“The mass deportations of Ukrainian children reveal an attempt to eradicate the future of Ukraine”

Dn the war of terror unleashed by Vladimir Putin, the mass deportations of Ukrainian children and their forced adoption are indicative of a global enterprise to eradicate the future of Ukraine. It is not a territorial conflict which would have changed in nature thereafter, but the execution of a plan of annihilation of the Ukrainian … Read more

The future is now! If you drive a Tesla at night, you will pay more for insurance

A very hot topic has developed on Twitter about Tesla and, accordingly, Elon Musk’s approach to making money. A Tesla owner complained that Tesla insurance has become more expensive because he drove the car at night. Tesla also offers its own insurance services, available not only in the US, but also in many parts of … Read more

[Hong Kong Football]Frankly admits that the Hong Kong team is not sure of its strength Anderson: In the future, we must play smarter

[Sports News]The Hong Kong Football Team played a friendly match against Singapore tonight (23rd).In the end, the Mong Kok field was full and the opponent was forced 1:1During the process, the offensive was not converted into goals under the dominance of the game. The only goal came from the opponent’s “own goal”. After the game, … Read more

Epic showed more of what Unreal Engine 5 can do in the future

Epic Games had a bunch of Unreal Engine 5 news to show off at this year’s Game Developers Conference. During the presentation called State of Unreal the developer showed off, among other things, new functions for the game engine, a completely new construction tool for Fortnite and various videos that show where game graphics can … Read more

Fastweb, Walter Renna new CEO: “Ready for future challenges”

Walter Renna, head of Fastweb’s Product Design and Delivery team since 2021 – responsible for marketing, communication, product development and IT – from next October 1st he will assume the position of CEO of the company. Thus confirmed the rumors of recent days on the departure of Alberto Calcagno vhe he will leave the company … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Is the future of romance writers in jeopardy?

Jill Martin Rain Business and Finance Correspondent March 23, 2023 image copyright Julia Quinn photo comment, Romance novel sales have skyrocketed in recent years. Sales of romance novels and romances are still growing, but with the genre so often accused of being stereotypical, are its authors in danger of being replaced by chatbots to write … Read more

Synthetic fuels are expensive, the future is in micromobility, says the head of Cupra

Representatives of the Cupra brand have repeatedly talked about the fact that this “daughter” of Seat has an electric future. On the occasion of the annual press conference, Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat SA, and David Powels, Vice President of Finance, brought it a little closer. One of the interesting pieces of information concerns of … Read more

These zodiac signs will know the future: they will discover the gift of foresight

Sophia Szymanska Message editor 23 Mark 09:50 © Pixabay Few people know how to lift the veil of the future to learn about upcoming events, but the three zodiac signs have this ability to perfection Panna The Earth element deprived these representatives of the zodiac circle of excessive emotionality. Too strong experiences are not characteristic … Read more

Finbee CEO Noreika – about the risks of crowdfunding, banks’ approach to business and future plans

For a long time, banks offering customers zero interest on deposits forced residents to look for more profitable ways to earn from their accumulated funds. Dali dived into the world of crowdfunding, where anyone can feel like a small bank – become a lender and earn from interest. One of the most established peer-to-peer lending … Read more

The future of meteorology focuses on satellites and supercomputers VIDEO – Terra & Poli

Hurricane Florence (September 2018) seen from space (source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA, from Wikipedia) © ANSA/Ansa The future of weather, climate and water across generations is the central theme of World Meteorological Day, which has been celebrated every year on 23 March since the World Meteorological Organization was established in … Read more