Comments on: At the meeting of the National Sports Council, there will be a discussion about the procedure for the administration of state sports budget funds

Referring to the previous comment. I assume that the other sports officials understand it no worse. The squeals will immediately begin, to which sports federations have been given too little, that all activities must be stopped and the current “order” must not be changed in any way. 🙂

Greenland, US billionaire club funds cobalt research (as ice disappears)

Funding – According to the American newspaper, these investors are financing the Kobold Metals , a US-based mining exploration company based in California. The contribution to research in Greenland would be approximately 15 million dollars. The goal is to control those deposits of precious metals useful for the electricity industry, which are coming to light … Read more

The oil fund’s giant bet | Finansavisen

The country is affected by everything from geopolitical unrest to corona, and several are now predicting a decline in a country that has otherwise been characterized by adventurous growth. Favorable risk? Geopolitical unrest is not always negative. In recent times, it has led to celebrations in the energy sector, but the fund also reports good … Read more

ACT Allegedly Misappropriating Boeing Funds of Rp 107.3 Billion

Jakarta – Dittipidexus Police Criminal Investigation conduct an audit of the Foundation’s flow of funds Action Quick Response (ACT) regarding the alleged misappropriation of donation funds. A total of Rp 107.3 billion in funds from Boeing were allegedly misused. “Based on the results of the investigation by the Bareskrim Polri investigators and the audit team … Read more

IDR 1.7 Trillion Funds Go To ACT, 50 Percent Goes To Personal Pockets

JAKARTA, – Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK) stated that Rp 1.7 trillion of funds flowed to the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation (ACT), and more than half of that value goes to private entities. PPATK chairman Ivan Yustiavanda, Thursday (4/8/2022) in Jakarta, emphasized that his party had frozen 843 accounts, which amounted … Read more

ACT Allegedly Using Boeing Funds Rp 10 Billion Paying Debt Using Fictitious Work Mode

Jakarta – The Dittipideksus Bareskrim Polri found an alleged flow of Rp 10 billion in Boeing donations to the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation (ACT) which is instead used to pay debts. The money was allegedly used in a fictitious cooperation mode. Karo Penmas Divhumas Polri Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan said the cooperation was related to … Read more

TRANSFER EXCHANGE – Get Fresh Funds Again, Barcelona Ready To Transport Bernardo Silva

OLI SCARFF/AFP Bernardo Silva at the ceremony for the Premier League champions Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium (22/5/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – Barcelona again get fresh funds from selling studio assets so as to make a transfer Bernard Silva become very likely to be realized. On transfer market summer 2022, Barcelona unexpectedly moved so aggressively by … Read more

Head of Sharia Cooperative 212 Admits Receiving Funds of IDR 10 Billion from ACT

The disclosure of the flow of funds came after investigators named 4 suspects in this case. They are Ahyudin, as the head of the ACT Foundation Trustee who is also the former President of ACT; Ibnu Khajar, as the administrator of the ACT foundation who now serves as the President of ACT; Hariyana Hermain, Senior … Read more

Funds of Rp 10 billion from ACT to Sharia Cooperative 212 to Pay Debts

Jakarta – The Dittipideksus Bareskrim Polri traces the flow of funds of Rp. 10 billion to the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation (ACT) to the Sharia Cooperative 212 from Boeing. It turned out that the money was used to pay off debts. “The debt payment of one of ACT’s affiliated companies, Rp. 10 billion, comes from … Read more

Placera carries out fund exchange among selected funds in August – takes in Nordic index fund

After July’s gains on the stock market, Placera chooses to replace one of the funds among its selected funds in August. Placera takes home the profit in the index fund PLUS Alla Bolag Sweden Index after a strong month. Instead, you pick up a cheap Nordic index fund in the form of DNB Norden Indeks … Read more