Result PMU Quinté+ Prix Bruno Coquatrix, Friday evening at Cabourg. GRANITE DU GERS, in a beautiful way

Arrival number: 3 – 9 – 6 – 8 – 1 Ce Prix ​​Bruno Coquatrixsupport you Quinté+ this Friday evening Cabourgwas won in fine fashion by his favourite, GRANITE FROM GERS (Photo). Set back from the facilitators at the start of the race, GRANITE FROM GERS went on the offensive in the penultimate corner. Now … Read more

Shooting stars of the Perseids meteor shower clearly visible on Friday night | Inland

The swarm always passes the earth this month, resulting in several nights of shooting stars, with Friday night as the highlight. The best time to watch is Friday night between 02:00 and 05:00. “However, conditions are not ideal in our area and only 10 to 18 meteors can be seen every hour. One of the … Read more

Norwegian politics, Politics | This is what the newspapers write about politics on Friday 12 August

Go away, rest of the world (post by Gunhild Stordalen, chairman of the board of EAT, and Geir Olsen, European manager of the consulting company Kearney) (Dagens Næringsliv)It seems as if Arendalsuka wants to say the following to the rest of the world: “Go to hell, we decide for ourselves, don’t come here and interfere … Read more

The Latest Superindo Promo Today Friday 12 August 2022 Rendang Beef Starting from 13 Thousands

The Latest Superindo Promo Today Friday 12 August 2022 Rendang Beef Starting from 13 Thousands TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Superindo Promo the latest today Friday 12 August 2022 presents a variety of products at super cheap prices. Today’s Superindo promo provides a variety of cheap meat and various products with big discounts. Don’t miss the promo, big … Read more

Vaccination with Moderna Pediátrica for children from 6 months to 5 years begins on Friday 5 : Press Government of Mendoza

28,800 doses of Modern Pediatric against COVID-19 have already arrived in Mendoza, to vaccinate children from 6 months to 5 years old. It will be in vaccination centers and health centers in the Province. The Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports communicates that on Friday, August 5, vaccination begins for children from six months, … Read more

Sicily weather, yellow thunderstorm alert for Friday 12 August

The yellow alert for possible thunderstorms in Sicily does not cease. The notice released by the regional civil protection concerns the whole island, but it is clear that the rains will probably only touch some areas, as has already happened in recent days. The alert is valid from 4pm today to 12am tomorrow, August 12, … Read more

Asteroid the size of a blue whale will cross Earth Friday, August 12, 2022, moving at 27 times the speed of sound, Jakarta – A asteroid enter category potentially hazardous or potentially dangerous, the size of a blue whale will glide past Earth on Friday August 12, 2022, according to NASA information. Collect Live Science, Thursday (11/8/2022), the asteroid, named 2015 FF, is estimated to have a diameter of between 42 and 92 feet (13 and … Read more

Borges Festival: five books by this unique author for less than 250 Argentine pesos, until Friday

This Monday begins the second edition of the Borges Festival, which is virtual and free. Of Jorge Luis Borges many things are said. That his literature is “difficult” and that it is “for few”. That he is the most universal -and most famous- Argentine writer on the planet. What is a bestseller. That he anticipated … Read more

On Friday morning, Orbán could not go on vacation with the army plane, because he was at a government meeting in the afternoon

According to opposition representative Ákos Hadházy, Viktor Orbán could have traveled on a military plane to his holiday in Croatia, at least he deduced this from the machine’s public data. However, the plane left for Croatia on Friday morning, and the prime minister’s press chief posted a picture after five in the afternoon that Orbán … Read more