Mark Zuckerberg lost a fortune and fell out of the top of the richest people in the world

© Until now, it could seem that the wealth of the world’s richest people is unshakable and that only some unpredictable catastrophes can reduce their number. However, as it turns out, it may well be caused by well-thought-out and seemingly prudent decisions, an example of which is the case of Mark Zuckerberg, who lost half … Read more

No Meta subscribers.. Zuckerberg loses his fortune incredibly quickly

Mark Zuckerberg has already lost more than half of his fortune this year, losing 71 billion dollars since the beginning of this year alone, due to a decrease in the number of users on the platform.dead“. The Facebook founder is now ranked 20th on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and 22nd on the Forbes Index, with … Read more

Great prediction for September 2022 according to fortune teller Helen Stanka

What awaits you in the ninth month of 2022? What should you avoid and what should you avoid? Many can reveal tarot or Marian cards and runes to you. Read the forecast for September for your zodiac sign, read from the cards and runes by the famous card reader Helen Stanku. From the tarot cards, … Read more

Daniel Craig and Gordon Ramsay will not leave their fortune to their children

When it comes to celebrity millionaires and billionaires, many of us imagine that their children will inherit their fortune. In fact, this is how wealth has traditionally been handled, and it continues to be a popular way to preserve wealth among the already rich and famous. However, there are some famous people who, for one … Read more

Queen Elizabeth | Queen Elizabeth leaves behind a large private fortune

On Thursday evening, Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain passed away. His son Charles, who was Prince of Wales, now takes over the British throne. But as the Queen of Great Britain, she leaves both a large public and private fortune. Must go to her successor According to the British the royal family’s official website The … Read more

Try Planting These 10 Trees in Front of Your House Believe that Fortune and Luck will Come – Plants, regardless of their respective functions such as as a source of food, as medicine, as a carrier of fragrant aroma, or even for decoration. Plants also keep their own mysteries. The Javanese and the Chinese believe that plant certain brings luckbring sustenance or hockey if planted in front of the house. Read … Read more

It was supposed to wreak havoc. The Russians lost a “toy” worth a fortune – o2

The Ukrainians knocked down a Russian two-seater attack helicopter over the Zaporizhia region. The Mi-28 combat helicopter shot down near the city of Scooters bears the designation Havoc in NATO structures, meaning “havoc”. However, this particular machine will no longer pose a threat to the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians knocked down a Russian attack helicopter. It … Read more

Shoigu’s heir and his secret life: the general’s biography includes mysterious travels and the fortune of a mistress

He served in an elite unit of the KGB, also guarded B. Yeltsin After the dismissal of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu from the leadership of military operations in Ukraine, the most realistic contender for his place is V. Putin’s close friend, former bodyguard General V. Zolotov. Currently Only subscribers can read the entire article By … Read more

Serena Williams bid farewell to the world of tennis with a huge fortune and records

After 27 years spent by the veteran Serena Williams With the tennis ball, the American player decided to bring the curtain down on her career after losing to Australian Ajla Tomljanovic in the third round of the Tennis Championships. US Open. The fans were keen to gather at Arthur Ashe Stadium to watch the veteran … Read more