What happened to the gold market and caused prices to rise by 160 pounds within a week?

Gold prices in Egypt witnessed a rise from 1290 pounds per gram from 21 karat to 1450 pounds, an increase of 160 pounds in just one week, since last Saturday until now, so what happened in the markets, Mohsen Fawzy, a member of the Board of Directors of the Precious Metals Division, this significant rise … Read more

Event prediction from Necmettin Batırel! “My guess is, the movement has started there”

Economics writer, who made a name for himself with his predictions about the economy and is one of the names that investors follow closely. Necmettin Batirel made a new statement. Commenting on the rise of gram gold after the US inflation data came below expectations Batirelalso made a new forecast for the future of gold … Read more

The gold market has swept up! Prices are upside down! ONS and gram gold prices have been re-determined! Gold prices in 10 days… How much is an 18, 22 carat bracelet today? – Gallery

What is the latest situation in gold prices? The ounce price of gold fell to $ 1622 in today’s procedures, reaching the lowest level since October 21. While the highest is at $ 1641, it is moving at $ 1622 with a decrease of 0.74 percent in the following minutes. Gram gold, while moving downwards … Read more

Gold prices today drop by 10 pounds, and 21 karat records 1215 pounds

Gold prices fell today by about 10 pounds, at the beginning of the week’s trading, after the liberalization of the exchange rate and the occurrence of large jumps in the price of the dollar against the pound, and 21 carat, which is the best-selling in Egypt, fell from 1225 pounds per gram to 1215 pounds. … Read more