These are the functions of the WhatsApp secret menu

applications for smartphones What WhatsApp, multiplatform messaging program, are here to stay and now reinvent themselves. Hence one of the main focus of attention of his last upgrade be your secret menu. Do you know what we are talking about? Do you know where it is activated? Because there is a WhatsApp function, instant messaging … Read more

Samsung S21 FE, a light flagship model with both appearance and functions, is beautifully unveiled-Mobile phone brand news

[Source/MIKO Mobile Phone Pavilion] Samsung fans~ The newest member of the Galaxy S21 5G series – S21 FE, in low-key and exquisite colors, is on sale at Mico! As Samsung’s light flagship model, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, 4,500mAh large battery, and has professional-grade audio and video and Meipai innovative functions. With … Read more

New iPhone case with innovative functions from Power1

Power1 has launched a new case for the Apple iPhone smartphone, which allows you to carry and charge your AirPods wireless headphones, and extends the battery life of your iPhone. The American company explained that the new iPhone case consists of two parts: a silicone case that remains attached to the smartphone permanently, and a … Read more

Functions, Diseases and How to Prevent Them

Jakarta – The lungs are the organs in charge of processing incoming air and separating oxygen and carbon dioxide from the blood. This organ consists of two pairs that are located on either side of the chest (thorax) and are lined with a thin membrane sac called the pleura. Each lung is separated by an … Read more

The expert warned: Sugary drinks impair children’s brain functions!

New research has revealed that sugary drinks negatively affect children’s brain function. Making statements about the research conducted in China, Assoc. Dr. Mohammed Sharp, “The brain functions of children who consume 250 milliliters (1 glass) of sweetened beverage per week are impaired by 30 percent, and those who consume 2 glasses by 60 percent. In … Read more

James Webb Telescope Replaces Hubble, Check Out Its Functions and Missions Here

MEDIA BLITAR – Sempat viral What Did Hubble See On Your Birthday, Teleskop Hubble soon to retire. James Webb which was launched on December 24, 2021 ago, reportedly telescope this is in the process of opening the sunscreen or heat shield from the sun. As the successor of the Telescope Hubble, telescope James Webb have … Read more

Understanding Compact Bones, Their Functions and Locations in the Body

The definition of compact bone or what has the medical name cortical is the internal tissue that forms bone. Bone tissue in the animal body is divided into two, namely compact and spongy. The name of the network actually implies that there is a density difference between the two. Compact bone is denser and stronger … Read more

The seven new functions that WhatsApp brings for this year

A very useful function that this application would have is to transcribe the audio messages. The Whastapp instant messaging application will have seven new functions for its users in the coming months that will allow it to facilitate and encourage the use of the app. WABetaInfo, one of the leading websites to report on WhatsApp … Read more

Functions of the Asteroid Belt in the Solar System, Features and Interesting Facts!

Of course, not everyone knows the function of the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is part of the system solar system located in orbit Planet Mars and Jupiter. Between the orbital lines there are various types of objects with irregular shapes called dwarf planets. Did you know, the planets in the solar system are divided … Read more