Investigation indicates Russia is smuggling Ukrainian grain

The Associated Press (AP) news agency and the PBS channel program “Frontline” have accused Russia in a joint investigation of smuggling Ukrainian grain in order to help the Russians in the war in Ukraine. The news was reported on Monday by the AP, which writes that when the cargo ship Laodicea docked in Lebanon last … Read more

The Taliban agreed to supply millions of tons of fuel and grain from Russia

Minister Aziz explained that his department is working to diversify trade partners and that Russia has offered the Taliban government a discount on commodities compared to their average global prices. The upcoming contract could help the radical Islamist movement ease its isolation that has cut it off from the international banking system. According to Azizí, … Read more

Can you sing the blues if you don’t have chains on your feet? Estelle Baur’s grain of salt

On July 18, a reggae band had to cancel their concert due to “cultural appropriation”. The musicians, all white, sported dreadlocks and African fabrics, offending the well-meaning of likely other white men present among the listeners. Read also: White Dreadlocks and Black Music: A Cultural Offense? Infringement or homage to a culture, sometimes all it … Read more

We do not need to extend the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain, Russia threatens

A deal brokered by the UN and Turkey, which was concluded in late July, allowed the resumption of exports of millions of tons of agricultural products from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, blocked by the war with Russia. “The grain agreement is not being implemented at all as promised,” Rudenko told reporters. According to him, the … Read more

More and more cafeterias serve potato fries due to increased grain price

getagged met 2star, food Photo: R. Classen / If you now order a portion of fries at the snack bar, chances are they are made from potato. More and more cafeterias have switched to potato fries because of the increased price of grain. The rise in the grain price has to do with the … Read more

TEXT LIVE. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; Putin wants to change the terms of the grain agreement

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi backed calls for a ban on tourist visas for Russian citizens in a video call on Tuesday evening, saying Europe was no place for Russian killers and their supporters to roam. The European Union (EU) members agreed last week to suspend the 2007 agreement on the simplified procedure for issuing visas … Read more

Russian grain exports are also decreasing

Loading player In recent months, grain exports from Russia, the world’s largest grain exporter, have been declining quite significantly. Although the food and fertilizer trade has not been affected by the sanctions imposed in response to the invasion of Ukraine, foreign buyers, banks and insurance companies appear to have adopted a very cautious and wary … Read more

The Bosphorus Strait was blocked by a ship with Ukrainian grain

As a result of the incident, this vital strait connecting the Black Sea with The sea of ​​marble and the wider Mediterranean Sea, was temporarily closed to shipping. According to Turkish officials, an average of 40,000 people pass through the Bosphorus every year. ships. The ship “Lady Zehma” that blocked the strait is transporting 3 … Read more