Broadcasters streaming live unite to celebrate resilience and creativity at the 2021 BIGO Awards Gala

Broadcasters Broadcasting Live Unite to Celebrate Resilience and Creativity at BIGO 2021 Awards Gala Broadcasters Broadcasting Live Unite to Celebrate Resilience and Creativity at BIGO 2021 Awards Gala PR Newswire SINGAPORE, January 15, 2021 SINGAPORE, Jan.15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BIGO Technology (BIGO), the company in charge of popular new-age communication platforms such as … Read more

Tafalla approves a loan of 265,000 euros for works

tafalla – The City Council of Tafalla gave the green light last Wednesday, during an extraordinary plenary session, to a credit modification to incorporate 265,000 euros into the accounts for this 2021, an amount that will go to carry out various works in the city. The entire municipal corporation approved a modification of this year’s … Read more

patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X goes to the second half of 2021

Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CD Projekt Red, starred yesterday a video focused on explaining the causes of the main problems that have accompanied the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. In it, Iwinski refers to the fact that they underestimated the optimization tasks in the PS4 and Xbox One versions, so they were forced to work on … Read more

A thousand years in prison for the telepreacher who used his harem to blackmail

The party ended in the worst possible way for Adnan Oktar, the millionaire telepreacher who combined Qur’anic quotes and conspiracy theories with a heated American bar vibe on his Turkish TV shows. However, it is not what happened in the study, but outside of it, that this week led to an exorbitant sentence of one … Read more

Bank of America’s Eight Favorite Emerging Stocks in 2021

The global rotation towards ‘value’ stocks, from the growth stocks that many analytics houses see, it is especially beneficial to emerging market stocks, according to Bank of America analysts. This turn of the management companies “has only just begun”, they say, and will have a particularly positive impact on these countries that will also be … Read more

Acrobats, dancers and music for the Kings in Tudela

tudela – From horseback riding to show with dancers and acrobats, between Christmas music and confetti. Tudela changed this year, given the health measures derived from the pandemic, the traditional Cavalcade that served to receive their Majesties from the East on their arrival in the city, for other 15-minute performances with which it was tried … Read more

Sports program, Wednesday, January 6: Serie A, soccer in Spain, NBA, Copa Libertadores – Other Sports – Sports

WIN SPORTS Y WIN SPORT +8 a.m.: Turkey soccer, Trabzonspor vs. Goztepe11 a.m.: Besiktas vs. Rizespor DIRECTVChannel 610 or 61912 m.: soccer from Spain, Correlá vs. Atlético de Madrid3 p.m.: France soccer, Marseille vs. Montpellier3 p.m.: Stade de Reims vs. Dijon3 p.m.: soccer from Spain, Athletic vs. Barcelona ESPN 5.15 p.m.: Copa Libertadores, Boca Juniors … Read more

The noble gesture of a triathlete who seeks to raise funds to help his brother

Diego Méntrida it is once again the center of the spotlight. It was already in September for a unforgettable sporting gesture in which he let a rival triathlete pass that a curve before the goal confused the path. Mentrida was fourth and could have been on the podium, but decided to wait for him. Now … Read more

Do you want to invest like Warren Buffett? These are the best books to ask the Kings

A dinner. Aside, Warren Buffett. The other, Trey Lockerbie, founder and CEO of a kombucha company, Better Booch. Lockerbie, who at the time had a particular interest in the options market, asks the Oracle of Omaha which books by Benjamin Graham, Buffett’s once mentor, are still current. And this is their response, which they still … Read more

The readings of the Spanish political class to start 2021

Many things can be said to the country’s politicians, but not that they read little. An unpretentious poll (of five deputies, one of them in the Government, and a mayor) shows that most have started the year with one or two readings underway. There are essays, novels and even hiking and gastronomy treatises to better … Read more