My Time at Sandrock, a sequel to My Time at Portia, is seeking funding on Kickstarter

Pathea Games, creators of My Time at Portia, today announced the sequel of this title of construction and social management: it is about My Time at Sandrock, a game that initially intended to be downloadable content for the former but that little by little has gained its own entity in the studio until they have … Read more

Student project at Saarland University receives high federal funding

Back 22.10.2020 12:27 Student project at Saarland University receives high federal funding The “Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity” master’s course at Saarland University combines cybersecurity and computer science content with founding your own company. Current research topics should be implemented in a marketable manner. A project of the first graduate year is funded by the Federal Ministry of … Read more

Former Knight Center MOOC students may compete for Microsoft funding to train their copywriter in data journalism

By Knight Center October 19, 2020 Microsoft and the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the Moody College of Communications at the University of Texas at Austin have teamed up to announce a $ 10,000 data journalism training opportunity for newsrooms in Latin America. The funding, awarded by Microsoft in partnership with the … Read more

Funding Initiative Elementary Education Vienna – An initiative of private kindergarten and after-school care providers in Vienna

Diakonie Bildung, Kinderfreunde Wien, Kinder in Wien (KIWI) and St. Nikolausstiftung Vienna (OTS) – Diakonia education, Child friends Vienna, Children in Vienna (KIWI) and St. Nicholas Foundation have signed up under the name “Funding initiative for elementary education Vienna“United to represent concerns and positions in the field of elementary education and institutional after-school care. Elementary … Read more

Trump suspends US funding for WHO

RELATED VIDEO – Interview with Fernando Leanes (WHO) on sanitary measures in Chile (08:01) US President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that suspend funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) while a review is in progress. Trump told a news conference that the review will assess the “WHO’s role in mismanaging and covering up the spread … Read more

US suspends funding for WHO amid coronavirus crisis

He President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced this Tuesday that it will suspend the financing of its country to the World Health Organization (WHO), questioning the management of the organization in the face of the crisis coronavirus. “Today I am going to order my administration to stop funding the WHO“Said the US president, … Read more

In the midst of a pandemic, Trump cut funding from the World Health Organization

This Tuesday night the United States government decided to temporarily suspend the transfer of funds to the World Health Organization (WHO), considering that it had a “disastrous” role and “covering up” the coronavirus outbreak in China, being partially responsible for the spread of the epidemic. President Donald Trump said, “The reality is that WHO was … Read more

Juan Manuel Santos: Inopportune for Trump to remove funding from WHO | Video

Juan Manuel Santos, former president of Colombia, considers it inappropriate and inappropriate that the US president, Donald Trump, has withdrawn funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Santos insists that what is most needed now is cooperation between all countries.

Travis Approves Increased Funding For Central Health As COVID-19 Exacerbates Demand For Services

Read this story in English. Travis County commissioners on Tuesday approved Central Health’s next budget to include a $ 20 million increase to fund health care services for low-income residents. Central Health, Travis County’s health care district, connects low-income and uninsured residents to services. While it does not directly operate health care facilities, it provides … Read more

Party funding: the National approves the …

The funding of political parties and voting campaign committees must be more transparent. The National agreed Thursday, by 136 votes to 57, to discuss a counter-project to the popular initiative on the subject. The initiative “For more transparency in the financing of political life” wants to force the parties to communicate each year their balance … Read more