The real Grasshopper Chollada Saipay bought a house for the manager, ready to decorate, fully furnished, price 5 million!

Grasshopper Chalada gave a special gift to a personal manager. Buy a large detached house Complete with decorations worth more than 5 million baht to emphasize more than the boss and his subordinates. We are one family Image from Instagram takkatan_chollada During the 2023 New Year’s party, the famous luk thung singer, Grasshopper Chollada, asked … Read more

15 queries to fully exploit the potential of ChatGPT

Share the post “15 queries to fully exploit the potential of ChatGPT” Ultra-powerful, the ChatGPT artificial intelligence can become a real personal assistant if you know precisely what to ask of it and how to formulate it. To get out of routine or repetitive tasks, a tool using AI (artificial intelligence) is particularly useful. His … Read more

Life in the Mainland is fully digitized CMHK One-Card-Multiple-Number service facilitates travel across the country- – Technology Focus- 5G Mobility

After China and Hong Kong cleared the customs, many citizens immediately went to and from mainland China to visit relatives and travel. However, citizens who are familiar with the market know that in recent years, life in the mainland has basically been inseparable from mobile applications. It has also become a “pain point” for Hong … Read more

Half of Hungarians fully support EU membership

March 15, 2023 – 1:50 p.m More than half of Hungarians say that they fully support Hungary’s EU membership, according to a representative poll of 1,000 people conducted by Median. the results of which were published on the website of HVG360. In December, this rate was 43 percent, at the end of February, in the … Read more

Strépy drama, who will pay? Paolo Falzone may have to fully compensate the victims

Concretely, in the case of Strépy, the relatives of the deceased will be able to claim funeral expenses and damages for the moral damage suffered. “There is an indicative table that allows the courts to have ranges of compensation,” explains lawyer David Gelay. The Manageois represents Marianna and Mattia Imperiale, who have lost three relatives. … Read more

The CPU, graphics card, and memory are all fully equipped with ROG Bingren 7 dual-screen gaming notebook 54,999 yuan.

This year’s new generation of notebooks has been upgraded significantly, with good choices for both CPU and graphics card. If you are still struggling with hardware configuration, it is recommended to choose ASUS ROG Bingren 7 dual-screen gaming notebook in one step. This is a fully equipped notebook. The game book is available, starting at … Read more

The billion gap: That’s how much it can cost to fully finance the Armed Forces

ABOVE LESS: Soldiers from the Armored Battalion in Brigade Nord on winter training at the Setermoen firing range on Wednesday. The armed forces decided earlier this year to reduce exercises in the armed forces, among other things to strengthen preparedness. Photo: Gisle Oddstad / VG SETERMOEN (VG) In the next week, large parts of the … Read more

Cherry’s factory fully lubricated keyboard! Cherry KC200 MX Modified Baekchuk Black PCDirect

[smartPC사랑=이백현 기자] Whenever I review Cherry keyboards, I always mention that ‘Cherry is a switch company’. Because the keyboard is made by an industry-leading switch company, it offers a cost advantage over other companies using Cherry switches. However, Cherry brought out a powerful card called ‘Factory Lubricated New Switch’. Users looking for a ‘full lube’ … Read more