The activity of our friends will reach Spotify through “Community”

Spotify is still the most used app to listen to streaming music from almost any country in the world. Its solid track record and the great multiplatform that it has has made the expansion of its service a success. However, there are many options available on the desktop app that are not available on the … Read more

Haugesund, Karmøy | Georg (24) and Magne (23) were just going to make a party for their friends. Last year, almost 200 appeared

When the pandemic stopped all events, Georg Yrke Bleie and Magne Vikingstad felt that they had to come up with something fun. On Saturday, the low-threshold festival TORV will be held for the third time. 22.06.22 16:51 22.06.22 19:56 For subscribers

Cloudflare Down, Discord and Friends Fall – Service Cloudflare reported experiencing down on Tuesday (21/6/2022) afternoon. This affects a number of applications, websiteuntil the game that comes fall down. Cloudflare itself is a service that acts as a bridge between visitors to a site or application and hosting. Cloudflare is in charge of securing and increasing the speed of data … Read more

Tragedy in the Piave, two brothers aged 14 and 18 drowned in front of the eyes of their friends

TREVISO. It’s a terrible tragedy the one that occurred in the past few hours in Veneto where two siblings of 14 and 18 years have drowned. It happened in the Piave and what should have been a quiet afternoon with friends in a few minutes turned into drama. The two young people were together with … Read more

Zhao Jinmai Linyi’s “A Week of Friends” is showing the MV for the friendship confession song “Belong to You” – 1000 Dragon Net China Capital Net

Source title: Zhao Jinmai Linyi’s “A Week of Friends” is showing the MV of the friendship confession song “Belong to You” on the line The movie “Friends of the Week” is being shown nationwide. On June 20, the MV for “Friendship Confession” and “Belong to You” sung by the Ideal Bastard Band will be released, … Read more

These vacation homes in Italy cost 50,000 euros, and you can buy them as a group with friends

If you really think that houses in Italy cost too much, well, there is a surprise for you. And it is a surprise that will make you think again. Of course, it is true, there are houses in Italy (especially in the city centers) that objectively cost a lot. But to know how to search … Read more

Video | Vinicius charms and dazzles in the friendship of Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho’s friends

Football fun with a friendly flavor and in the presence of many current and former stars A friendly summit was held in the United States of America, bringing together friends of Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos, at dawn on Sunday, witnessing the brilliance of many current and former stars. The expected match witnessed the presence of … Read more

Courtney Cox already has fame and fortune, she wants you not to see her only as Monica

An actress like Courtney Cox, who started her career as a popular sitcom and triumphed as Monica in “Friends”, will probably be expected to have a flair for successful series, but this is not always true. Five years ago, she was cast in the lead role in the Fox Charity Case comedy series, which was … Read more

Epic Games releases new cross-platform development tool that unifies Epic Games Store, Steam friends, and game lists

Epic GamesAnnounceProvide developers with a new version of cross-platform play development tools, which will be mainly based on Windows PC applications, and will be able to unify the content of friends on the Epic Games Store and the Steam platform on a single platform, and even make it easier for players to spread the Games … Read more

Zhao Jinmailin joins hands to create youthful memories and may make the film “Friends of the Week”. The sincere friendship resonates widely.

Zhao Jinmailin joins hands to create youthful memories and may create the film “Friends of the Week”. The sincere friendship resonates widely On June 18, the youth campus film “A Week of Friends” starring Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi, starring Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi, and Shen Yue, starring Wang Jiahui, was released nationwide on … Read more