SpaceX Launches Glass Dome For Astronauts

Illustration of Hubble Approaching AG Carinae. Photo: Ist/Net Hubble approached AG Carinae to reveal the dual nature of the giant star. It has another name, namely HD 94910, an old giant star. NASA released these observations and determined that AG Carinae was the 31st Hubble target. Starting April 2021, this will be a highlight from … Read more

The glass is full! Gábor Krausz defended Gabit Tóth, this is the message to everyone – Metropol

As we wrote earlier, Gabi Tóth spoke unabashedly about how much it hurts himthat so many have hurt him and his loved ones in recent weeks. At Gábor Krausz the glass was finally filled after there was a commentator who wished their common child the worst possible thing. The chef wrote his opinion on his … Read more

LG’s New Material Makes Foldable Screens As Strong As Glass

The market for foldable smartphones will continue to grow in the coming years. Manufacturers are therefore working hard on materials that can strengthen the foldable screen of these devices. LG Chem has now developed a foldable material that can be placed on these screens and must be as hard as the glass on regular smartphones. … Read more

Two new variants of the coronavirus under the magnifying glass of researchers around the world | Coronavirus

Another variant, still known as C.1.2, worries scientists in South Africa, who are studying its mutations in an attempt to understand how it behaves. Do these new variants represent a threat in the fight against COVID-19 in Canada? For now, the Delta variant, considered extremely contagious, remains largely predominant and accounts for up to 90% … Read more

New Design of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, There is a Glass Dome that Offers a View of the Earth

CALIFORNIA, – SpaceX has showcased the main features of the Crew Dragon spaceship. The new design includes a glass dome that offers the crew a panoramic view of the Earth and beyond. The first image of the dome appeared in an Inspiration4 tweet on September 1st. The photos show each crew peeking out of … Read more

Drinking a glass in Portugal is more expensive than the average price in the EU – Economy

With the reopening of bars and clubs, going out for a drink is once again part of the routine of some Portuguese people, but the bill may not come cheap. The price level of alcoholic beverages in Portugal (105.9) is higher when compared to the average price index in the European Union (100), according to … Read more

Drinks in glass bottles are returned to supermarkets. They will be backed up – ČT24 – Czech Television

In recent years, glass bottles have become more of a restaurant privilege. Soft drinks in these packages are now being returned to supermarkets. In September, for example, Karlovy Vary mineral water will introduce them there. “There are customers who regret that they are not backed up petals and want to return the packaging to us. … Read more

A woman BANNED from the Antwerp zoo because of her “relationship” with a chimpanzee: she kisses Chita through the glass (video)

© Youtube – De Telegraph – ATV wafts was banned from the Antwerp Zoo because of her long-standing emotional relationship with a chimpanzee. The resident of Deurne admits having a close relationship with Chita. THEZoo officials say this causes problems for the animal because other monkeys are now ignoring it, according to a report, … Read more

Lack of sheets, metals, wood, glass and building materials. Prices continue to rise, what caused the material crisis? – People – Economics

According to analyst at Jana Glasová, producer prices are rising due to the material crisis. SITA, TASR 27.08.2021 11:28 In July, industrial producer prices for the Czech Republic rose by 5.5 percent year on year. Prices of water and waste supply increased by 7 percent, mining and quarrying by 6.6 percent, industrial production by … Read more

Ambulance Driver Excitedly Overtakes President’s Entourage, Jokowi’s Car Opens the Glass and Gives Responses That Makes Happy – Driver Ambulance Deg-degan cross The President’s entourage, Jokowi’s car opens the window and gives a response that makes him happy The convoy of President Joko Widodo’s entourage, crossed Jalan DI Pandjaitan, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, last Tuesday (24/8/2021) it was not as neat as usual. Suddenly a car forced to follow the group. Even … Read more