Who is the boss in the house: the one-year-old baby Plushenko disposed of Rudkovskaya’s favorite pets like a director

Yulia Filatova Little Arseny decided that they had no place in the cage. Evgeni Plushenko with children. Photo: instagram.com/plushenkoofficial/ Little son Evgenia Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya Arseny grows by leaps and bounds. The baby turned one year old in the fall, and, given how quickly time flies, mom tries to capture his every step. Caution, … Read more

Staggered return to classes begins in Cuba after vaccination of young people

After nine months closing, the Cuban students from 16 to 18 years they returned this Monday to lessons, after you’ve been vaccinated against him covid-19, while the More smalls they will do it in November. The President Miguel Díaz-Canel and the Minister of education, Ena Elsa Velazquez, attended a modest event at the new ‘Carlos … Read more

Klava Koka in the image of a lascivious bride in a transparent dress showed “buns”

Yulia Filatova The singer did not hesitate to show what should be hidden from the eyes of others. Klava Coca. Photo: instagram.com/klavacoca/ Singer Claudia Vysokova, best known by her pseudonym Klava Coca, increasingly pleases fans with new hits. They react no less violently to the images of the girl in videos and at concerts. Managed … Read more

Alla Pugacheva in a lush total image of ecru color blew up the Network

Yulia Filatova The celebrity this time abandoned the usual black clothes. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. Photo: instagram.com/maxgalkinru/ Recently Alla Pugacheva appeared in public exclusively in black. A celebrity even on the birthday of her twins Lisa and Harry shone in total black… And therefore, her next appearance in public in a radically new image … Read more

Natalia Durán reappeared at a Tik Tok dance with her daughter

On social media, Natalia Duran He reappeared and gave new details of his state of health. Natalia Durán reappeared at a Tik Tok dance with her daughter. At the beginning of the year, the Colombian actress surprised her fans with a harsh revelation: she had to start fighting against thyroid cancer. From that moment on, … Read more

Aziza explained why Rasputina has family problems

Alexey Zayakin As the singer noted, her colleague had great misunderstandings in the family. Aziza. Photo: Globallookpress.com Singer Aziza said that her colleague Masha Rasputina more than sipped grief, first with the first, and then with the second daughter. However, she does not consider the performer a bad mother. Masha Rasputin. Photo: Globallookpress.com “The problems … Read more

“It went straight from RCN to Caracol,” they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a program

“It came straight from RCN a snail“. That’s what they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a show. The Colombian singer is one of the most talked about in the country. Many love her, others not so much, but the truth is that she is always giving something to talk about. During this year the … Read more

Texas Governor Prohibits Covid Vaccines From Mandatory

The governor dand Texas, the republicano Gregg Abbottannounced on Monday that prohibits the mandatory from vaccine against him covid-19 for any entity in that southern United States state, including private businesses. I issued an Executive Order prohibiting vaccination mandates by ANY entity in Texas, “the Governor wrote on Twitter. Abbot added that the covid vaccine … Read more

Averin said that he is connected with Yakunina

Alexey Zayakin The stars of Sklifosovsky are often credited with relationships. Maxim Averin and Anna Yakunina. Photo: Globallookpress.com Actor Maxim Averin in the studio of the program “The Fate of a Man” on the channel “Russia 1” commented on rumors of an affair with actress Anna Yakunina. She played together in the series “Sklifosovsky”. Star … Read more

The Aztec sun dims its brilliance; PRD will be a new party

MEXICO CITY. The Aztec Sun, an emblem adopted by the PRD since its founding in 1989, will cease to shine before the end of the year, as part of the re-founding of the party, to now become a new social-democratic force. Today the PRD is in a dilemma: change its logo or name, and for … Read more