“A gentleman”; This is how Carmen Salinas praised Yrma Lydya’s husband

Last night, the murder of the 21-year-old singer Yrma Lydya, artistic goddaughter of Carmen Salinas, was recorded at the hands of her 79-year-old husband, Jesús, in a restaurant in Mexico City. After this tragic event, on social networks, users recalled a conversation between Carmelita Salinas and Yrma Lidia, in which the actress praised the singer’s … Read more

This is how the murder of the singer Yrma Lydia happened

The events occurred in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, where the 79-year-old lawyer Jesús Hernández Alcocer entered the private area of ​​the Suntory restaurant, accompanied by his wife, the 21-year-old singer Yrma Lydya. Moments later, the lawyer began to fight with his wife until he pulled out a gun and shot her to death. As … Read more

Black Wednesday on Wall Street due to inflation; Nasdaq suffers the “bear”

The mid-week session was full of bad news for the New York stock markets, due to the great fears of the market for an imminent stagflation in the United States, since not only is the highest inflation in the last 40 years hitting, but there are recession forecast. The bags. industry index Dow Jones, the … Read more

“It’s not the same”: Otto Sirgo on Amber when she was Lanús’s girlfriend

The foregoing, within the framework of the trial that the actress faces against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, for defamation. “Amber had come to visit Valentino in Mexico. Valentino and I were recording a soap opera together and one of the main sets was a house in Cocoyoc,” he recalled. So, “while Valentino was recording and … Read more

Alberto del Río lamented the death of the mother of his children

After Alberto del Río, a professional wrestler in recent days, requested platelet donors for his ex-wife Ángela Velkei, this Monday he released the unfortunate news of his death. In his social networks José Alberto del Río, real name of the fighter wrote: “It is with pain in my heart and with a torn soul that … Read more

This is how I look without a wig: Marta Guzmán shared a photo without hair

Marta Guzmán was honest with her followers and decided to share a photo in which, along with a text, she explained the moment she is currently going through, in her fight against breast cancer. The driver began her publication with the following lines: “I had not shared any photos like this, not out of pity … Read more

Management: Six Mistakes Every Small Business Should Avoid | PHOTO GALLERIES

PHOTO GALLERY. Small businesses are driving innovation and closing critical gaps in virtually every industry. According to Semrush, small businesses also create 1.5 million jobs and account for 64% of all new jobs in the US, according to the portal entrepreneur. Of course, the purpose of venturing into entrepreneurship differs from one business owner to … Read more

We are ending new projects, but we are staying in Russia. Galleries of companies waiting

When Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a professor at Yale University, compiled a list of companies based on their approach to doing business in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, he aroused a wave of resentment. He marked the companies as at school, when the “five-timers” continued to do business undisturbed and the “ones” withdrew completely. However, there … Read more

Ex-employee of Luis Miguel assures that they did not allow him to see him face to face

In addition, the young woman, identified as Ana Villarin, assured that she had to sign a confidentiality agreement and that is why she cannot reveal more details of how it was to work with the singer. Ana declared: “when Luis Miguel arrived, apart from that he was always very late, that’s why the concerts always … Read more

NHL | The most tragic day in the NHL. Twenty years ago, the puck in the galleries killed

Hundreds of people from West Alexandria, Ohio, gathered at a local church in March 2002 to say goodbye to the girl who attended the hockey game for the first and last time. The Czech quartet Radim Bičánek, Rostislav Klesla, Robert Kron and David Výborný also played for the Blue Jackets in that damn match. Roman … Read more