USA: complaint against Tesla, accused of lying about its autonomous driving functions

(Belga) The California Motor Vehicle Agency (DMV) accuses Tesla of lying to consumers about its self-driving technologies, and has filed complaints in a state administrative court, according to information from press published on Friday. Tesla “has made or disseminated statements that are false or misleading, and not based on fact,” the DMV said in those … Read more

These are the new functions that WhatsApp is already testing.

The most popular messaging application is continuously working to add new featuresthe majority linked to security and privacy. Some of them are original, others are demanded by users and some are copies of other apps. Among the most recent, those that focus on mainly in group chats, something that is obvious because it is increasingly … Read more

complaint against Tesla, accused of lying about its autonomous driving functions

Tremember “has made or disseminated statements that are false or misleading, and not based on fact”the DMV said in those complaints filed on July 28, understands the Los Angeles Times. Tesla cars could never, “and cannot today operate as autonomous vehicles”according to the document cited by the Californian newspaper. The DMV criticizes Tesla for advertising … Read more

Plastids: Definition and Functions Page all – plant cell They are structurally different from the cells of other living things. However, in general, plant cell remains the functional unit and the smallest unit. Reported from Ministry of Education and Culture Learning Resources, The following are the characteristics of plant cells: 1. Has a cell wall that contains cellulose 2. Fixed … Read more

The whole series of iPads have cancelled the classic functions and become a dead end | XFastest News

Among the iPad and iPhone products that Apple is currently selling, the iPad 9 is the configurationThe only model with a 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the newly exposed iPad 10 CAD shape rendering shows that Apple gave up the only insistence and the headphone jack was removed. At the same time, other design changes of … Read more

Darwin’s Theory of Appendicitis Refuted, This Small Cavity Turns Out To Have Great Functions For The Body : Okezone News

JAKARTA – In his book on the theory of evolution “The Origin of Man” or “The Origin of Man”, in 1871 Charles Darwin hypothesized that the appendix actually has no function. It is called a vestigial (residual) organ that has lost its reason for existence, as a consequence of changes in diet or habits. Perhaps … Read more

Obsbot Meet: Webcam with AI-supported framing and exposure functions

Founded in 2016, Obsbot produces photo and video products equipped with artificial intelligence. The AI-supported functions ensure that the people are optimally staged. For example, the “Obsbot Tiny” PTZ camera has been on the market for some time. With it, the lens does not have to be aligned and adjusted manually, because as a PTZ … Read more

He does not understand why he has to pay over 4 thousand after buying a used Tesla. euros to recover some of the functions

The bottom line is that you can’t use all the features the car was originally sold with, an unfortunate side effect of the increasingly internet-connected vehicles pioneered by Tesla itself. In the most recent example, a driver who purchased a used 2013 The Model S is now forced to pay $4,500 (about 4,300 euros) to … Read more

how to activate the hidden functions of the photo gallery of your smartphone?

Activate the Labs menu in the Photo Gallery app of Samsung smartphones to enjoy many hidden functions. You may not know it, but Samsung has hidden in some of its applications a secret menu called Galaxy Labs. It gives access to experimental features, unofficial, but tested internally by the Korean manufacturer. This is the case, … Read more