Sued for Divorce by Wife, Dedi Mulyadi Writes A Touching Message For The Princess

Ane Ratna’s Love Journey with Dedi Mulyadi. Instagram @dedimulyadi71 ©2022 – Unfavorable news comes from members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Dedi Mulyadi. He was reportedly sued for divorce by his wife who is also the Regent of Purwakarta Anne Ratna Mustika. In the midst of the hectic divorce issue, Dedi was … Read more

how is the compact pick-up that came to Argentina to be a leader

The new Renault Oroch incorporates a very modern turbocharged engine and an automatic gearbox. Their versions and prices. The evolution of a pioneer. The new one Renault Oroch that has just arrived in Argentina represents, nothing less, a technological and quality leap compared to its predecessor, the model that since 2016 not only marked a … Read more

Gamers are again interested in games on discs

Restrictions on the part of online computer game stores have provoked an increase in interest in games on physical media in Russia. For the eight months of 2022, the market for boxed games for consoles and PCs shows a quantitative growth of about 10%, its volume is now about 1.1 million units, a representative of … Read more

A gift from ‘Roads For Life’ to civil defense personnel… Brigadier General Khattar: Our missions will not stop (photos)

The General Directorate of Civil Defense received fire-fighting jackets and fire hoses as a gift from the “Roads For Life” association, in a ceremony held at 6 pm yesterday at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dunes – Verdun, in the presence of the Director General of Civil Defense, Brigadier Raymond Khattar, representing His Excellency the Minister … Read more

Causes of Uric Acid in the Feet that Need to be Watched, Know How to Overcome It

Illustration of Leg Cramps. © – Causes of gout in the legs sufferers are rarely aware of it. One of the body parts that often experience gout is the feet. When relapse, usually the legs will feel pain to the difficulty to walk. Of course, this condition can hinder the smooth running of daily … Read more

Dissecting the Rules for the Elimination of Honorary Personnel in 2023 which could potentially be overturned

PNS. ©2022 – The government continues to improve the staffing system in government, both at the central and regional levels. The most widely highlighted is the abolition of honorary workers starting in 2023. This is stated in the letter of the Minister of PAN-RB No. B/185/M.SM.02.03/2022 concerning Employment Status in Central Government Agencies … Read more

KAI Spreads 77,000 Cheap Tickets, Executive Class Trains Only Rp. 150,000 – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) organized the KAI Expo 2022 which was held in Hall B Jakarta Convention Center, on Saturday 17 to 19 September 2022. This event is also part of a series of KAI’s 77th Anniversary on 28 September. Director of KAI Wisata, Hendy Helmy said, the KAI Expo was held … Read more

Low-code programming, the modality that does not require being an expert to get a tech job in dollars

EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBERS Although programming courses abound, many companies need another profile. And it is more accessible. lack of programmers in the country it is a problem that many companies have to deal with when hiring staff. For this reason, in addition to courses and trainingthere are development options that require less skills: programming known as … Read more

Vaccines against the new variants of the coronavirus: when and for whom

With so much historical event we cannot forget that we are still in a pandemic. Although the incidence continues to decline, to reinforce the immunity of the most vulnerable population for autumn-winter, have begun to arrive in Spain los ten million doses of the new vaccines. They start to inocularse the September 26. “It has … Read more