The 92-year-old grandmother from Cluj, missing for two days, was found dead in an orchard

A 92-year-old woman from Cluj-Napoca, reported missing by her family on November 26, was found dead in an orchard, on the edge of a stream. The woman had left home voluntarily on November 25. „Following the notification of November 26, regarding the voluntary departure of a 92-year-old woman from the municipality of Cluj-Napoca, operative police … Read more

Offspring in Monaco: Princess Stéphanie becomes grandmother for the first time

It was rumored for a long time, but now Louis Ducruet and his wife Marie Chevallier have confirmed the good news: They are giving the royal family of Monaco a baby. For Ducruet’s mother, Princess Stéphanie, this means that she will be grandma for the first time. The couple announced the happy news with a … Read more

Grandmother’s Family Kicked by Student in Tapsel Rejects Peace, What is the Fate of the Actor Page all – Grandma’s family who was kicked out by students with the initials IH and VH in South Tapanuli (Tapsel) refused to reconcile. As is known, IH and VH kicked a grandmother on the side of the road until she fell down. The video of the abuse went viral on social media. Shortly thereafter, IH … Read more

Lee Dae-ho, my grandmother who raised me, passed away without being able to see her success, tears (hot goodbye)

[마이데일리 = 박서연 기자] Former baseball player Lee Dae-ho sheds tears as he confesses that it was his grandmother who made him who he is today. On the 21st at 10:40 p.m. on MBN’s variety program ‘Goodbye Hot’, hosts Eugene, Eun Ji-won, and Hwang Je-seong of ‘Hello House’ meet the third guests, Dae-ho Lee and … Read more

The recently deceased grandmother of Baiba Skurstenė-Serdiukė – a famous Latvian actress: she left Anapilin feeling great grief

Her husband died a few weeks ago. The daughter of the actress, radio journalist Zanė Lace-Baltalksnė said that her mother died in the hospital. “I am extremely grateful to the doctors who tried so that my mother could leave without suffering. Mom lived a full life, her life was long, rich and colorful. She brought … Read more

She is from California, traveled to Tanzania and married a tribal man 30 years younger: “They ask me if I am their grandmother”

When Deborah Babu, originally from Sacramento, California, undertook a trip to the African continent I didn’t expect to find love. The woman and her daughter, Royce, went to Tanzania in October 2017, they decided to go to the beach in Zanzibar and there it was. Saitoty, who offered them some souvenirs. Although both replied that … Read more

The video is heartbreaking: the grandmother fell to her knees after seeing her grandson back in Kherson

Here is Freedom sharing a video of a soldier running to his home where his grandmother lives. The woman, who saw her grandson and could not believe what she was seeing, fell to her knees, and the grandson jumped into her arms. “In this video, one of our team members enters his home in Kherson, … Read more

56-Year-Old Grandmother Gives Birth to Her Own Granddaughter, Son of the Son! : Okezone Lifestyle

ONE women are willing to “lend” her womb to bear the grandson. Yes! This woman from the United States gave birth to a child from her own child. The reason is quite sad. Her daughter-in-law was unable to conceive due to a hysterectomy, a surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus. Although … Read more

He kills his grandmother with a knife, the 16-year-old girl taken to the Nisida prison

The 16-year-old girl who stabbed to death in the night in Capaccio Paestum was transferred to the juvenile prison of Nisida, in Naples. The doors of the Nisida juvenile prisonin Naples, for the 16-year-old girl who yesterday, Monday 7 November, he stabbed his grandmother, Ermenegilda Candrevaa 76-year-old woman, a Capaccio Paestum, in the province of … Read more

16-year-old girl kills her grandmother with a knife: the young woman found on the street in a state of shock and with blood-stained clothes

A 76-year-old woman was killed with one stab in the back in an apartment in Capaccio Paestum, in the province of Salernofrom her 16-year-old niece to the height of one lite. The girl, slightly injured during the struggle, was transported to the hospital where she is in custody. The reasons for the gesture are not … Read more