Gold price expectations in the Egyptian and global market during January 2022.. Video

Aswaq program presented in a new episode, special coverage on the future of the movement gold prices And expectations of the gold market in Egypt and global stock exchanges, in addition to indicators that suggest a decline in gold, with the possibility of raising interest rates in the United States of America. And she was … Read more

Gold prices today in Egypt.. 21 karat records 808 pounds per gram

Gold price in Egypt It recorded a decline at the end of the trading sessions this week, after falling gold price On the global stock exchange, it reached levels of 1846 dollars per ounce, and 21 karat gold, which is the most traded, recorded 808 pounds per gram, compared to 812 pounds, down by 4 … Read more

Where are gold prices headed after rising to the highest level in 6 months? Video

achieved gold prices Its highest levels in almost 6 months globally and locally, as the price of the precious metal rose to 1864 dollars per ounce in global stock exchanges according to the closing price of the market yesterday, Friday, and in Egypt the price rose to 812 pounds per gram of the main caliber. … Read more

Gold prices today, Monday in Egypt, 24 karat records 890 pounds

Gold prices today, Monday In Egypt, stability is now recorded at the beginning of trading, after the weekly holiday for the gold market, and trading in gold in Egypt has stopped during the past 48 hours, and 24 carat is recorded at a price of 890 pounds per gram. Gold prices today 18 caliber records … Read more

The shares of imported gold are declining against the Egyptian industry due to the loss of the weight of the cloves

Mamdouh Abdullah, an expert in precious metals markets, confirmed that the gold of the local industry has become of a quality that exceeds the imported gold, pointing to the importance of raising awareness of the need to buy national production instead of importing, because Egyptian factories now offer their production that exceeds foreign ones in … Read more

Gold prices today.. The market awaits the federal budget in America

waiting gold market Today, Monday, the beginning of this week’s dealings, the announcement of the federal budget in the United States of America, and it may contain numbers and trends that investors in the gold and precious metals markets can take as a way to understand the directions of the American administration during the coming … Read more

Gold prices today in Egypt.. Markets are awaiting the announcement of Japanese GDP

Today, Tuesday, the global market for precious metals awaits a number of economic events, reports and important data that will affect the status of gold trading on international stock exchanges. Today, Tuesday, September 7, 2021, the decision and interest statement from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the speech of a member of the Monetary Policy … Read more

Gold prices today, Thursday.. 3 new events that the market awaits

watching market gold There are no economic events, reports or speeches, because they contribute in one way or another to drawing the shape of the movement of the global gold market, as gold continues to move in a very limited global price channel. The global gold “ounce” is still in the averages of 1810 to … Read more

Gold prices in Egypt today 8/29/2021

saw prices gold in Egypt Remarkable stability today, Sunday, in conjunction with the weekly holiday for the goldsmiths market in Egypt, and the trading of the precious metal stopped on international stock exchanges, and 21 karat gold, which is the best seller in Egypt, recorded 792 pounds per gram. Gold prices today in Egypt, 18 … Read more

Egypt News.. The second phase of coordination begins on Tuesday.. 62.07% minimum for science and 58.05% for literary

The seventh day published a set of important news during the past few hours, on top of which was what the Minister of Higher Education announced that the second phase of coordination will start next Tuesday, and will continue until Saturday, September 4, and it is expected that approximately 243 thousand students will be accommodated … Read more