NasDem Gresik Affirms No Intervention in Blasphemy Cases Humans Marry Goats

GresikEast Java – After the appointment of Nur Hudi Didin Arianto, a member of the Gresik DPRD from the faction NasDem as a suspect in an alleged case blasphemy religion in marriage man with goatThe head of the Gresik Regency NasDem DPD, Saiful Anwar, emphasized that his party had completely handed over the legal process … Read more

Hanan Attaki Responds to PCNU’s Objection to Lecture in Gresik

Gresik – Ustaz Hanan Attaki opened his voice about the presence of parties who objected to him lecturing at the Great Mosque of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Gresik. Through the video, the millennial preacher provided clarification. Hanan also emphasized that he was never affiliated with Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI). The chairman of the lecture committee entitled … Read more

Surprised! The Man Who Perpetrated Harassment Who Kissed Little Children Many Times Turns Out To Be A Teacher at a Gresik Islamic Boarding School

Gresik, East Java – Man from Gresik named Buchori (39) was arrested police after being caught on CCTV did abuse sexual intercourse with someone small child in front of a shop from Mriyunan Village, Sidayu District, GresikEast Java. The Man Who Perpetrated Harassment Who Kissed Little Children Many Times Turns Out To Be A Teacher … Read more

Causes of Intact Bodies at Wringinanom Gresik Graves Affected by KLBM Toll Road

Some of the cemeteries were affected by the construction of the Krian, Legundi, Bunder, Manyar (KLBM) toll roads last Sunday. During the demolition, it turned out that 10 to 11 bodies were found in the Sumbersuko Hamlet Graveyard which were found intact in the coffin. The intact bodies are victims of Covid-19 who on average … Read more

9 Grave Diggers Retreat in Burial Demolition in Gresik, Here’s the Reason

Gresik – A total of 35 people registered as grave diggers to carry out the demolition of graves and transfer of bodies in Sumbersuko Hamlet, Lebanisuko Village, Wringinanom District, Gresik. However, 9 of them resigned leaving 26 officers. “Initially, there were 35 people on the list, now there are only 26 people. Before the demolition … Read more

After the Viral Child Abuse, the Gresik Police Chief and the Sidayu Police Chief Compactly Apologize

GresikEast Java – Police Chief Gresik AKBP Mochammad Nur Azis apologized to the people of Gresik regarding the statement police chief Sidayu Iptu Khairul Alam who stated that he was related to the case viral man kissing childis not a abuse sexual. The Khairul Police Chief’s controversial statement was conveyed to a number of journalists … Read more

Upset Men Marrying Goats in Gresik, MUI: Haram Actions, Repent Immediately! : Okezone News

GRESS – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of Gresik Regency moved quickly to respond viral the marriage ritual of a man in Gresik with a goat that stirred up the residents. MUI assessed that the wedding procession had deviated from Islamic law and asked the perpetrators to repent and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT. This … Read more

Viral Man Marries Sheep, Regent of Gresik: Like the Age of Ignorance

Gresik – A video of the marriage of a man with a goat in Gresik viral. Gresik Regent Fandi Akhmad Yani already knows this. He said he was concerned and disappointed. According to the man who is familiarly called Gus Yani, the marriage ritual between humans and goats is like people living in an age … Read more

Tracing a Stall allegedly serving Pangku Coffee which made a scene Gresik

Jakarta – Existence coffee shop in the district Gresik, East Java (East Java), recently made a scene. The spread of the pangku coffee shop tarnished the good name of Gresik, which has been known as the City of Santri. Reported from detikJatim, Monday (6/6/2022), the term pangku coffee shop is familiar to some people. It’s … Read more

A couple from Gresik killed by a bus while defending against bandits Unlucky fate befell M Agus Turmudhi, 44, and Qomariyatus Sa’adah, 42, a married couple from Giri, Kebomas District, Gresik. The couple died in an accident on Jalan Romokalisari, Benowo District, Surabaya. The motorbike they were riding wobbled after trying to fight off the robbers or street bandits, until it finally fell and was hit … Read more