‘Disaster diplomacy’ makes Turkey and Greece friends again | Abroad

Relations between Turkey and Greece had reached an all-time low after months of quarrels and threats. But thanks to mutual sympathy after the earthquakes and train disaster that recently hit the arch-rivals, the countries are now pulling together. Thijs Kettenis 24-03-23, 09:00 Free unlimited access to Showbytes? Which can! Log in or create an account … Read more

I was surprised to see Kim Min-jae… Best friend’s testimony that ‘skills-personality’ are both good |

[포포투=김환] Elif Elmas revealed that Kim Min-jae surprised him. Elmas recently conducted an interview with the Italian media ‘DAZN’. Elmas, who has been in his fourth year in Naples, told the story of his childhood through this interview, his feelings when he first came to the city of Naples, and his thoughts on the team … Read more

Daily conversations with friends can reduce the risk of mental illness

One conversation a day with friends can have a big impact on our mental health. According to a new study, a daily conversation with friends can help reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Many people have felt loneliness and social isolation during the pandemic, which has led to more and … Read more

7 Games to Make Halal Money in 2023, Fastest to Pay IDR 100,000 to DANA Balance without Inviting Friends

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Take a look at 7 games that make halal money in 2023, the fastest way to pay IDR 100,000 to a DANA balance without inviting friends. Currently there are many money-making games that offer various benefits. Several money-making applications also have various missions. Generally, money-making applications have the mission of watching videos and … Read more

Convenient for friends to follow up and ask questions Microsoft announces Bing Chat link sharing function-ePrice.HK

Since announcing the addition of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot to the Bing search engine, Microsoft has continued to make various improvements, such as upgrading the version to the latest GPT-4. Recently, Microsoft has added a new share button to Bing, which is convenient for users to share them with ChatGPT conversations, shared via Facebook, … Read more

Eat hash pie at friends’ party, 10 end up in hospital. The 15-year-old who had prepared it was reported

A boy of 15 years was charged with making a cake out ofhashish and served it to some friends during a party. It happens to Bricherasioin the province of Turin, where ten people fell ill and were taken to the emergency room of Pinerolo. Currently, they are not in serious condition and have all been … Read more

Sanda Dia’s father attacks members of Reuzegom: “You were not his friends”

Ousmane Dia, Sanda’s father, spoke Monday morning during the trial concerning the death of his son. He attacked the members of the Reuzegom circle and their parents. “I don’t have any hate, you shouldn’t go to jail. But you weren’t Sanda’s friends, because a friend doesn’t let you down,” he said. “I’m angry, very angry. … Read more

Joeri died exactly 10 years ago, and his friends ‘celebrate’ that: “Whoever went out with him had a great story to tell the next day” | Ypres

This month it is exactly 10 years ago that 27-year-old Joeri Decuypere from Geluveld died in an accident. Reason enough for a ‘party’, say his sister and friends. “A party to show that friendship always lasts and life should be celebrated,” says sister Evi. “My brother would have wanted it so that we would reminisce … Read more

I have been dating my girlfriend for more than a year… I was told by my good brother: That is my wife, he was dumbfounded when he learned the truth: I gave her 350,000 | International | CTWANT

A Mr. Zhu from Xuchang, Henan Province introduced his girlfriend through a friend. The two chatted online for more than a year to confirm the relationship between the man and the woman. “Girlfriend” may be his wife. (Picture/Flip Weibo) Mr. Zhu from Xuchang, Henan Province has been growing watermelons in Myanmar for many years. He … Read more