Remco (26) and Myrthe (25) open cafe De Kazerne together with Ranunkel owner: “A gap had to be filled in Turnhout’s nightlife” | Turnhout

TurnhoutOn the corner of the Grote Markt and the Zegeplein in Turnhout, café De Kazerne will open on Friday, a brown pub that will become a mix of some of the legendary cafés in Turnhout. The owners are Remco Franken and his sister Myrthe, together with Yves Sylverans of café Ranonkel. “We feel that there … Read more

The gap between Intel’s expenses and income continues to grow, but the company is not yet ready to sacrifice dividends

Intel Corporation did not delay with the publication of the annual report on form 10-K, the study of this document made it possible to understand in hot pursuit what problems she has in the financial sector due to the need to increase capital expenditures with falling revenue and income. It is becoming more and more … Read more

3,744.5 billion in Seoul, 3.3 billion in Jeonnam…Last year, a large gap between venture investment regions

Last year, there was also a large gap in venture investment between regions. Seoul, the largest, accounted for 55.3% (3,744.5 billion won) of the total, while Jeonnam, the lowest, only 0.1% (3.3 billion won). Last year, total venture investment amounted to 6,764 billion won, down 11.9% (916.2 billion won) from the previous year. Although the … Read more

Gaping gap city, countryside and politics: especially farmers have lost confidence | Instagram

RESEARCH/with videoThe Netherlands is struggling with deep divisions between the (Rand) city, countryside and politics. Farmers in particular seem to be turning away from other groups in society, according to extensive research by this site and agricultural weekly New harvest. So the gap is deeply felt, but there is also hope. Chris Van Mersbergen 27 … Read more

There seems to be no transfer of Taegeuk Warriors ‘World Cup Special’… The gap between European clubs and the K-League is wide

Kyu-Sung Cho. Reporter Seo Hyeong-kwon [풋볼리스트] Reporter Yoon Hyo-yong = There is a high possibility that Taegeuk Warriors will not go to Europe this winter in the transfer market. After every World Cup, the European football transfer market heats up. Rookie stars who played an active part in the World Cup are courted by many … Read more

A prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 reveals the main improvement over its predecessor, with zero gap between the two sides of the foldable

About a week ago I found out that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 it will make major design improvements over its predecessor, with the list being a less visible crease in the middle of the foldable screen plus a flap that closes completely flat, with no gap between the two halves of the assembly. Today also … Read more

YB widens the gap again – La Liberté

The resumption of Super League smiled on the Bernese leader, winner at Grasshoppers Good humor reigns among the Young Boys, who prance at the top of the Super League standings. © KeystoneGood humor reigns among the Young Boys, who prance at the top of the Super League standings. © Keystone Published on 23.01.2023 Estimated reading … Read more

Arsenal extended their gap in England after dominating the derby

In the 14th minute, the goalkeeper of the home team threw the ball into his own goal Hugo Llorisas, and 36 min. the midfielder excelled with a powerful long shot Martin Odegaard. The active player contributed significantly to both goals Bukayo Saka. In the second half, “Tottenham” recovered somewhat, but did not change either the … Read more

Menstrual complaints in top athletes ‘taboo and gap in medical knowledge’

Pro Shots NOS Sport•yesterday, 08:25 Anne van Eijk editor NOS Sport Anne van Eijk editor NOS Sport “It’s a taboo,” says Emma Paternotte, a gynecologist in training, without a doubt. She answers the question why top athletes only rarely talk about menstrual problems, while it can really affect their performance. Jutta Leerdam, on the other … Read more

“Coalition of Similar Things” Confronting the West, How International Dynamics Change with China’s Arab Approach Recession of US Presence, Xi Jinping Threading the Gap (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

Xi Jinping fills the void as US presence declines President Xi Jinping visits Saudi Arabia and meets with King Salman (right) (Photo: Xinhua/Aflo) Go to gallery page (Toshiyuki Yamanaka: Author/Doctor of International Public Policy) Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for three days starting December 7. He met with King Salman and his … Read more