World’s Most Expensive Goalkeeper Compares Thomas Tuchel and Frank Lampard’s Coaching Styles

TWITTER.COM/THEEUROPEANLAD Thomas Tuchel entered Kepa Arrizabalaga in the English League Cup final duel, Chelsea vs Liverpool. BOLASPORT.COM – The world’s most expensive goalkeeper, Kepa Arrizabalagarevealing about the differences in how to play below Thomas Tuchel and Frank Lampard. Kepa Arrizabalaga have been trying to get regular playing time together Chelsea care Thomas Tuchel. The world’s … Read more

You don’t know how to live in obscurity.. born in 5 frank and honest zodiac signs

Dear user The revenue from advertising represents the main source of profit for the site and its employees, which helps us to remain independent and impartial as we are not affiliated with any government agency or party. To help us continue to produce impartial journalistic content that is not directed or sponsored, please deactivate the … Read more

This is why there is applause after Frank Wormuth’s first training at FC Groningen. And two other notable things. ‘It’s not all obvious’

Frank Wormuth immediately shared his vision of winning with the group of players during his first training at FC Groningen. It is about focus, concentration and discipline. ,,The very last pass also has to be of top quality.” The new FC Groningen trainer, Frank Wormuth, was on the field for the first time on Tuesday … Read more

The best lineup of the Chinese Super League: Yang Liyu, Ren Hang, Guoan Taishan, two players each – yqqlm

Original title: The best lineup of the Chinese Super League: Yang Liyu, Ren Hang, Guoan, Taishan, two generals After the fifth round of the Chinese Super League in 2022: Moises made a pass and made a contribution, Song Long had a strong defense, and Shandong Taishan defeated the Dalian natives to a 3-0 victory. In … Read more

Frank J. Hernangomez: I was in love with basketball in Boston

Spanish Juancho Hernangomezas has been playing for the National Basketball Association (NBA) since 2016 and has replaced five teams during that time. The 26-year-old 206 cm striker revealed that his time at the Boston Celtics Club was difficult for him – at that time he lost his enjoyment of basketball. “I didn’t like the Celtics … Read more

13 times Bruce Springsteen in three months, superfan Frank follows his entire European tour: “But I’m not going to watch in Belgium” (Roeselare)

© Stefan Beel Bruce Springsteen will tour Europe in four months next year. In his wake, not only the famous The E Street Band, but also his Belgian superfan Frank Dufour (58) who follows him to eight countries and wants to see the Boss at least thirteen times. From the front row, otherwise he would … Read more

They asked the hero of the series “The Choice” why you refuse to appear on the Ramez Jalal program, so his response was very frank and everyone was shocked by what he said!!

2022/05/26 It’s 11:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Yasser Jalal, said that his brother Ramez has become a world star because of the prank programs he presents. He explained during an old interview with “Radio 9090” with the media, Fatima Mustafa, that Ramez Jalal has achieved many successes, so that he sees … Read more

They asked Mayar Al-Beblawi for her frank opinion of the star Haifa Wehbe, so she shocked everyone with her bold answer and sent her a lightning message.. What did she say?

2022/05/18 It’s 08:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Earlier, the artist Mayar Al-Beblawy was a guest with the media, Raghida Shalhoub, on the seventh Sama program, broadcast on Al-Nahar satellite channel, and revealed her opinion about many stars during this period, including Haifa Wehbe, who gave her special advice. Mayar Al-Beblawy said that she … Read more

After his participation in Ramez Movie Star.. They asked the action star, Van Damme, about his frank opinion about the late Rajaa Al-Jeddawi?? All Egyptians were shocked by what he said!

2022/05/16 It’s 05:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite International star Claude Van Dam participated in the Ramez Movie Star program with the artist Ramiz Jalal, which was shown in Ramadan, and Van Dam was able to lead the Arab trend after participating in the game of catching many celebrities and their pranks. The search … Read more

They asked Rahma Ahmed’s husband, “Marbouha”, about his frank opinion on his wife’s wedding night scene with Ahmed Makki, and everyone was shocked by what he said!!

2022/05/11 It’s 02:40 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Interior designer Ahmed Mansour, husband of the artist Rahma Ahmed, spoke about his wife’s participation in the sixth season of the series “Al-Kabeer Awe” and her success with a profitable personality, and also talked about their relationship. Ahmed Mansour commented on the scene of the wedding … Read more