Gagarina will play in the film adaptation of the fairy tale The Flying Ship

The singer will play a witch whose character was specially written for the film adaptation. Photo source: personal page on Instagram According to Polina Gagarina, quoted by RIA Novosti, her character Lady Jane will have to evoke sympathy in the audience. According to the plot of the film, the witch will go through a series … Read more

How does it feel to ‘drive’ Embraer’s new ‘flying car’ – Economy

Four 75-inch (1.90 meter) screens installed vertically, coupled together like a screen, show the test track of the Embraer in São José dos Campos (SP). I sit in front of them in an armchair that slides along a rail and locks automatically. Between me and the screens, a monitor. In the lower left corner of … Read more

Leaked video shows British F-35 stealth jet helplessly flying and crashing into the sea

F-35B stealth fighter jet. Leaked video footage shows a British F-35B stealth fighter jet helplessly flying and crashing into the Mediterranean Sea. Foto/ LONDON – Leaked video footage showing the seconds of a F-35 stealth fighter jets England fell into the Mediterranean Sea. From the footage, it can be seen that the £100 million or … Read more

Tomorrow, the Morning Star Flag Flying In Intan Jaya – National Liberation Army Papua West-Free Papua Organization or TPNPB-OPM stated that he would fly Morning Star flag on Wednesday (1/12/2021) tomorrow. Through the Komnas TPNPB-OPM Headquarters, the Operation Commander of Kodap 8 Intan Jaya |Undius Kogoya said the Morning Star flag would be flown in Intan Jaya Regency. “All of our Morning Star … Read more

Air4 – A flying concept car built on the Renault 4L icon

Over a 30-year period, Renault 4L has sold over 8 million units in over 100 countries. The original Renault 4 was a simple, efficient and versatile vehicle, built between 1961 and 1992. Renault 4L’s values ​​and qualities convinced TheArsenale to create a concept car out of the icon, designed to drive over the ground and … Read more

Crisis on the border. Iraqis are flying out of Belarus. Almost 1.5 thousand returns

The fourth Iraqi Airways plane departed from Minsk during the night from Friday to Saturday. Passengers are mostly Iraqi Kurds who came to Belarus with tourist visas in the hope of getting across the “green border” to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and then to the west of Europe. The West accuses Belarus of artificially creating a … Read more

Video – The new flying car is flying at a speed of 90 km per hour

French car manufacturer Renault has reimagined the concept of a flying car, looking like a quadcopter. Renault has teamed up with Miami-based design firm TheArsenale to create a massive drone with an updated version of the iconic car that has been on sale for 30 years. At the same time, the total number of copies … Read more

Inter and Milan are now also flying to Europe

Inzaghi has already hit the knockout stages of the Champions League by focusing on all the most offensive men. Pioli has reopened the games in Madrid thanks to the dominant and courageous style On 7 December, Inter, already qualified for the round of 16 of the Champions League, will enter the cathedral of the Bernabeu … Read more

GTA Vice City gamer is arrested while flying through the air

A player of Grand Theft Auto Vice City discover the lengths that the Vice City Police Department is willing to go to in arresting Tommy Vercetti. Redditor UndeadWarrior25 shared a 9-second long video showing player character Tommy Vercetti riding a motorcycle at unsafe speeds. Things quickly spiral out of control when they jerk to the … Read more