Dead newborn found in forest in Bavaria: search for mother

A dead newborn was found in a forest in Ruhpolding in the Bavarian district of Traunstein on Sunday afternoon. An autopsy revealed evidence of a violent death. The public prosecutor’s office in Traunstein has initiated investigations into a homicide, reported the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South, which is also asking the population in neighboring … Read more

Scientist proposes establishing ‘forest bubbles’ on Mars

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Since mid-November, we have been nearly eight billion human beings on Earth. Because our planet is not expandable and its resources are dwindling, some believe that the salvation of our species lies in the colonization of other planets, in particular Mars. So that we … Read more

Nikita Efremov on the fight against hereditary alcoholism: “I scream in the forest, I hit the pillow with a stick”

The heir to a famous acting dynasty admitted why he decided to make revelations. “I drank too much alcohol for a long time. When I realized the existence of this problem and admitted it, first of all to myself, it became easier to deal with the disease. Unfortunately, alcoholism in Russia is a big problem, … Read more

Forest prison is now empty: the last detainees have been transferred

While the doors of Forest prison were permanently closed on Friday, the last detainees were transferred to the brand new Haren prison in the afternoon, said the office of Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne. The vast majority of Forest prison staff moved with them and took up their duties in Haren. The others were … Read more

Violent road attack in Forest: he gets out of his van and punches a motorist several times | Belgium

On the video, we can see the maneuver of the driver of the van who forces his victim to stop. He then gets out of his vehicle and punches the motorist several times, still in his cabin. A response ensues. The altercation is immortalized by another user before being shared on social networks. The circumstances … Read more

A collision with a forest animal causes the most damage of all car accidents

During the darkest time of the year, vehicle collisions with animals are observed the most, so motorists should be especially careful to avoid an accident. According to the available data of “Gjensidige Latvija”, 277 collisions with animals have already been registered this year and almost 400 thousand euros have been paid in compensation. The insurance … Read more

Young woman from Zonhoven found dead on a forest path in Hechtel-Eksel: Limburg prosecutor’s office starts an investigation

The body of a young woman was discovered yesterday in Hechtel-Eksel. The area was immediately closed off by the Kempenland police zone. The prosecutor’s office appointed a forensic team to conduct an autopsy and an extensive trace investigation was also carried out. It is not yet clear how the woman died.

Hundreds of kilograms of medicine thrown in the forest | Romania

The police officers of the Service for Combating Organized Crime have drawn up a criminal case in rem for illegal operations regarding the circulation of dangerous drugs The policemen of the Service for Combating Organized Crime have drawn up a criminal file in rem – that is, regarding the deed – in the case of … Read more