Fight against ghost guns, Biden wants mandatory registration of homemade weapons

The fight against gun ownership in the United States is entering a new phase. President Biden wants to end the DIY kits that allow Americans to easily assemble a weapon at the kitchen table. With the new law, he wants to ensure that these so-called Ghost Guns be registered with the government, that there is … Read more

Fisco, with the new land registry, the hunt for ghost houses will start

Listen to the audio version of the article Yet another restyling of the text of the tax delegation, based onmajority agreement which put back on track the reform that had stalled in the Finance Committee of the House, has all the contours of a compromise. The new land registry, if it ever sees the light, … Read more

Ukrainian military admits the ghost of Kiev is an empty hoax

loading… Ukrainian fighter jets emit anti-missile flares. Photo/REUTERS KIEV – The fighter hero “Kiev Ghost” who is alleged to have shot down a number of Russian planes over Ukraine is nothing more than a legend. The Ukrainian Air Force acknowledged that in a statement Tuesday, pouring cold water on the story even after the media … Read more

Ukraine Makes Up The Story Of A Fighter Pilot Called The ‘Ghost Of Kiev’, Turns Out To Be A Fairy Tale

Author: Setya Krisna Sumarga SERAMBINEWS.COM, MOSCOW – The story of the fighter pilot nicknamed ‘The ghost of Kiev’ is nothing more than a fictional tale or legend. air Force Ukraine has admitted in a statement, quoted by Russia Today, Tuesday (3/5/2022). The clarification was like pouring cold water on a thriller, after the media insisted … Read more

Bal Baladi: Prepare your money for a phone, and you will be the first one. Cello: The New Ghost of Games

Books – Al-Basheer Get ready for a new phone of its kind. You will be the first cello among your friends and family, because it is distinguished in terms of its name and capabilities. The Nubia company, a subsidiary of the Chinese company ZTE, launched the Red Magic 7 Pro phone last February, the super … Read more

Do not end the ghost fun –

The plans were revealed by the company Sony during a presentation at the Cinemacon trade fair in Las Vegas, writes Deadline. The sequel is delayed Sony’s animated sequel to the Oscar-winning film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” will be moved from October 7 this year to June 2, 2023. The new sequel will be the fifth … Read more

The Ukrainian air force has denied the death of the “ghost of Kiev” and explained the situation

This means that the dead Ukrainian pilot Stepan Tarabalka is not a “ghost of Kiev” and has not shot down 40 Russian planes. The image of the “ghost of Kiev” – a superhero-legend was created by the Ukrainians. It is rather a general image of the pilots of the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade of the … Read more

Legendary ‘Ghost of Kiev’ Pilot Who Downed 40 Russian Airplanes Reportedly Killed Last Month

Major Stephan Tarabalka, believed to be the Ghost of Kiev, the legendary Ukrainian pilot who downed 40 Russian planes, was reported to have died in fighting last month. (Source: Daily Mail) Writer : Haryo Jati | Editor : Edy A. Putra KIEV, KOMPAS.TV – The legendary Ukrainian pilot nicknamed Ghost of Kiev reported to have … Read more