completely!! Leaked spec sheet: Nothing phone (1) uses a 120Hz screen, 50MP camera and uses Gorilla Glass on both the front and back.

Nothing phone (1) Prepare to be officially launched on July 12th. Now, although many specifications have been confirmed. But most recently, there was a specification sheet that came out completely. Makes us know the specification in more detail ever. Exclusive :Nothing Phone 1 specifications. – 6.55″ OLED display with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate– Gorilla glass … Read more

A glass of drinker’s body dries up the inflammation! It is perfect for constipation, it heals with every sip…

This plant, which can grow up to about 12-15 cm, continues to be a panacea. This licorice root plant, which is a legume, is a species that grows in wet and humid places. The shape of the leaves of the licorice root, which dates back to ancient times, resembles a wing. The syrup obtained from … Read more

China Finds Silica Glass in Lunar Soil Samples

Month Sample No. 001 Which Was Brought Back By Chang’e Rides – Image from Global Times Beijing, – Chinese scientists find high pressure minerals in regolite samples moon, carried by satellites Chang’e-5 for the first time. Reported from Global Times on Tuesday (21/6/22), this discovery provided important evidence of an ejecta impact near the … Read more

The profitability of Moroccan banks under the magnifying glass

Their overall net profit has reached pre-pandemic levels, boosted by lower loan impairment charges, Fitch Ratings points out. We expect the positive trend to continue, but it could be slowed as adverse global economic conditions ripple through the local economy and put pressure on asset quality. The aggregate net profit of the seven banks (AttijariWafa … Read more

Wimbledon qualifiers, half-empty glass for Italtennis on the first day

Today the first tranche of matches valid for the men’s qualifiers was staged a Wimbledon 2022. The balance is not very positive for theItaltennis: of the sixteen Italian players who took to the field during the day, only six gained access to the second round of the cadet draw. Wimbledon, the blue balance after the … Read more

Partygoers pelt police with glass bottles, officer injured after being bitten in arm (Turnhout)

Turnhout – Three inspectors of the local police Turnhout were injured on Sunday morning, shortly after 6 a.m., during an intervention near the Futur party hall in the Wezenstraat in Turnhout. There the Summer Colors party came to an end and a number of visitors to the event had come to blows. Marc Peeters Tuesday, … Read more

Scientists call it “golden tea”! Drinking a glass after every meal gets rid of diabetes – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health Scientists call it “golden tea”! Drinking a glass after every meal gets rid of diabetes The hormone called insulin secreted by the pancreas has an important role in regulating blood sugar. However, people with type 2 diabetes have to struggle with diabetes due to the unbalanced release of this hormone. Because … Read more

Looking Glass Factory unveils world’s largest 65-inch holographic display

Looking Glass Factory has introduced a 65-inch 3D holographic display, which its representatives themselves call the largest solution of its kind in the world. The New York-based 8K model was shown at the Augmented World Expo. Image Source: Looking Glass According to Shawn Frayne, the head of the company, the era of holographic displays is … Read more