Essen: There is a gap in the EMG budget for the Christmas market

Essen. The lack of magic in the booth does not only mean high losses for dealers and showmen: Essen Marketing also lost 830,000 euros. The tills never ring sweeter for Essen’s marketing company EMG than at Christmas time – with all the booth magic in the city center: The traditional Christmas market not only attracts … Read more

Turkey.- Borrell warns Turkey that the gap with the EU increases before the December summit

BRUSSELS, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has sent a warning message to Turkey, noting that the gap between Ankara and the bloc is increasing, as the summit of EU heads of State and Government approaches in which the relationship will be examined. As Borrell explained at the press … Read more

an agreement between the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Education to better protect children

JUSTICE / EDUCATION / “There are about two reports per week made to the Prosecutor”, F. Crouhy School, college or even high school are sometimes places of commission of criminal offenses but also of revelations of criminal offenses whether in the private or family sphere. Because educators or teachers are ” at the heart of … Read more

Barcelona hotels test uses such as ‘housing’ or offices by the hour to alleviate the tourist gap

In the few hotels open in Barcelona Few customers have been seen for months, but even fewer suitcases. The reason is not only the temporary extinction of tourism due to covid-19, but also the undeniable reality that the hotels of 2020 are no longer mere accommodations for a short stay. People who use the rooms … Read more

Liverpool come back against Sheffield and open gap with the two Manchester teams

The Norwegian Sander Berge put the visiting team ahead in the 13th minute, but the reigning champion equalized in the 41st with a goal from Brazilian Roberto Firmino, and took all three points against the 19th thanks to a goal from the Portuguese Diogo Jota 64). Without their defensive wall, the long-injured Dutchman Virgil van … Read more

Larreta organized a mini spiritual retreat to talk about management and asked to “close the gap”

More political news It was a working breakfast. But, for three hours, the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, gathered his entire cabinet in a mini spiritual retreat with the axis in the 2020-2023 management. The meeting started at 8 a.m. yesterday and lasted until 11. Without a cell phone, and between … Read more

NBA: Boston Celtics beat the Miami Heat and closed the gap in the Eastern Conference final

Led by its young figures Jayson Tatum (25 points) and Jaylen Brown (26), Boston Celtics He beat the Miami Heat 117-106 this Saturday in Orlando and reduced the handicap to 2-1 in the final of the Eastern Conference of the NBA. The Celtics made a good difference in the first quarter and then consolidated that … Read more

Dollar CCL and MEP closed unevenly a week with a lot of volatility (gap at 72.6%)

Conversely, The MEP dollar registered a drop of $ 1.73 (-1.4%) in the last five days to $ 120, which left a gap of 61.2%. This Friday it had a rise of just 0.4%. Financial transactions showed a notorious operating retraction this week and will continue to do so until next week the new bonds … Read more

The most powerful collision of black holes ever detected. Its fruit is an object that has filled the learning gap

Gravitational waves travel through the Universe, i.e. waves traveling at the speed of light in the vacuum of space-time deformation. They are produced by extreme astrophysical phenomena and are sometimes caught. Recently, thanks to a specific gravitational wave signal detected on May 21, 2019 by the Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors from America and Virgo … Read more