Study: The growth of mountains is more important than the temperature for the formation of unique species of animals

In 1802, the prominent German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt set out to conquer the top of the mountain, which at the time was considered the highest in the world. As he ascended the 6268-meter-high Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador, he made observations that helped change the natural sciences. With increasing altitude, animals and plants were constantly … Read more

They explain the formation of huge and sparse galaxies that can no longer generate new stars

Published: 12 sep 2021 02:54 GMT These types of galaxies are called ultra-diffuse, and researchers’ simulations suggest that 25% of them are ‘off’. An international team of scientists has come to the conclusion that so-called quenched ultra-diffuse galaxies, large and low-content stellar groups that do not generate new stars, are formed by passing through large … Read more

PSM Makassar Formation Against Arema FC Worth Defending against Madura United in Week Two

SURYAMALANG.COM – After a 1-1 draw with Arema FC in the first week, now PSM Makassar looking at the match of the second week League 1 2021. In the second match of the week, PSM Makassar will face Madura United, Sunday (12/9/2021). football watcher, Faisal Maricar rate meeting PSM Makassar and Madura United will last intense. The … Read more

Bassil talks about forming a government.. This is what he said

The head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” MP Gebran Bassil expressed his wishes to form a government soon, calling on “those who want to deprive us of a government to go to elections.” In a speech to the youth of the “Free Patriotic Movement”, Bassil said: “God willing, soon we will have a government, and … Read more

Dissatisfaction about hopeless formation is increasing in provinces: ‘Won’t go on like this for much longer’ | Politics

While no progress is being made in the cabinet formation, the country seems to continue to spin. The economy is running smoothly and the outgoing cabinet is making decisions about corona. Yet many political dossiers are at a standstill. For example, the outgoing cabinet does not dare to burn its fingers with new nitrogen rules. … Read more

Podcast The Vote: When will formation finally be eliminated?

The Voting is back and with that Xander van der Wulp and Joost Vullings officially declare the summer recess at an end. Not much seems to have changed since the last podcast in July. The parties VVD, D66, CDA, PvdA, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie are still discussing a new formation and are still not making progress. … Read more

A security chase, a dead body and injured people… Details of the seizure of a gang formation at the top of a circle

03:16 AM Friday 27 August 2021 Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy: After an exchange of fire with the accused, a security force managed to seize a gang group specialized in stealing citizens on the top of the Ring Road in Al-Basatine, using a microbus. The incident began with a call from a citizen for help from … Read more

Segers: ‘Slow formation is starting to get embarrassing’ | Inland

CU leader finds minority cabinet ‘good option’ The Hague – CU leader Gert-Jan Segers thinks a minority government is a ‘good option’. The chance that his own party will still participate in the formation has ‘not increased’, although he does not rule it out. He also finds it “embarrassing” that there is so little progress … Read more

Back in Operation, Hubble Captures New Star Formation

JAKARTA – Now the Hubble Space Telescope is back online and functioning properly. This telescope has also taken some amazing pictures. Including the new stars emerging from the ‘star nursery’ in outer space. Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) took pictures of the ‘star nursery’ in the constellation Gemini, about 5,000 light-years from Earth. The … Read more