This Medical Student Surprised The Corpse To Practice Turns His Friend Was Murdered

ABUJA, – A college student medical from Nigeria surprised not playing after realizing corpse the one used for the lecture practice turned out to be his friend who was murdered. The man named Enya Egbe immediately walked out of the anatomy class crying. Egbe, a student at the University of Calabar School of Medicine, … Read more

Gangster showdown: a friend of Andrei Panin put forward his version of his death

Gennady Rusin, director and friend of actor Andrei Panin, spoke about the unknown circumstances of his death. According to Rusin, these moments differ from the officially established cause of death – by accident. As director Panina shared in an interview with Zvezda, the new data established in the course of his own investigation, Odessa businessmen … Read more

“The perfect woman in my eyes”… f(x)’s Victoria, kisses a friend of the same sex from China – SPOTVNEWS

▲ Wang Xiaochen (left), Victoria. SourceㅣWang Xiaochen Weibo [스포티비뉴스=강효진 기자] Victoria, a former member of the group f(x), is drawing attention for her close relationship with a Chinese actress. Chinese actor Wang Xiaochen posted a picture on his Weibo account on the 25th with the caption, “The most perfect woman in my eyes. A kind, … Read more

Is Barbara Haščáková okay or lying on JIS? Her friend Šuvadová spoke!

They began circulating on the Internet terrifying information about the alleged health condition of the singer Barbara Haščáková, who was to be hospitalized in the intensive care unit. There have even been words about bleeding into the brain. The claim of the anonymous source of the portal was also to be confirmed by the … Read more

Great Britain. Two teenagers guilty of the murder of a friend. Napa was supposed to be a “punishment for informing” | News from the world

Oliver Stephens, 13, in Reading, Berkshire, Great Britain On January 3 this year, he suffered fatal stab wounds to the chest and back. A little older friend lured him to the Bugs Bottom fields, near his house. After reaching the place she indicated, Olly was attacked by two teenagers armed with knives. Watch the video … Read more

Army Chief of Staff Andika Perkasa Moved, Seeing Former Coolie Now TNI Not Shy to Greet His Friend: Don’t Change

TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – The meeting of a former laborer who now becomes TNI with his best friend made KSAD Andika Perkasa moved. KSAD Andika Perkasa also had tears in his eyes when he saw the meeting Prada Haidir Anam with his friend’s password when he became construction laborers before. Even though he’s in uniform now TNI, … Read more

Pártlová made a good choice: Vařeka could break, but he was criticized

A month ago, Martina Pártlová gave birth to her friend Josef Vařek, a daughter Stella, and her new parents are slowly getting used to a new life role. The young musician confronted his fatherhood and even changed his partner in night feeding. But for his care of his daughter, he garnered surprising criticism on Instagram! … Read more

Chronology of the theft of Rp24 billion of Arowana belonging to Irfan Hakim’s friend

VIVA – Bogor Resort Police arrested two perpetrators theft hundreds arowana super red worth Rp.24 billion in Arowana Captivity in Sukahati Village, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, West Java which belongs to Key friend Irfan Hakim. The police arrested two perpetrators and two are still on the DPO. Bogor Police Chief AKBP Harun explained that the theft … Read more

Building Workers Became TNI After Meeting A Friend Immediately Run To Help Stir Cement – The figure of Prada Anam has inspired many people. As is known, Anam is a former Army Headquarters construction worker who is now a soldier TNI Army (AD). Although now a soldier, Anam remains humble. In one broadcast, Anam was even seen meeting his best friend when he was a construction worker. He … Read more

Motherland Daughter’s Friend “I don’t remember seeing Jo Min on the day of the seminar”

Daughters’ friends appear as witnesses at the trial of the fatherland couple 曺 “Is it a nonsensical question,” the court denied Former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk. Dong-A Ilbo DB “Can I ask the Witness questions in plain language instead of respectfully?” At the trial between former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk and his wife … Read more