4 Residents in Thailand Suspected of Cannabis Overdose, 1 Died

Jakarta – Four Thais suspected of having overdosed on marijuana were rushed to a hospital in Bangkok. It is known that one of them has died. Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt said the four people were showing symptoms of a marijuana overdose. They were rushed to a hospital run by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Medical … Read more

Thousands of Residents Invade Thailand’s Marijuana Festival, Full of Smoke and Laughter

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The pungent smell of smoke and laughter could be heard as thousands of residents attended the marijuana festival in Thailand at the end of last week, after the government legalized the use of marijuana for medical and cosmetic purposes. Thousands of people enjoyed the festival organized by the cannabis advocacy group, … Read more

Why Do Breeders in Thailand Feed Cannabis to Chickens?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Some time ago, a community of chicken farmers in Lampang, Thailandreportedly feed their livestock with ganja. As reported The Straits Timesthis method of feeding marijuana to chickens is claimed to improve the quality of the poultry’s meat and eggs. So, what causes communities in Thailand to provide marijuana as food for … Read more

7 Biggest Cannabis Resin Producer Countries in the World

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Thailand will distribute one million trees ganja free to homes from June. The distribution of the plant was carried out to celebrate the government’s decision to legalize the cultivation of marijuana in the country. The cannabis plant itself can be processed into various products, one of which is cannabis resin. This … Read more

Thai Government Distributes 1 Million Cannabis Plants, Free

Jakarta – The Thai government will provide 1 million plants ganja to its citizens from June. What for yes? Recently, Thailand removed marijuana from the list of drugs in its country. The White Elephant Country legalized marijuana in 2018 for research and medical use, but now allows citizens to cultivate the plant at home, as … Read more

Funny! Buying Cannabis Gets Ornamental Plant Leaves, Palembang Man Reports to Police

Palembang – A man in Palembang, South Sumatra (Sumsel) reported to the police station because he claimed to be a victim fraud. The man admitted that he was cheated when he bought marijuana, but was given ornamental plant leaves. In the video circulating, the man feels innocent and comes to the police station. The man … Read more

Taliban Cannabis Attracts IDR 6.5 Trillion of Foreign Investment

loading… Soldiers are among the cannabis plants in Afghanistan. Photo/REUTERS ACCEPTANCE – CPharm International (ECI), a German research and development company, plans to invest millions of dollars in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. They will produce marijuana for medical purposes. Following an unfortunate case of mistaken identity in late 2021, media agency Vice tracked down a German company, … Read more

Marijuana is the mainstay of the Taliban in Afghanistan besides opium

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of groups in Taliban have mainstay commodities other than opium i.e. cannabis or ganja. Cannabis quality in Afghanistan touted to be one of the best in the world, especially in the form of cannabis resin (hasis). Heroin, morphine, opium and marijuana have largely provided the Taliban with substantial income … Read more