Deadly Outbreak in the US Attacks US Gay and Bisexual Men, these are the symptoms

Jakarta – The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports the worst outbreak of meningococcal disease among gay and bisexual men in US history. Reports until last Friday (26/6) there were 26 cases and seven deaths, 24 of which were men who had sex with men. Six of the reported deaths were … Read more

New York prioritizes gay men for monkeypox vaccination

After the UK Health Safety Agency on Tuesday recommended vaccinating gay and bisexual men to try to control the monkeypox outbreak, on Thursday it was the Department of Health’s turn. of New York to adopt the measure. The municipal administration reinforced that anyone can catch and spread smallpox, however, men from the LGBT+ community have … Read more

Preventing PMK Disease Transmission, Central Aceh Agriculture Service Starts Vaccination

KBA.ONE, Takengon – The Central Aceh Agriculture Service has started to vaccinate livestock in the cool air district. The main objective is to prevent the spread of Mouth and Nail Diseases (PMK). The PMK vaccine was received by the Central Aceh Agriculture Service from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia as many … Read more

Voting, climate and gay marriage – World are also in the sights of the Supreme Court

Not just abortion and weapons. With a Supreme Court dominated by a majority of six conservative judges – including three appointed by Donald Trump – other fundamental rights and values, from climate to religion and voting, are at stake. The new test will be the latest sentences by the beginning of July, when the highest … Read more

The Pride excludes gay policemen, there is a storm on the organizers – Chronicle

Close to the Pride in Bologna, the demonstration for LGBT + rights is discussing the decision of the organizers, the Rivolta Pride network, to exclude Polis Aperta, the association that brings together homosexuals who work in the police and in the armed forces, from participation. To denounce the situation, as reported by the Resto del … Read more

UK wants to vaccinate ‘at risk’ gay men against monkeypox

The British health agency recommended this June 21 the vaccination against monkeypox to “at risk” gay men, such as those who have many sexual partners, a group highly affected by the recent wave of contagion. “Although anyone can get monkeypox, current data shows higher levels of transmission between (although not only) the sexual networks of … Read more

UK recommends monkeypox vaccination for gay and bisexual men

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has recommended that homosexual and bisexual men be offered monkeypox vaccines, as they are “at higher risk of exposure” to the virus. with close to 800 cases registered in the countrythe entity has published a new strategy on how to offer the Imvanex vaccine against the disease to men … Read more

First Gay Teen Romance Movie

Walt Disney Animation Studios will premiere in November “Strange World” (A Strange World), an animated film that will feature the first openly gay teen romance in the company’s history. Last week, the company was embroiled in controversy following the release of its children’s movie “Lightyear,” a spin-off of the Toy Story saga, which is criticized … Read more

UK to make monkeypox vaccines available for gay and bisexual men – Coimbra News

The UK will start making vaccines available to some men who have sex with men and are at greater risk of contracting the ‘Monkeypox’ virus, British health authorities announced Tuesday. Experts are considering vaccinating some men at higher risk of exposure to human infection with the ‘Monkeypox’ virus, the UK’s Health Safety Agency said in … Read more

Monkey pox. UK wants to vaccinate ‘at risk’ gay men

The British health agency on Tuesday recommended the vaccination against monkeypox of gay men considered “at risk”. Included in this category are homosexuals who have multiple partners. This audience is particularly affected by the recent spread. Usually circulating in Central and West Africa, monkeypox is, outside of Europe, now present in Australia, the Middle East, … Read more