The reason PDIP chooses to pay for reading the results of the PDIP National Working Meeting points for Megawati’s presidential candidate – Central Java Governor Pranowo reward given the opportunity to read the results of the second National Working Meeting in the fields of Pancasila Ideology, Political Systems, and the 2024 General Election. More specifically, one point of recommendation affirms the prerogatives of the PDI-P General Chairperson Megawati Soekarnoputri to determine the presidential and vice-presidential … Read more

Do not miss your table: An effective solution for constipation and diarrhea

Apple is frequently consumed because it is available in all seasons and is easily available. The effects of apples on health, which should be on every table, are incredible. It is possible to solve intestinal problems, which have increased recently, with apples. Problems such as constipation and diarrhea can affect the whole day and cause … Read more

What is a star and the process of its formation, this is an interesting explanation to study

Star illustration. ©Shutterstock/jupeart – Have you ever wondered what a star is when you look up at the sky at night and see a sprinkling of light twinkling overhead? The moon and stars have been known by human civilization since time immemorial, and were used as directions by primitive societies. The stars scattered in … Read more

Consume every day to live longer!

Coffee is drunk a lot, especially in the morning. Some people drink their coffee with sugar, while others use it without sugar. For health, it is necessary to stay away from artificial sweeteners thrown into coffee. The health effects of coffee have been studied for years. Recent studies have shown that people who drink coffee … Read more

“Milk of the mind” is a must for memory like poison! Osman Müftüoğlu pointed out that vitamin

prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu always maintains his popularity among those who are followed with interest thanks to the health advice he gives. Osman Müftüoğlu gave important advice about memory that many people complain about. According to the news of Akşam; Osman Müftüoğlu, who lists the memory-friendly foods from his social media posts, defines vitamin B12 … Read more

Bad habits that you need to quit as soon as possible to increase sperm count

If you are in your mid-thirties and lead a carefree lifestyle without much concern for your health, and you want to have children, there are some things to consider. Researchers warn that once a man reaches 40, his reproductive capacity begins to decline. Studies suggest that almost 50% of infertility cases in couples are due … Read more

A record and an opportunity for patients with cancer and other complex diseases

Phase III, placebo, control group. Expressions that until two years ago were basic chinese For most Argentines, they suddenly became an everyday topic on TV and even in people’s conversations. With five international vaccine clinical trials against him Covid carried out in the country, the perception of what it means to be a volunteer changed. … Read more

Don’t hurt yourself to lose weight! The best way to get a flat stomach

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Benjamin Button effect surprised: Mice got younger! Now the goal is to do the same for people

“Is it possible to one day get younger as you get older?” The answer to this question is very curious. But a molecular biologist has made a surprising breakthrough, reversing aging in mice. Now it’s time to apply it to people, that is, to answer that question. THE MICE ARE REJUVENATE! VIEWING IMPROVED According to … Read more

Knowing the Dangers of Cigarette Smoke for Pregnant Women, Important to Know

illustration of pregnant woman smoking. ©Daily Mail – Being a pregnant mother is a great joy for a woman. Especially for those who really want the presence of a child. Not only for women, pregnancy is also a gift for men who become partners. No wonder the health development of the baby and the … Read more