Formula 1 will try a big change in the rules from next year! It affects all teams without exception

Zdroj: Clive Mason, Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool The former head of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, came up with a very controversial statement, which was almost immediately condemned by the queen of motorsport herself. Ecclestone defended Russian President Vladimir Putin and declared that he would take a bullet for him. What reason does … Read more

Formula 1: Leclerc had problems with the Ferrari power unit at Silverstone

Mongaski Charles Leclerc revealed that he had some problems with the Ferrari power unit in Friday practice for the British Grand Prix, the tenth round of the 2022 season of the Formula One World Championship. As Leclerc, despite the good pace he enjoyed on the medium-hard tires at the beginning of the second session, was … Read more

Formula 1 | Horner wants to put an end to the Piquet controversy at Red Bull

This is called a deafening silence. Hasn’t Red Bull been caught in the middle of a contradiction recently? On the one hand, faced with the comments of Juri Vips, the structure of Milton Keynes had immediately suspended its pilot from its junior program – before excluding it definitively. On the other hand, in the face … Read more

Formula 1 | Whistled for the first time, Russell evokes a ‘strange’ experience

By discovering Mercedes F1 after three seasons spent at the back of the peloton at Williams F1, George Russell has taken on a new dimension in the paddock and the eyes are inevitably more focused on him now. But being in the spotlight, the Briton also discovered another aspect of notoriety in Montreal: for the … Read more

The Formula One man publicly supports Putin, ready to take a bullet for him

Bernie Ecclestone, the former head of Formula One, has come out with fresh comments and reiterated his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite the Russian war in Ukraine. Ecclestone described Putin as a “reasonable” person and would be open to any dialogue with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, to find a solution to the … Read more

THE BALL – Former F1 boss surprises: «I was shot by Putin» (Formula 1)

Bernie Ecclestone is synonymous with controversy. This time, the former boss of Formula 1 is in the spotlight after defending the decision of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, to invade Ukraine. Guest on the program Good Morning Britainda ITVwhere the millionaire appeared in a video call from Ibiza (Spain), to comment on the recent controversy … Read more

Before the British Grand Prix.. 8 exciting information about the Formula 1 World Championship

Silverstone will host the tenth round of the 22 seasons this season, the Formula 1 World Championship, which is the British Grand Prix. The lap length is 5,891 km, with a total distance of 306,198 km over 52 laps. The race winner in the 2021 edition was Britain’s Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes. The race starts … Read more

The formula for long life is given. Pay attention to these eight items. Here’s what to do for a long life

It has long been said that getting a good night’s sleep will help you live longer. Now American Heart Association recognized as an important indicator of health. According to the news in the Daily Mail, in 2010, American Health Associationpublished a list that includes factors such as a healthy diet, regular exercise and smoking cessation. … Read more

Formula 1 | Gasly on his failure at Red Bull: ‘things must remain confidential’

A turning point in Pierre Gasly’s career was certainly the year 2019. With rather two turning points: his promotion to Red Bull; then his demotion during the year at Toro Rosso. Returning for the Motorsport Podcast on this episode, this “remarkable moment” According to him, the AlphaTauri pilot notably answered a pressing question: what went … Read more