New music on Friday: Calvin Harris & The Weeknd | Justin Bieber & Jaden | NOW

Every Friday, the music streaming service Spotify refreshes the New Music Friday playlist, containing a large proportion of the new singles released by national and international artists. lists a number of striking releases. Calvin Harris & The Weeknd – Over Now The Weeknd was one of the first artists to release an album earlier … Read more

LIVE | Protesters against corona rules already meet in Berlin on Friday evening | Inland

A major demonstration against corona measures in Germany is planned for Saturday, but people have already gathered in Berlin on Friday evening to express their displeasure. According to the newspaper Bild, the protesters have gathered on the famous Berlin avenue Unter den Linden. Among them is a large group of so-called Reichsbürgers (national citizens), right-wing … Read more

Dollar price today Friday at closing, how is the exchange rate?

Mexico City. Today Friday August 28, 2020 the dollar is listed in $21.75 pesos, with a downward trend according to information from the platform According to Banco de México, the exchange rate in the market spot interbank ended today at $ 21.80 pesos per dollar (down 30 cents since yesterday Thursday). On the other … Read more

Quinté + Prix des Edelweiss, Friday evening in Cabourg. ECHO DE CHANLECY on the wire

Arrival in figures: 11 – 5 – 9 – 13 – 4 One turn from the finish, DOUXOR DE GUEZ came to take over from the lead horse, ITON EXPRESS. Then came VILLODON BASQUE, by rope, KNIGHT, outside, the latter taking in its wake EPSOM DES BROUSSES. Then, at the finish line, the attacks started. … Read more

Coronavirus data in Italy today, Friday 28 August

In the last 24 hours in Italy have been registered 1,462 new cases of coronavirus infection and 9 new deaths, for a total of 265,409 cases and 35,472 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. There are 74 people currently hospitalized for COVID-19 in Italian intensive care units (seven more than yesterday) and those in … Read more

Stock market: what is moving on the markets before the opening Friday

The resignation of Mr. Abe represents a political thunderbolt in Japan, in the absence of an obvious successor. (Photo: Getty Images) The Tokyo Stock Exchange ended sharply lower on Friday, penalized by press reports on the imminent resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, while the Chinese stock markets ended the week up. Stock index futures … Read more

Expected rough alarm clock: the giant Antonov will fly over Ostrava on Friday

“During the early hours of Friday morning, we expect an alarm clock in the form of the arrival of the Antonov An-124 aircraft. “If you can’t resist a longer sleep on Friday, you can be awakened by the roar of four engines of the Ukrainian giant,” he writes in the group. LKM Spotters. There is also … Read more

What time is the Friday prayer? Diyanet İstanbul Ankara, İzmir and Friday prayer times of all provinces

HOW HOW IS FRIDAY PRAYER? The fard of the Friday prayer is two rak’ahs. In addition, there is a sunnah of eight rak’ahs, four rak’ahs before fard and four rak’ahs after fard (Kasani, Badayi, I, 269). According to Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad, the sunnah to be performed after the fard is four rak’ahs … Read more

The NBA hopes to resume “Friday or Saturday”

The matches of Wednesday and Thursday postponed, the NBA came out of its silence to discuss the rest. In a press release, the league explains that a meeting is planned in the afternoon between players of the 13 franchises still in the “bubble” and the owners, and it hopes that the playoffs will resume Friday or Saturday.

Because the teams will undoubtedly need additional training before resuming, we can imagine that the resumption will rather be Saturday.

Depending on the results of the weekend, we should know more posters of the conference semi-finals. Only the series between the Rockets and the Thunder is guaranteed to last at least until Sunday or Monday.

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After a four-day rally, JCI is prone to profit taking on Friday (28/8)

ILLUSTRATION. JCI closed up 0.58% at 5,371.47 in today’s trading, Thursday (27/8). Reporter: Akhmad Suryahadi | Editor: Wahyu T. Rahmawati KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) closed up 0.58% to the level of 5,371.47 in today’s trading, Thursday (27/8). A total of 211 stocks rose, 223 stocks fell, and 166 stocks did not … Read more