Pokémon GO: December 2021 Events – Highlights, Raids, and Details

Has already started new december month, the last of the year 2021, and Pokmon GO intends to start today the new Legacy Season along with a lot of news. Niantic’s popular mobile title recently shared all details for December 2021, from their new events, changes and rotations in featured Pokémon, and much more. Below we … Read more

Nongshim Cup Jingshan wins Bian Sangyi to take two consecutive victories

Original title: Nongshim Cup Jingshan wins Bian Xiangyi to take two consecutive victories​​​Tomorrow China Li Qincheng attack On November 27th, Beijing time, the seventh round of the second round of the 23rd Nongshim Cup was held online. Japan’s No. 1 Go player Yuta Iyama, after reversing and defeating the Chinese team’s Fan Ting-yu yesterday, today … Read more

Four years in prison for Francis, 71, the Forem doctor who was gossiping and raping his patients!

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 11:21 a.m. Through AN.D. Francis, 71, denied outright the accusations of all his victims: he spoke of “medical gestures”. In court, Francis, 71, denied the facts: “I have never attacked anyone’s modesty throughout my career. It is true that I sometimes palpated the breasts of these patients as … Read more

Souta Fujii “4 crowns” 100 million yen Amount worth the feat of a teenager: J-CAST Trend[Full text display]

Shogi Souta Fujii 3 crowns (19) = throne, Eio, Kisei = became the dragon king on November 13, 2021 over the 34th Ryuo match against Masayuki Toyoshima (31). At 19 years and 3 months, he became the youngest four crown in history. It is said that the total prize money won will increase significantly and … Read more

Ke Jie vs. Shen Zhenzhen 11 wins and 5 losses LG Cup key game related to the trend of China and South Korea Go

Original title: Ke Jie vs. Shen Zhenzhen 11 wins and 5 losses. The LG Cup key battle is about the trend of China and South Korea Go On November 10th, Beijing time, the semi-finals of the 26th LG Cup World Chess King Tournament will continue online. In the other semi-finals that took the lead yesterday, … Read more

“Our companies are small but they are capable of going international”

Posted on Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 8:28 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo officially inaugurated, this Sunday afternoon, the Wallonia-Brussels week at the Dubai Universal Exhibition. Initially scheduled for 2020 then postponed following the health crisis, the latter finally opened on October 1 and closed on March 31, 2022. Some … Read more

Pokémon GO: How to beat Darkrai in raids? Best counters (2021)

The raids out of 5 stars from Pokmon GO, Niantic’s mobile game, receive as of today Friday, October 22, 2021 to the fourth generation singular Pokémon: Darkrai, Sinister type. Darkrai’s appearance is due to the current Halloween event 2021 and it will only be for a limited time, so if you want to get it … Read more

Play! Pokémon pulls out all the stops for 2022

For Play! Pokémon 2022, the World Championship for Everything Pokémon, The Pokémon Company International will host more events than ever before. The company makes this known in a statement to the press. Of course, titles are being fought for in the TCG, the most recent mainline games and Pokkén, but next year Pokémon: GO will … Read more

“It is clearly grossophobia”

Posted on Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 5:55 a.m. Through L.S. Sunday, Elisa, a 19-year-old girl from Liège was refused access to an attraction for a security issue. A refusal that the young girl considers justified on the merits, but that she denounces on the way since the showman after having mimed overweight, told her … Read more