“Oil Fund” can’t hold back, submits “Treasury” to reduce excise tax

After all, the world is facing the problem of Covid-19. For more than 2 years, including foreign politics and inflation problems As a result, the price of oil fluctuates and continues to rise. However, Thailand, although the proportion of oil consumption is not much. but with factors that must be based on the same oil … Read more

Government Intends to Use Economic Recovery Fund for IKN, PKS: Bear!

This is in response to the government’s plan in this case the Ministry of Finance intends to use part of the National Economic Recovery budget for the 2022 PEN fund for the initial infrastructure development of the State Capital (IKN) project in the North Penajam Paser area in East Kalimantan. “This is a policy that … Read more

Steep downhill for hedge fund managers. Biggest minus ever for Ole Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking fund

The article continues below the ad According to The Wall Street Journal went a number of the largest hedge funds investing in growth stocks in the US at a bang last year. Many funds were hit by large losses, especially towards the end of last year. According to the newspaper, Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Global Investors … Read more

“Shop Dee Mee Back” 2022, trading fees for stocks, funds, derivatives “tax-deductible”

Summary of the conditions for exercising rights “Tax Deduction” In the “Shop Dee Mee Back” project 2022, you can use the “Deductible Stock Trading Fee, Derivative Fund”. “good shopping, have a night2022, the right can be exercised from 1 Jan. – 15 Feb. 65 by purchasing goods and services must be in accordance with the … Read more

11 Fastest Paying Money-Making Applications in 2022, Make FUND Balance Fat

KLIKKORAN.COM – If you are currently in need of money quickly, you must try the money-making applications below. There are as many as 11 money-making applications that are believed to be the fastest to pay to their users. So you don’t have to wait long. The money you get from this money-making application, will be … Read more

Senate with amendments to the budget act. Additional PLN 20 billion for the National Health Fund

On Wednesday, the Senate passed a resolution on the adoption of the budget act for 2022. 69 senators voted for, one person was against and 29 senators abstained from voting. During the voting, the Senate proposed 65 out of 70 prepared amendments to the Budget Act. Among the amendments supported by the Senate, there are, … Read more

10 Money-Making Game Applications, FUND Balances, OVO, GoPay, LinkAja and Credit, Latest 2022

KLIKKORAN.COM – For you game addicts, you must try this game. Because, this game can make money. There are as many as 10 money-making game applications available below. You can try this game application, because it has been proven to pay. From user reviews, this money-making game application can be transferred into DANA, OVO, GoPay, … Read more

Hurry Try! 4 APKs for 2021 Fund Balance Generator, Disbursed Millions of Rupiah

Advertisement Read Also 4 Fastest Fund Balance Generator APKs 2021 – Good morning, fellow GSN readers wherever you are, may you always be given health and fluency, Amen. Hurry Try! 4 APKs for 2021 Fund Balance Generator, Disbursed Millions of Rupiah On this occasion, GSN will provide a review about balance generating app fastest and … Read more

Pensions: Cometa Fund distributes 9 million surplus to members

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Milan, 11 Jan – The Cometa Fund, a supplementary pension fund for workers in the metalworking industry, plant installation and related sectors and for employees in the gold and silversmith sector, has a surplus of 9 million euros distributed to members, mainly the result of improved management efficiency. … Read more

Municipal equipment fund: A positive trend in the first half of 2021

The Communal Equipment Fund (FEC) is continuing its efforts to be able to meet the needs of local authorities in this context of crisis and to support them in carrying out their development projects at the national level. The indicators drawn up in the first six months of the year show a positive trend in … Read more