Tondano Watershed, Tikala Watershed, Sario Watershed, Malalayang Watershed, and Kolongan Watershed. … Read more

Details of the flood protection plan – Today Morocco

Funding, deployment, compensation… the Ministry of the Interior lists the measures adopted across the Kingdom Climatic changes.” Faced with the resurgence of extreme weather events in recent years, Morocco has implemented special prevention and protection programs. This is the case for the risk of flooding with a specific plan already operational. The phenomenon of extreme … Read more

Flood-Landslide in Padang Pariaman, 2 Killed and 5 Seriously Injured

Padang Pariaman – Floods and landslides hit the Padang Pariaman area, West Sumatra. The natural disaster left two people dead and several others injured. BPBD head of Padang Pariaman Regency, Budi Mulya, explained that the disaster was triggered by heavy rains that had occurred for the last two days. “Until this afternoon, two of our … Read more

Is your dream house located in a flood zone? Geopunt launches renewed website with all data and maps of the Flemish government | My Guide: Living

Is your (dream) home located in a flood zone or is there a right of pre-emption? By who? And what did the location look like centuries ago? All data and maps of the Flemish government can be found on, which is launching its completely renewed website today. “Now you can also consult them from … Read more

Floods swept Serbia – what are the consequences – World –

The rivers overflowed their banks, which caused an emergency. In the southwest and south of Serbia, floods due to heavy rains. A state of emergency has been introduced in seven municipalities of the country. While one victim of the elements is known, the fate of another missing man remains unknown. About it informs AP. It … Read more

The house and yard of the residents of Sakas island were soaked in the flood / Article

Until recently, this house could only be reached with the amphibian of the guards, which is now standing on the embankment. Now you can reach the house with rubber boots over the broken driveway. Valdis and Valija said that in the summer the Sakas river was like a small overgrown stream, but this is not … Read more

Viral Morbidelli is good at playing lato-lato in a flood of praise

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Video Franco Morbidelli demonstrating his ability to play lato-lato at the launch of the Yamaha motorbike went viral in cyberspace. Morbidelli demonstrates his ability to play lato-lato at the launch of the Yamaha motorcycle in Jakarta, Tuesday (17/1). In the video circulating in cyberspace, the Italian racer can be seen playing the … Read more

Promo Flood, Pegadaian Presents Early 2023 Gift Program

Jakarta – PT Pawnshop presenting a promo and discount program titled Early Year Gift (KAT) 2023 which is valid until February 28, 2023. The program aims to appreciate customer loyalty who continues to utilize Pegadaian services. “So, we provide this promo for customers who make transactions within a predetermined period. This program is a form … Read more

Top 3 Metro: Labor demonstration against unilateral layoffs, Ciliwung Sodetan Operates in March to Overcome Floods

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The three most popular metropolitan news stories on Sunday morning started with the voices of female workers at labor demonstrations who were worried about becoming victims layoffs unilateral. The women workers complained about the Job Creation Law which they thought was detrimental to workers due to unclear layoff rules. The second news … Read more