The missing German boy was found after eight days in the canal

Eight-year-old Joe went missing from his family’s garden in the German town of Oldenburg on June 17, sparking a massive police search. It was reported by the British BBC website. Based on the findings so far, it appears that he was playing on the property in front of his house and, according to the police, … Read more

Do not underestimate the Senegalese lion.. Mane chose the right time to pounce on the German League

Sadio Mane is expected to be the number one star in the Bundesliga next season, after moving to Bayern Munich from Liverpool. After years of living under the Egyptian Mohamed Salah in Liverpool, Senegalese Sadio Mane decided to leave Anfield for Bayern Munich. Mane ended a six-year career with Liverpool, during which he was one … Read more

Italian PM: Jokowi Says Putin Will Not Attend G20 Summit in Bali

BERLIN, – Italian Prime Minister (PM) Mario Draghi said on Tuesday (28/6/2022), that the chairman of the G20 2022, Joko Widodo, had ruled out the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia in November, a statement the Kremlin quickly dismissed. Indonesia holds a rotating G20 presidency this year and Western … Read more

Putin is pushing the German economy to a critical point

Such concerns are pressing across Europe’s largest economy, which is rocked by an unprecedented energy crisis. What began as a vague foreboding of reduced Russian gas supplies is now quite real. Only subscribers can read the full article By becoming a subscriber, you support independent authors and journalists. A strong and free media is a … Read more

The German general warns about the Baltic states: Putin may have illusions here

“It is for this reason that the issue of credible deterrence in this region is extremely important to me. The presence of ground forces plays a key role here,” the lieutenant general, who took over command of the command at the end of last year, told the German news agency dpa. Under his leadership, more … Read more

Vitali Klitscho, Ukraine | False Klitschko on video chat with German rapporteurs

The comments expresses the writer’s opinions. Berlin’s mayor Franziska Giffey was hooked up last Friday for a video meeting with colleague Klitschko from the Ukrainian capital. The former boxing world champion is a well-known figure in Germany. It is also common knowledge that he speaks excellent both German and English. But no alarm bells rang, … Read more

N. Čanakas will not train at Ratiopharm – the Slovak will take the helm of the German club

Ulm Ratiopharm to play in European Cup announcement to take over as head coach Antonas Gavelas. A Slovak with a 37-year-old German passport will replace Jakas Lakovičius, who moved to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. A. Gavelas completed his career as a professional basketball player in 2018, and since 2019. coached the Ratiopharm backup team … Read more

Lantu FREE 2022 prepares to challenge German models

In the market for medium and large crossovers, you can see many models equipped with six-cylinder engines, for example, BMW X5 i X7. However, Lantu FREE 2022 from Dongfeng ready to challenge their German counterparts. Lantu FREE combines different power systems and can be divided into an extended range version and a pure electric version. … Read more

German Biopharmaceutical BioNTech Builds First Vaccine Production Plant in Africa | The World | D.W.

The German pharmaceutical company BioNTech began this Thursday (06.23.2022) the construction in Rwanda of the first production plant for vaccines based on mRNA technology in Africa. The first containers for production, known as “BioNTainers”, will be delivered to the plant by the end of 2022, a company spokeswoman said during a groundbreaking ceremony in the … Read more

The German philosopher who examined Putin’s statements spoke extremely vividly

Because Putin’s propaganda war In Ukraine In his conversation with the philosopher, the daily Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung alluded to the “sunset of the West”, a famous work by Oswald Spengler. Yes, almost a hundred years ago, Spengler really hoped for vast areas of Russia and Eurasia, thinking of seeing the “wasted desert” from which the … Read more