Fuel Prices Rise, RI Survived the ‘Time Bomb’?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of fuel oil (BBM) cannot be sustained continuously if world oil prices continue to rise. Fuel subsidies are like a ticking time bomb ready to explode in the state budget. The spike in global commodity prices, particularly crude oil, poses a risk to inflation and fiscal direction in regional … Read more

Is hydrogen the fuel of the future? Big oil companies are betting on it, announcing investments worth billions in the last month

Jan Boháč, 29. 6. 2022 Source: Depositphotos Oil companies are scrambling to adapt to demand for green energy and hope to stay in the game after oil cuts Many of them have therefore recently announced massive investments in new hydrogen factories worth tens of billions of dollars The hydrogen factories will be powered by solar … Read more

As fuel costs rise, a major chipmaker is raising electricity prices

Taiwan in the industrial sector, including the largest in the world chips producer, for the first time in the island’s four-year history will be increased electricity the cost of energy, as the state utility company struggles to overcome the challenge of rapidly rising fuel costs. Related Articles 20 Most Expensive Cities in the World for … Read more

The Germans compared their fuel prices with their neighbors. This is how Poland fell out

Germany collected the last data on prices on June 20. In Germany, on that day, the average prices were 1.97 euro for a liter of Super 95 gasoline and 2.06 euro for a liter of diesel. “On that day, a liter of Super 95 gasoline was cheaper only in Poland (EUR 1.70), the Czech Republic … Read more

The number of large motorbikes and diesel cars is increasing

It is difficult to buy a new car today. Stock cars that can be taken home at a hefty discount are no longer gathering dust in the corners of salons, and the configurators of many popular models simply disappeared from the brands’ websites, the rest can typically only be ordered without a specific delivery date … Read more

Hoeness: Lewandowski lost the trust of fans?I can’t add fuel to the fire and want to abolish 50+1 to win the Champions League_Bayern_Guan Lai_Voice

Original title: Hoeness: Lewandowski lost the trust of fans? I can’t add fuel to the fire and want to abolish 50+1 to win the Champions League Hoeness: Lewandowski lost the trust of fans? I can’t add fuel to the fire and want to abolish 50+1 to win the Champions League Live it, June 30. Former … Read more

Fuel prices are down today. Find out where they are cheaper

DAfter several weeks of increases, diesel and gasoline prices resumed their declines, this Monday, with a drop that is expected to be greater in the case of diesel. Forecasts point to a drop that could reach three cents in the case of diesel and one cent in the case of gasoline, reveals the RTP. Following … Read more

Economists Say Zeroing Fuel Tax This Year Will Push Inflation in 2023 | Economy

Economists heard by g1 claim that the measures federal government It’s from National Congress to zero federal taxes and duties on fuel by the end of this year may even contain inflation in 2022, but should put pressure on prices in 2023. In March, for example, Congress passed — and Bolsonaro signed into law — … Read more

If there is no subsidy, the price of fuel will increase by 2 times

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government has finally added an energy subsidy of Rp 380 trillion in 2022. This is to prevent the price of fuel oil (BBM), 3 kg LPG and electricity below 3000 VA from rising. “We want to protect the community, meaning that the people cannot be relied on to take the … Read more