With great sadness: This famous Egyptian star… left a very strange will and his daughter defeated him and married a friend of his age..you wouldn’t expect who he would be.! !

2022/05/25 It’s 05:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite He was distinguished by an amazing lightness and charisma of a special kind that made him an icon of the success of any work he participated in. He was able to find himself a high position in the art world during her acting career, and distinguished … Read more

Taichi Kokubun “Become a friend!” → Yoshihiko Inohara “Naru!” “Too great” for Twitter exchange “Respect !!”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Former V6 Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, and Yoshihiko Inohara’s three-member unit “20th Century” (Tonisen) opened an official Twitter account on May 23, 2022. We had a conversation on Twitter with Taichi Kokubun of TOKIO. Johnny’s office “The day will come when Taichi and Tonisen will be friends on Twitter.” Tonisen posted the first voice of … Read more

An unexpected friend!

According to a study conducted in the Netherlands, a person loses half of his close friends, and replaces them with new friends every seven years. This is an old research that was prepared in 2009, at the beginning of the era of social media and smartphones. And I’m sure if this study was done today, … Read more

A Moroccan wife of extraordinary beauty made George Kordahi kneel because of her beauty.. She attended the Forgiveness Karim program and shocked the audience with what she did after her husband cheated on her with her friend in her bed!! (video)

Followers of the Forgiveness Karim program enjoyed an exceptional, daring and fun episode that resonated and received wide interest among the masses. The episode dealt with the story of a Moroccan couple who resorted to the program to solve their problem, which made them separated for a year and a half. The events of the … Read more

Friend Hurd recalled Depp’s words on the wedding day that he could hit his wife

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been described as “paranoid”. A former close friend of Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp joked on his wedding day with the actress that he could now hit his wife without any problems. However, Io Tillett Wright added that he had never witnessed physical violence. “When we returned … Read more

Johnny Depp Trial: Amber Heard Confirms ‘Close’ Friend James Franco’s Visit to Her Penthouse – E! Online Latino

Elevator surveillance footage, dated May 22, 2016 around 11 p.m., was shared with the Virginia courtroom, showing Heard, 36, and Franco standing together as they headed to the actress’s penthouse. At one point in the video, the actor rests her head on Heard’s shoulder and she appears to place her head on top of his … Read more

Jombang KUA Employee Kills His Dating Friend at Hotel Kediri

Kediri – M Wahyudin Mahardhika (22), had the heart to kill Ifa Greece (28) after a date at the hotel. The perpetrator was hurt because the victim had ridiculed him about his masculinity. Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Kediri AKP Rizkika Atmadha explained the chronology of how the perpetrator took his life until victim covered … Read more

Johnny Depp’s friend about Amber Heard’s behavior at the start of their relationship. “Sociopathic Show Pony”

You can read more about the “process of the decade” in the texts on Gazeta.pl. Gina Deuters is the assistant’s wife Johnny’ego Deppa Stephen Deuters. As she admitted, she saw the actor in various states – from intoxication with alcohol to taking drugs. She admitted that, however, she had never noticed a tendency towards aggression … Read more

Nikos in tears for his friend Florent Pagny, his moving tribute!

Nikos Aliagas and Florent Pagny are two longtime friends whose careers are closely linked. His tribute unveiled! Nikos and Florent Pagny did not meet on the set of The Voice. Far from there ! Their friendship spans more than two decades. While he was starting out on television, Nikos was offered the presentation of Star … Read more