5 Amazing Facts on Earth that Just Revealed One of the ‘Bloody’ Waterfalls

5 Amazing Facts About The Earth That Have Been Revealed One Of Them’Bloody’ Waterfall. NASA Reporter: Merdeka Merdeka.com – New discoveries from scientists are always surprising every day. Increasingly advanced technology makes research more helpful and reveals findings that were difficult to solve before. Research on the Earth in particular, is still being explored by … Read more

3 Mysteries of Life on Earth That Are Hard to Explain in Science

Earth illustration. ©Pixabay/Joshart3d Reporter: Merdeka Merdeka.com – Many mysteries of the universe are still unsolved by scientists, one of which is related to life in this vast galaxy. We believe that Earth is the only planet that has life, so how did life on Earth actually begin? What series of events led to the presence … Read more

How to Use AI Like ChatGPT in Microsoft Word, Here’s the Steps

Microsoft Word document illustration with electronic seal or e-seal. © Tantri Setyorini Reporter: Merdeka Merdeka.com – Microsoft is rumored to have integrated ChatGPT into Word, Excel and Outlook applications. However, this effort is currently under development because the features used are so sophisticated. So actually, to be able to feel how the experience of using … Read more

Q – Q: Saad Hariri, Samir Geagea, and the future to come

Did not receive enough attention, the meeting of President Saad Hariri and the “Lebanese Forces” parliamentary delegation during the presence of the former prime minister in Beirut last week to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the martyrdom of Rafik Hariri. On the contrary, there were and are still talking about bad relations between the two … Read more

Are These the Colors & Memories of the Samsung Galaxy S23, which will be released next February?

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List of IU and Lee Jong Suk’s total wealth, if they get married they will become a rich celebrity couple

According to the South China Morning Post, IU is the richest K-Pop female star in 2021 with an estimated wealth of 51.2 billion won or around Rp. 63.73 billion. IU also still has a lot of wealth from property investments. Copyright: instagram.com/dlwlrma/pit

Rows of K-Pop female idols who were blasphemed when the invitation was wearing white clothes, called greedy to ‘revenge at former marriages’

Lately, many Indonesian celebrities have OOTD they were blasphemed at invitations, such as Nagita Slavina until Annisa Pohan. It turns out that in Korea, too, you know. Some K-Pop female idols have become months netizen when you come to the wedding wearing a white dress. FYI, one of the customs in Korea is that when … Read more

How to WhatsApp Not Seen Online So Not Disturbed During the Holidays

Merdeka.com – For some people, seeing their WhatsApp online is sometimes uncomfortable. It could be that they don’t want to be bothered with chats or calls from people at that time. WhatsApp also understands it. Not everyone has the same needs. Likewise with the online visible status which, according to an internal WhatsApp survey, is … Read more