MVP reputations in LA! NBA star with German grandma writes a fairy tale

MVP shouts! NBA hero with a German grandma LeBron on Abdul-Jabbar: “Then it will come as it has to come” Dennis Schröder and the LA Lakers celebrate a vital victory against the Orlando Magic with Franz Wagner. A Schröder colleague with German roots plays the game of his life. National basketball team captain Dennis Schröder … Read more

German journalist – frankly about the real German plans for the brigade and loud statements of Lithuanian politicians

Although the deployment of the German brigade is constantly the subject of fierce disputes in Lithuania, the German journalist assured that the loud statements of Lithuanian politicians or the issue of the brigade itself are not of interest to the German public. True, the attitude of the German population towards the future support of the … Read more

200 million dollars. German fashion designer treats himself to a dream villa.

Designer Philipp Plein at the fashion show in Los Angeles in his studio with rapper Offset in March 2023. The German fashion designer has bought a new villa in Los Angeles. This is Philipp Plein’s new mansion called Chateau Falconview. The 45-year-old fashion impresario’s estate is worth $200 million. Philipp Plein is building his dream … Read more

German authorities shut down the biggest money launderer on the darknet

Darknet was originally created with a noble idea, it was supposed to be a space on the Internet without regulations and state supervision. So at first it served primarily as an anonymous digital space in countries where there is severe censorship on the networks, and it serves these purposes even now. Gradually, however, the darknet … Read more

British and German fighters intercept Russian aircraft over Estonia – World

More than ten Russian military jets of the Baltic Sea Fleet, including Su-27s and Su-30SMs, conducted an exercise in the sky above Kaliningrad today to simulate the interception and destruction of conventional enemy targets. This was announced by the press service of the fleet quoted by the Tass agency. News that comes after that British … Read more

A German company with a huge penalty. It broke sanctions against Russia

The Kiel prosecutor’s office, which applied for a criminal order, told SWR that there was sufficient suspicion of a breach of the Foreign Trade Act. The penalty order is now final. Penalty for a German company for violating sanctions Authorities did not specify which company it was. The prosecution has already confirmed that conducts an … Read more

A Russian warplane has been intercepted by UK and German fighters near the NATO border

A Russian military plane has been intercepted by the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and a German jet after being identified close to NATO airspace. Turn on notifications to receive updates on A Russian military plane has been intercepted by the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and a German jet after being identified close to … Read more

German railways rely on China’s Huawei for digitization

Last December, DB awarded a contract for the supply of most of the components for its new IP network worth 64 million euros (CZK 1.5 billion) to a company using the technology of the Chinese firm Huawei. The IP network will form the backbone of a new digital infrastructure that will allow state carrier DB … Read more

Complete results of the 2023 German Open final, Korea is the overall champion

There is no list of reigning champions to repeat the success Baek Ha Na/Lee So Hee ( The 2023 German Open has officially ended. The series of BWF Super 300 tournaments have completed the final round matches on Sunday (12/3/2023) yesterday in Mulheim, Germany. There is no list of defending champions who have successfully defended … Read more

German researchers have succeeded in making solar panels clean themselves

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