Brussels freezes the sale of furniture from the Hotel Métropole

The Brussels Region has decided to classify new interior elements of the Hôtel Métropole whose sale is looming, said Wednesday the Secretary of State in charge of Heritage, Pascal Smet (Vooruit). According to him, it was during a planned inspection of the Hotel’s furniture, carried out at the request of the Brussels State Secretary for … Read more

Old furniture is less and less successful: ‘People only buy kit furniture anymore’

Too brown, too big, too heavy, too sophisticated… Antique furniture is no longer popular. A drop in demand which consequently leads to a drop in prices. By looking carefully on the internet or in a second-hand shop, you can now hope to equip your entire home for a few tens of euros. These unloved pieces … Read more

‘The living room of shame’: citizens deliver Fedasil furniture to asylum seekers

About fifty citizens delivered Fedasil furniture on Saturday to the building occupied by asylum seekers near the Gare du Nord in Brussels, Belga noted. A symbolic march to deliver the three armchairs was organized by the citizens, members of various support committees for asylum seekers, starting from rue de Louvain. The furniture in question was … Read more

Lithuanian furniture manufacturers are not ready for one exam, but for their entire session

SBA furniture factory “Inno Line”. Company photo At least for a while, spring is associated with tests of knowledge and preparation – exams. Although exams in business usually come unexpectedly and do not have an exact start and end time, the mathematics of the first months of the year can help to form a general … Read more

After three quarters of a century, Kladruby Monastery opens new places for visitors

The largest reconstruction in the modern history of the monastery is over. The project called Life in Order came to 165 million crowns and lasted 2.5 years. It included the reconstruction of the entire old convent, the Paradise courtyard, the first and second floors of the new convent, where two sightseeing routes were created. They … Read more

Depression in Silicon Valley. Fired tech people peddle the office furniture they sat on.

The days of elegantly furnished offices are over. Imago The latest hype in Silicon Valley has nothing to do with crypto, metaverse or chatbots. Because used furniture dealers are doing big business now. The office culture in the tech industry is in a deep crisis. First Corona triggered a home office phase, which also lasted … Read more

American study|PFAS is called “permanent chemical” hidden in easy-to-clean wok furniture Research: Affect children’s development and increase cancer risk – Sky Post – Health – Living Health

PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances) are described as “permanent chemicals” and are widely used in daily necessities such as easy-to-clean woks, furniture, and clothing. However, a new study in the United States found that PFAS may affect children’s development and even increase heart disease. Vascular disease and cancer risk. Added in the same field: Butler Wang|After turning … Read more

Jacques Garcia: the cult Champ-de-Bataille furniture at auction

Thirty years ago, in 1992, the decorator Jacques Garcia acquired the Champ-de-Bataille estate in Normandy. As a child, he had already had a crush on visiting it with his father. This admirable château was commissioned from Le Vau in 1651 by Count Alexandre de Créqui who, for having taken part in the Fronde, had to … Read more

The sales of SBA furniture companies grew by 8 percent last year. up to 389 million euros | Business

This was mainly due to the increase in the cost of products due to the prices of raw materials and energy, SBA said. SBA vice-president Egidijus Valentinavičius says that investments in the furniture sector grew 1.5 times to 72 million last year. euros and was the largest in the group’s history. “Most of them are … Read more