Krafttrader very happy with last year’s result: – Was a year you could have earned a fortune, but also go bankrupt

The article continues below the ad The trading company Kirkesundet Kraft has traditionally speculated in the power and raw material market. It has given good results for several years with subsequent million profits. Now the company, which also consists of Sandra Øyan and Mats Molvær, will focus on stock trading. Volatilt marked Commodity prices have … Read more

Courtney Cox already has fame and fortune, she wants you not to see her only as Monica

An actress like Courtney Cox, who started her career as a popular sitcom and triumphed as Monica in “Friends”, will probably be expected to have a flair for successful series, but this is not always true. Five years ago, she was cast in the lead role in the Fox Charity Case comedy series, which was … Read more

It may cost him his fortune.. a lawsuit demanding Musk to pay 258 billion in compensation

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" In a complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan, Attorney Keith Johnson indicted Musk and my company. Tesla To manufacture electric cars and SpaceX for space tourism blackmail by promoting currency دوجكوين And raise its price, before letting the price go down later. Musk is the CEO of both Tesla … Read more

Uncover the hidden .. You will not believe what is the real name of the artist Fifi Abdo .. And how much is her fortune? And the surprise is her age and what condition she places on her husbands before cohabiting with her.!!

The pioneers of social networking sites and a number of Egyptian media outlets circulated private information published for the first time about the personal life of the Egyptian artist Fifi Abdo, which included secret information such as her real name, age, and the size of her wealth, which she earned within years of her involvement … Read more

A famous billionaire donates 4 billion dollars of his fortune

Grant Famous billionaire, Warren Buffettshares in Berkshire Hathaway worth about $4 billion to charities, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as part of an annual plan he started more than a decade ago. More than 14 million shares of Berkshire’s Class B stock were donated to five charities, including those run by his sons, … Read more

This is the MILLIONAIRE fortune in goods that Shakira and Piqué will have to distribute after their BREAKUP

The separation between Shakira y Pique remains in the middle of the hurricane because neither of the two involved has wanted to clarify the reasons for their separation, which has given rise to various stories of what would have happened between them and lead to the breakup, but until now, the only sure thing is … Read more

Do you still have the 5 lire with the dolphin? They might be worth a fortune

The influence of the old and “dear” lira is still very important for an important percentage of the Italian population, above all for a purely “nostalgic” question. Once very popular issues such as 10, 50, 100 and 500 lire have constituted and marked the daily life of several generations of citizens and still today enjoy … Read more

The daily fortune of the twelve constellations is good and bad for June 6, 2022

Original title: Daily fortune prediction of twelve constellations June 6, 2022 Zodiac horoscope for June 6, 2022 Aries Others will judge or even criticize you, and it will inevitably be a little sad. If you can look at it with optimism and take it as a suggestion to improve yourself, the mood will be better … Read more

Emirates News Agency – American basketball star King James’ fortune exceeds $1 billion

Friday, June 3, 2022 – 11:55 PM ABU DHABI, June 3 / WAM / American basketball player LeBron James entered the list of billionaires in the world and became the first NBA player in history to break the net worth barrier of one billion dollars while he is still an active player. And the American … Read more

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology launched 320 billion yuan of credit scale special financial services to help enterprises accelerate the resumption of work and production_Oriental Fortune Net

Summary [Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology launched a special financial service with a credit scale of 320 billion yuan to help enterprises accelerate the resumption of work and production]According to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology on June 3, in order to implement the “Shanghai Action Plan for Accelerating … Read more