Economist: We can get through next winter without Russia

Looking back, we see that Russian Gazprom did not fill the storage tanks it had rented in Europe before the heating season in autumn 2021. Did no one notice? Law wrote about it in August of that year. In my opinion, this is one of the proofs that Russia has been preparing for war in … Read more

In January, Gazprom’s gas exports through Ukraine fell to an all-time low

Gas transit from Russia to the EU fell sharply last May, when Ukraine cut transit through the Sochranovka station. This is the transit route to Europe for roughly a third of the total volume of Russian gas transported through Ukraine. Kyiv justified the measure with the activities of the Russian occupation forces. However, the newspaper … Read more

“Gazprom” emptied the accounts of the largest oil and gas company in Germany

Almost 2 billion euros of Wintershall’s cash has disappeared. Gazprom took control of the joint ventures of a German company in Siberia and emptied their joint bank accounts / REUTERS illustration The fate of the Russian business of the largest German oil and gas company Wintershall is a sign of the plight of Western companies … Read more

Expert: Gas will become cheaper by so much that ceilings will no longer be necessary

So far, the mild winter has meant that gas consumption is lower than in previous years. Are the words of the politicians true that we will survive it without problems? We will definitely make it through the winter. What about next year? In order to make it through next year as well, we need to … Read more

Slovakia is on alert. Our twin in the Czech Republic was not paid by the Russians for gas transportation

This is how Russian President Vladimir Putin consulted with the head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, at the end of last year. PHOTO: Reuters The Russian side did not reimburse the Czech Republic for the gas transportation fee, despite previous agreements. That is why Slovakia is also currently on alert, through which Moscow still orders transit … Read more

Gazprom: Russian gas exports fell sharply in 2022

According to the Russian gas giant, 100.9 billion cubic meters of gas were exported to countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States (SUS) in 2022. In 2021, the volume was 185.1 billion cubic metres. All in all, gas production fell by 20 per cent to 412 billion cubic meters during last year, the company said … Read more

The head of Gazprom admits: ‘2022 is a very difficult year’ – World

The CEO of Gazprom Alexei Miller today acknowledged that 2022 has been “a very difficult year” for his groupmarked by a major change of strategy, with exports now turning to Asia after the crisis between Moscow and the West. “I want to point out right away that 2022, of course, proved to be very, very … Read more

“You are only interested in your own power. The Russian-led boxers are in danger of being dropped from the Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has threatened the long-criticized association IBA with the exclusion of boxing from the Olympic program already for the Paris Games, which will take place in a year and a half. He blames the organization, which is led by the Russian Umar Kremlyev and is financially dependent on the energy company Gazprom, … Read more

What happened after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Day 290 – Mir – Kommersant

An air defense system went off over Simferopol. All subscribers in Odessa are disconnected from electricity. Kyivvodokanal recommended that residents of the Ukrainian capital stock up on water. Banks in the Kherson region ahead of schedule began the exchange of hryvnia for rubles. The United States no longer requires Ukraine not to strike Russia, sources … Read more